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Bladder Stones – Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options - delhiurologyhospital. Bladder stones are tiny crystals that form in the urine and are caused by the accumulation of minerals. They come in many shapes and sizes and are most common in men. Bladder stones can occur if the bladder is not completely emptied after urination. In this article, Dr. Niren Rao, an expert urologist, discusses the causes, diagnosis, and treatments available to treat bladder stones. The leading doctor is widely known for performing the best Bladder Stone Surgery in Delhi. Keep reading to learn more.Bladder Stones: An Overview Bladder stones are similar to hard lumps and may not cause any symptoms if they are small enough to be passed out of the bladder during urination. The Effective Treatments for Bladder Stones at Delhi Urology Hospital  Bladder stones are hard masses present in the bladder that form when the minerals in the concentrated urine crystallize.

This might occur if one has problems emptying the bladder. The symptoms of bladder stones include discomfort or pain in the penis for males, frequent urination, pain when urinating, and blood in the urine. Bladder stones can be effectively removed if treated at the right time. To provide readers with a better understanding of the different treatments to remove bladder stones, Dr. Bladder Stone Treatments Performed by the Expert Urologist at Delhi Urology Hospital Dr. 1. 2. 3. Final Takeaway Bladder stone surgeries are safe procedures. If one wants to get rid of bladder stones, one can book an appointment with Dr. Prostate Cancer – Surgery and Stages Explained - Business Insider Post.

The prostate gland is a walnut-sized gland found in males. It surrounds the urethra, sits beneath the bladder, and is in front of the rectum. It is responsible for making semen fluid. The cancerous cells present in the prostate are known as prostate cancer. In this blog, Dr. Niren Rao, a leading urologist at Delhi Urology Hospital, discusses the different stages and treatment options for prostate cancer. The expert doctor is widely known for performing the best Prostate Cancer Surgery in Delhi. Cancer is the result of abnormal cell growth, which interferes with the normal cell functioning of the body, making it difficult to function properly. Benign Growths: Benign growths such as BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) are not life-threatening.

What is Early Stage Prostate Cancer? “Prostate cancer stays localized if the cancer cells are found in the prostate but do not spread to other body areas. Stage 1: The tumor does not spread beyond the prostate during this stage. According to Dr. Ureteric Stone Surgery in Delhi - Delhi Urology Hospital. A Comprehensive Guide About Circumcision Surgery | Dr. Niren Rao. 5 Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer. Circumcision Surgery For Males | The Ultimate Guide.

Circumcision is a medical procedure that removes the foreskin (the loose tissue) that covers the penis’s glans (rounded tip). It is a widespread practice performed for a range of medical and non-medical purposes at Delhi Urology Hospital by the Best Urologist in Delhi, Dr. Niren Rao. It is performed on adult males for aesthetic purposes, to prevent or treat penile infections, etc. Who are ideal candidates for circumcision surgery? Delhi Urology Hospital performs circumcision surgery in Delhi for various reasons, including medical conditions, religious convictions, and personal reasons. Among the medical and surgical causes for circumcision are: Phimosis is also known as the tight foreskin. Circumcision may be carried out for religious, cultural, or medical reasons. Is circumcision safe? Circumcision is a safe medical operation if the following parameters are met: What are the pre-circumcision preparations? Day Before Surgery Day Procedure How is the procedure performed?

Traditional procedure. PCNL Surgery for Kidney Stone Removal – Site Title. Kidney stones causing pain and other discomforts? Get them removed with PCNL Surgery performed at Delhi Urology Hospital, Urology Hospital in Delhi. PCNL, a medical abbreviation for Percutaneous nephrolithotomy, is a surgical medical procedure to remove a kidney or ureteral stones from the body of an individual who cannot pass the stones through urine on their own. In earlier times, large kidney and ureteral stones were taken out from the body through an open surgery, wherein a large flank incision was made. Now, a less-invasive surgery called percutaneous nephrolithotomy is performed. “Percutaneous” means through the skin. Unlike traditional open surgery, PCNL surgery is carried out through a small skin incision (of 1cm size). The procedure involves making a passageway from the skin on the back to the kidney.

Why is it done? Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is typically recommended in cases where: How to prepare for the surgery? What happens during PCNL surgery? An Overview of Cystolitholapaxy Surgery for Bladder Stone Removal – Site Title. Cystolitholapaxy is a surgical treatment that breaks down stones in the urinary bladder into bits. The technique is performed with a cystoscope, which is inserted into the urinary bladder either through the urethra (transurethral cystolitholapaxy) or through an incision in the belly (percutaneous cystolitholapaxy). One can get this procedure at Delhi Urology Hospital, Urology Hospital in Delhi to get rid of bladder stones and improve quality of life. Urinary tract stones are a prevalent condition. The stones are mineral accumulations resulting from a high concentration of salts in the urine, a blockage to urine outflow, or an infection. Calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate are the most prevalent stones; however, uric acid, cysteine, and struvite stones can also form.

Stones can form in the bladder or in the kidney, where they can travel into the bladder via the ureter and gradually expand in size. Why is Cystolitholapaxy performed? How do you prepare for Cystolitholapaxy? All About Prostate Cancer: Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment. The prostate affects everything from urination to sperm production. Unfortunately, prostate cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer among males.

Delhi Urology Hospital is committed to ensuring that prostate cancer patients in Delhi, India have a happy, healthy life following treatment. If prostate cancer spreads, it might harm the lungs and lymph nodes, and even other body organs. Treatment is therefore of fundamental importance. Dr. Keep reading to learn more! What is Prostate Cancer? As the name suggests, prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in the prostate, which is a small walnut-shaped gland, present next to the bladder. When abnormal cancerous cells or tumour growth in the prostate, it is called prostate cancer. Early Signs of Prostate Cancer The symptoms of prostate cancer are common in some of the other urinary tract diseases, too.

Prostate Cancer Causes and Risk Factors Age: A man older than 50 years is more likely to develop prostate cancer. Stages of Prostate Cancer. Bladder Cancer: Diagnosis, Grade, & Treatments. Bladder cancer develops in the tissues of the bladder, the part of the body that stores urine. The National Institutes of Health estimate that each year, the condition affects about 45,000 men and 17,000 women. The urologist can use many possible treatments to get rid of bladder cancer; surgery is one of many possible options. After treatment, bladder cancer may come back; thus, one who has bladder cancer should be cautious about going to the doctor frequently. The leading urologist in Delhi, Dr. Bladder cancer can be one of three types: Transitional Cells Carcinoma Among bladder cancers, transitional cell carcinoma is the most prevalent.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Squamous cell carcinoma is a very uncommon form of cancer. Adenocarcinoma Adenocarcinoma cancer starts when glandular cells develop in the bladder during protracted bladder inflammation and irritation. Blood in the urine, or hematuria, can make the urine appear bright red or cola-coloredFrequent urinationUnpleasant urinationBackache. Ureteric Stones: Symptoms, Types and Diagnosis.

Urine travels from the kidney to the bladder through a tube known as the ureter. A ureter stone is a mineral mass in the ureter which might have originated in the kidney and travelled down in the ureter. The symptoms include pain, vomiting or nausea. The treatment can break or remove the ureteral stones in the body, and changes in the diet and medications can prevent them from forming again. In this blog, Dr. Niren Rao discusses the symptoms, types and diagnosis of ureteric stones in detail. He is a renowned urologist at Delhi Urology Hospital and is known for performing the best Ureteric Stone Surgery in Delhi.

Read on for more insights. What are Ureteric Stones? A ureteric stone is a kidney stone inside one of the ureters, which are tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder. What are the Symptoms of Ureteric Stones? The most common symptom of ureteric stones is severe pain. Blood in the urinepain during urination or a burning sensationthe bad urge to pee or urinate vomiting nauseafever. Bladder Stones: Discussed in Detail by an Expert Urologist. Bladder stones also called bladder calculi, result from urinary crystallization. These stones can range in size from those that can be removed surgically to those that are small enough to pass from the urine. Bladder stones are frequently discovered when a patient complains of another ailment affecting the lower urinary tract.

This is because symptoms of related conditions frequently appear before the stones cause pain. However, these stones can be the primary cause of pain if another condition causes them. To provide one with helpful information Dr. Niren Rao, one of the Best Urologists in Delhi explains bladder stone surgery in detail. Bladder stones are hard minerals present in the bladder. The symptoms of bladder stones include the following: Bladder stones form due to minerals in the urine. Bladder stones can develop from acidic urine. The provider will examine and ask about the symptoms of the patient. Several factors can help prevent or avoid bladder stones.

Everything One Needs To Know About Kidney Stones. Kidney stones cause more than 500,000 individuals to visit the emergency room each year. Additionally, around one in ten people will get kidney stones at some point in their lives. About 11% of men and 9% of women are at risk of developing kidney stones. Kidney stones are more likely to form in people with other illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

Although kidney stones appear to be a frequent condition these days, if left untreated, they can still be lethal, so it is essential to comprehend kidney stones and all their associated elements. The best urologist in Delhi, Dr. What Is A Kidney Stone? Hard deposits made up of minerals and salts that form inside the kidneys are known as kidney stones. Diet, excessive body weight, different medical conditions, specific supplements, and medications are just a few causes of kidney stones. Symptoms of Kidney Stones Kidney stone symptoms are not visible till a kidney stone moves around or enters the ureter tract.

Diagnosis. What Are Ureteric Stones? A Brief Introduction. Ureteral stones are currently a widespread health problem. These solid deposits of salts and minerals that accumulate inside the kidneys are known as stones. They can develop for several reasons, including poor food habits, excessive body weight, and some unidentified medical disorders. As a result, they could impact the urinary system, bladder, and kidneys. Even while passing these stones can be excruciatingly painful, they usually don’t cause long-term harm if found early. It’s important to understand these stones and the factors that affect them. The Best Urologist in Delhi, Dr. It is a kidney stone that has traveled to another section of the urinary tract from here. Pain is the most typical sign of ureteric stones. A patient with a stone in their ureter needs the stones to be removed ureteroscopically.

Ideally, a non-contact CT scan should be performed on all patients with ureteric stones (NCCT KUB). Bladder Stone: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment. Solid mineral masses in the bladder are known as bladder stones. These minerals solidify and become hard in concentrated urine and solidify to form stones. This phenomenon usually occurs when the bladder is left with residual urine repeatedly. Small bladder stones may dissolve on their own, while larger bladder stones can require medicine or surgery. Bladder stones can cause infections and other problems if they are not treated. To impart basic knowledge on bladder stones and their related aspects, the best urologist in Delhi, Dr. Niren Rao of Delhi Urology Hospital, has provided detailed information on their symptoms, causes, and treatments.

The following symptoms could be caused by them, depending on their size: Pain or discomfort while passing urineHaematouria or blood in the urineIncrease in frequency of urinationThe individual may observe that their urine stream abruptly ceases or becomes poor as a result of the blockage of the bladder opening. Dr. What Is Circumcision Surgery? A Quick Guide | by Delhiurologyhospital | Nov, 2022 | Medium. The membrane protecting the glans (tip) of the penis is removed during circumcision. Babies typically have their circumcisions soon after birth. Originally, circumcision was a religious ritual. These days, circumcision is performed for religious, physiological, medical, and cultural reasons. During the initial week of birth, circumcision is commonly performed on baby boys.

Delhi Urology Hospital, the best urology hospital in Delhi offers a variety of treatments relating to infections, erectile dysfunctions, infertility, etc. Better hygiene: Washing the penis is made easy by circumcision. Note: If a person has a certain blood-clotting problem, circumcision may not be an option. Phimosis: Tight foreskin, commonly known as phimosis, is a condition in which the foreskin is extremely tight and cannot be retracted. If there is a plastic band in place of gauze, it will naturally fall off over the course of roughly a week. Kidney Stones (Nephrolithiasis) — Symptoms and Causes. Kidney stones, commonly known as nephrolith or renal calculi, are the most prevalent illness connected with the urinary system. Each year, there are over 600,000 cases of kidney stones all over the world.

The stones are chunks of hard minerals that can develop in the kidneys. They frequently are little enough to pass through your urine and leave your body. However, if they’re too big, one could require medical help to break them up or remove them. Although kidney stones seem to be a common disorder nowadays, it is necessary to understand kidney stones and their related aspects properly. In this article, Dr. A kidney stone is a solid object made of substances found in urine. Urine dissolves various wastes. Some kidney stones are hardly bigger than a sand grain. The following list of signs could apply to one or more of the symptoms: The kidney stone develops pain when the stone irritates or blocks the urinary tract. Stones come in four primary categories: Medication Surgery. Kidney Stone: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment. Bladder Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment. Top 10 Reasons — Why One Need To See A Urologist.

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