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Personal Finance

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Personal Financial Literacy - useful for a class on money, banking, savings, loans, credit, buying a home, budgeting, charitable giving, etc.

Personal Financial Literacy Teacher and Student Materials. Next Gen Personal Finance. Curriculumbrianshim2016-12-31T11:06:50+00:00 Next Gen Personal Finance offers a free online curriculum of 65+ complete lessons and 100+ standalone activities you can access from anywhere.

Next Gen Personal Finance

Here, you can preview all our lessons and activities and easily access them on the Gooru platform. Personal finance learning resources in CashCrunch 101 game. Resources for Teaching Financial Literacy. By Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer Found In: health & p.e., math, social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 Use these resources to supplement your curriculum and help students gain the financial literacy skills they’ll need to manage their financial resources effectively throughout their lives.

Resources for Teaching Financial Literacy

Standards Financial Literacy Month April is the official National Financial Literacy Month. ECON Lowdown - Instructor Login. Economics and Personal Finance Education Resources. The No-Frills Money Skills video series covers a variety of personal finance topics.

Economics and Personal Finance Education Resources

The brief videos use clear, simple language, and graphic elements so that viewers can better visualize the personal finance content being presented. In the end, they will see how important these concepts are to their everyday lives. High School Financial Planning Program. Everyday Life: Money at GCFLearnFree. Money and Your Career at GCFLearnFree. Consumer's Guide: Credit Reports and Credit Scores. Money as You Grow – Kids and Money – President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability. PMI Educational Foundation. Kansascityfed. The Money Circle 2.0: An Overview Teens spend billions each year, but do they really know how money works, how to best manage it and how it keeps our economy going?


Advance your high school students’ knowledge of money through this free, revamped, comprehensive, eight-lesson curriculum series that will engage and challenge them to apply both personal finance and economic perspectives when it comes to money. Help develop students’ awareness as consumers, while improving their decision-making and financial planning skills. The eight stand-alone lessons include the use of primary sources, video, web-based resources and Federal Reserve research and are all correlated to national standards in economics and personal finance, as well as the Common Core.