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Mod Retro Vintage Keychains. The Amazing Story Generator. Explore your imagination or bust through your writer’s block by consulting this endless source of inspiration!

The Amazing Story Generator

Created by Jason Sacher and produced by Chronicle Books, ‘The Amazing Story Generator’ packs thousands of unique prompts that are sure to spark your creativity into a convenient spiral-bound companion. Just flip each row of off-the-wall plot elements - the context, subject, and central act - and ta-da, the next bestseller is born! Whether it follows a beekeeper who gets married on a whim, the fifteen-year-old college student who stands up to a zombie army, or a punk rock drummer on a darling blind date, your next narrative will be nothing like the those you’ve composed in the past! Final Sale: This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Hardcover.Measures approximately 7.25 inches in length, 6 inches in width.180 story options. The Art of Nature Coloring Book. Mod Retro Vintage Books. The Tattoo Coloring Book. A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming. Mod Retro Vintage Desk Accessories. You’ll be prompted to reflect on the passage of time as you respond to the unpredictable questions that fill this petite journal!

Mod Retro Vintage Desk Accessories

Behind the ornate typography on its classic brown cover, you’ll be asked to consider a different question for each distinct date, then revisit each revealing inquiry for the next five years. On each September 7th, write about the newest garment you’re wearing - then on every March 13th, consider what you’d do with an extra hour in your day! After you explore each insight in its own unique context and scribble a sentence or two, you’ll see that you’ve built your own tiny time capsule of 1,825 evolving and entertaining answers within this gilt-edged guide.

Whether you keep it to chronicle your life or gift it to a loved one, this innovative diary will stand the test of time with its sweet and simple design. Final Sale: This item cannot be returned or exchanged. Hardcover.Measures 6.25 x 4.25 inches.368 pages.Imported. Mod Retro Vintage Books. I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar. Let’s Bring Back Lost Language Edition. You’ll inspire a kerfuffle with your poignantly peculiar lexicon after studying this delightful dictionary of long-lost, but not forgotten, language!

Let’s Bring Back Lost Language Edition

Inside, acclaimed author and style columnist Lesley Blume invites you to entertain cocktail party guests and clever classmates in nostalgic style by sprinkling your sentences with quirky terms and ingenious idioms, such as "gladrags", "dose of the balmy", "johnny-on-the-spot", "lumpshious", and the ever-zesty "zowie"! Punctuated by telling historical tidbits and guest contributions from authors, philologers, and other refined, retro-minded linguists, this Victorian-inspired collection inspires you to add marvelous color to any humdrum conversation.

Boasting 221 pages of throwback terminology, this hardcover wordsmith’s companion from Chronicle Books ensures that your eloquence reflects your timelessly eclectic fashion style! Final Sale: This item cannot be returned or exchanged. Hardcover.Measures 8.25 x 5.25 inches.221 pages.Imported. Mod Retro Vintage Desk Accessories. Learning what you can’t live without is actually quite simple, once you stand back and consider the true value of each purchase.

Mod Retro Vintage Desk Accessories

For instance, this petite journal helps you tally every trip to the thrift store, tank of gas, and out-to-dinner expense, making it the charming cornerstone of your money-saving strategy! Mod Retro Vintage Books. The instant you open the cover of this this peculiar paperback, you’re charged with mission to uncover the story of its mysterious “Instruction Manual,” which was discovered under strange circumstances.

Mod Retro Vintage Books

But before you can conquer its complex assignments, you’ll need to acquire some serious sleuthing skills! After gathering all of the essential equipment, you can embark on three distinct chapters of training in the disciplines of secret intelligence, methods of observation, and examining artifacts. Complete with creative challenges, secret ciphers, and delightfully un-dangerous duties, this collection of uniquely unfinished exercised published by Penguin Books and created by Keri Smith carries the key to this operation as well as a whole new you. Final Sale: This item cannot be returned or exchanged. Paperback.Measures 9 x 7.25 inches.208 pages.Made in the United States. Mod Retro Vintage Books. It’s time to pick every perennially delicious recipe in your repertoire and plant it in this fresh spiral-bound folio from Chronicle Books!

Mod Retro Vintage Books

While its hard cover features blooming flowers and garlic cloves over a light, lemony background, this binder holds a dozen expandable folders with enchanting, garden-inspired prints - a brilliantly colorful collaboration by designer Vanessa Dina and illustrator Katie Vernon. Once you nestle each notable clipping in the perfect pocket, use the included stickers to label each course and category, or create a custom section with one of the similarly sweet blanks. Whether your herbs are harvested from a box on your kitchen’s bay window or you’re a budding gourmet, this charming catalogue makes it delightfully simple to dig into a new dish! Final Sale: This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Hardcover.Measures 9.5 x 8.5 x 1.75 inches.Elasticized closure. 12 accordion pockets. 60 stickers included.Imported.