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PageSpeed Insights. Sans titre. Immersive Garden. SiteInspire - Web Design Inspiration. Créer son site portfolio avec Cargocollective - erational. Introduction Cargocollective est une plateforme qui permet à des artistes, photographes, architectes de publier leur portfolio simplement et d’une façon élégante.

Créer son site portfolio avec Cargocollective - erational

Techniquement, la plateforme offre les même fonctionnalités que le logiciel vieillissant indexhibit avec un hébergement dans le cloud et surtout une série de thèmes graphiques avec élégant et optimisé mobiles (responsive design). Le choix marketing est de proposer des portfolios d’artistes prestigieux pour encourager les pairs à se joindre. Il existe de 2 offres (détails) gratuite : 3 pages, 12 projets, 100 Mo, thèmes limités payante : illimité, 6 Go, pour 66 $/an.

Il est possible aussi d’avoir son propre domaine (exemple : ) en pointant les DNS vers leur plateforme. Visite guidée de la plate- Création de compte La création de compte se fait par un formulaire de contact. Ensuite on choisit parmi les 40 thèmes proposés (uniquement 10 thèmes activables pour le compte gratuit) Le backoffice Les contenus (projets) Visual Inspiration: 30 Clean and Elegant Web Designs. One of the hardest traits designers must master is restraint.

Visual Inspiration: 30 Clean and Elegant Web Designs

Designers are creators, and we want to create as much as we can. We want to display our abilities, our tricks, and our techniques in all the work we do. Design a Handmade Art Zine. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a handmade art zine using Photoshop.

Design a Handmade Art Zine

This is a great way to show your work and have a tangible representation of your art outside of a digital environment. More than anything, I hope to show the importance of self-promotion. I will walk you through the process of choosing artwork, creating a cover, simple page layout and assembling your zine. There are a few involved steps in the process, but the end result is truly rewarding! Preview What You’ll Need Before we start, let’s make a "checklist" of the resources we will need in order to create our zine.

Artwork This is essential as it will be the main focus of your zine. Scanner or Digital Camera This maybe not be needed if you already have digital versions of your work, but if you have drawings, paintings, sketches, etc. that you would like to include in your handmade zine, having the ability to scan or photograph them will give you more artwork to draw from when laying out your pages. Create a Clean and Modern Web Design in Photoshop. In this web design tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a clean-looking and modern website layout.

Create a Clean and Modern Web Design in Photoshop

We will take advantage of some fundamental techniques and tools — such as custom shape tools, selection tools, and clipping masks — and end up with a nice and professional web design. Ready? Using Landscape Visual Imagery in Web Design. Photos are extremely expressive and can evoke pleasant emotions.

Using Landscape Visual Imagery in Web Design

Is this why we’re seeing landscape visual imagery being used in web designs? Here’s an example of landscape visual imagery on What You Are — a rotating set of high-resolution photos of landscapes are used as a background: I’ll show you more examples at the end of this post. Carlo Barberis. The Big Internet Museum. Coder for Raspberry Pi.

A simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi.

Coder for Raspberry Pi

Coder is a free, open source project that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple platform that educators and parents can use to teach the basics of building for the web. New coders can craft small projects in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, right from the web browser. Download Coder 1.33GB | Coder v0.9Now supports Raspberry Pi 2! How to Install and Connect. Download, unzip, and run the Coder Installer. Mac users, just run the provided installer.PC users, check out our Windows-specific Instructions for more installation details. Insert your new Coder SD card into your Pi, make sure your Pi and your computer are plugged into the network, and power it up. Mettre une vidéo sur son site. - HTML/CSS. Explications sur les codes à utiliser pour insérer une vidéo dans un site internet : Attention, la vidéo doit déjà être sur un serveur !

Mettre une vidéo sur son site. - HTML/CSS

Monchhichi. Video Buzz et actualité insolite sur Buzz Moi Ça ! The Case For Girls Infographic: Women In Numbers. The response to Fast Company's recent feature story, "The Case for Girls," has been incredible.

The Case For Girls Infographic: Women In Numbers

First, digital agency AKQA's mock ad campaign became a real-life call to action and a mobilizing worldwide event. Now social media agency Lovesocial has announced a partnership with indie doc Miss Representation and reached out to Fast Company to create an infographic to illustrate the stats featured in our story. Click to enlarge. The goal of the partnership is to "amplify the voices of individuals around the country who are standing up to sexism and shifting the cultural mindset around what is possible for women and girls," says the film's director, Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The urgency of this mission is palpable as you can see in the graph above: Gender preferences when starting a family in the U.S. haven't changed in over 50 years.

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