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News And Tips To Help You If You Want To Get A Part Time Work

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Home Shopping and Catalogue Delivery, Part Time and Weekend Business Opportunities, Working from Home, Australia - Penny Miller. What Are the Different Types of Part Time Employment Opportunities. 5 Tips to Avoid Job Search Scams. Statistics show that job seekers spend a lot of time sourcing and applying for jobs online. Unfortunately, some job seekers fall victim to online scams that request their personal contact information or money in exchange for false leads. Job seekers need to be savvy and smart when it comes to providing personal information online. Sara Sutton Fell is the CEO and founder of FlexJobs ( an award-winning website offering job listings for those interested in telecommuting, flexible and freelance work or part-time job opportunities. An advocate for legitimate flexible work opportunities, she suggests the following tips to help stay safe when seeking new opportunities: 1.

Be skeptical and know the most common job scams. As with anything, if a job description seems too good to be true, it probably isn't an authentic opportunity. 2. 3. 4. 5. Employment & CareerBusiness. 9 Part-Time Jobs That Can Pay Big Bucks. If you’re trying to get out of debt, a part-time job can help you accelerate your debt payoff plan. Or maybe you are a parent with kids still at home or nearing retirement and you want extra income to avoid getting into debt, but you don’t want to be tied to a full-time job. Here are some of the most lucrative part-time jobs that also offer flexible hours. (Of course, earnings will vary significantly based on experience, geographic location, demand, etc.) Range: $15 to $30/hour What you need: A reliable vehicle, smartphone, ability to pass a background check. “Over the past year, we’ve seen a huge influx of drivers and a few rate cuts so while it’s not as lucrative as it once was,” drivers can still make good money, says Harry Campbell, publisher of

More From Are You Financially Ready to Retire? Range: $10 to $75/hr What you need: Training ($250-$600), ServeSafe Certification ($40), uniform and bar kit (about $50 together). Range: $20 to $30/hour. What Are the Different Types of Part-Time Jobs for High School Students? Millions of Americans forced to work part time. NEW YORK -- The U.S. economy has regained all the private-sector jobs it lost in the Great Recession; it took six years. The Labor Department said Friday that America added 192,000 jobs in March.

The unemployment rate remained 6.7 percent. After five years of being in and out of work, Tara Dublin found a job a few weeks ago as a hostess at a restaurant in Portland, Ore.. "I've been hired by this restaurant I absolutely love, but it's a part-time position," Dublin says. She makes $11 an hour, plus tips. In March, of the 192,000 jobs created, 30,000 were in food services. "The first time I came home and saw a foreclosure notice taped to my front door and my sons saw it, that was a really bad day," Dublin says. Dublin, a divorced mother of two, was laid off from her dream job as a Portland radio show host in 2009. "I want to go to sleep at night and not have numbers running through my head," she says. . © 2014 CBS Interactive Inc.

How to Make Money Part Time: 14 Steps. Edit Article Some people have small children at home and can only work part time, some have full-time jobs but choose to work part time to make extra money and others have retired and plan to return to work part time because they find it impossible to live on small pensions or Social Security. Whatever your reason for looking for work, there are many ways to make money part time. Ad Steps <img alt="Make Money Part Time Step 01.jpg" src=" width="670" height="503">1Think about what you would like to do. If you're planning to work part time, it's always best to find something exciting, lucrative and flexible. <img alt="Make Money Part Time Step 14.jpg" src=" width="670" height="503">14Consider sewing and providing alterations to customers.

Tree pollination haircare. How to Find a Local Part Time Job Fast (4 Steps)