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Gamification Archives - Teacher Tech. Google Slides: Class Baseball Game Review Game by admin | Sep 20, 2016 | Gamification, Google, Intermediate, Sheets Google Slides: Class Baseball Game A lot of us play Jeopardy for a class review game.

Gamification Archives - Teacher Tech

If you are looking for a different spin on that, try class baseball. The template is generic and can be applied to any subject. I played this a lot with my math classes, they loved... Create, Submit, Find a Google Draw Badge by admin | Mar 13, 2016 | Gamification, Intermediate. Plain Blank Playing Cards Deck. Gamification PD. Thank you for your interest in my NexGen Gamification Professional Development session.

Gamification PD

My goal in this session is to give you a theoretical and practical background into this systematic way of thinking about the classroom. Unfortunately, this session will be a seed which will need time to grow and blossom. Gamification: Creating a Level Up for Your Students - Teacher Tech. If you have thought about adding an element of gamification to your classroom, having students level up might be fun to do.

Gamification: Creating a Level Up for Your Students - Teacher Tech

How do you do this….. The answer is always a spreadsheet In Google Drive ( create a new Google Sheets. In the bottom left of Google Sheets is a plus icon to add a tab. Gamify Your Class Level III: Badges - Teched Up Teacher. “Badges ruin students’ intrinsic motivation to learn!”

Gamify Your Class Level III: Badges - Teched Up Teacher

I hear this or a similar intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivational worry every time I talk about Gamification. What people are trying to say is that they are worried about the Overjustification Effect. The Overjustification Effect is a real thing. It does happen. Just not all the time to everyone always like people seem to believe. 1. 2. Gamification: My Plan for the Badges - Teaching with Technology. As a gamification novice, I will be the first to admit that I walked into Mission: American Government (the name of our “game”), I really wasn’t sure how it would work out.

Gamification: My Plan for the Badges - Teaching with Technology

After establishing how students would earn XP and what tools they would be able to use at the various levels I’d created, I then turned to my PLN on Twitter to learn about badges in the world of gamification. Thank goodness for my PLN! Through about 15 minute conversation in the twitter-verse, I began to revise my thinking on what the badges were and how they should be earned. Engaging, Enrich, and Elevate Learners through the Power of Gamification.

Explore Like a Pirate: Gamification Tips and Strategies with @MrMatera. Subscribe to our Podcasts Today!

Explore Like a Pirate: Gamification Tips and Strategies with @MrMatera

Join the TeacherCast Insiders Program Today! Podcast: Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android In his new book, Explore Like a Pirate, author and educator Michael Matera helps us unlock our curriculum and engage our students by providing an amazing framework in which we can Gamify our classrooms. In todays episode, we sit down with Mike and Culinary Educator Tisha Richmond to discuss how we can bring Gamification into our classrooms. The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology. Hosts About our Guests: Explore Like a Pirate Michael Matera Michael Matera has taught for more than a decade using interactive play, passion and purpose-driven learning to transform the classroom in international, public and private schools.

He is a pioneer in the field of education, using gamification and technology to increase authentic student engagement and content acquisition. Tisha Richmond. Gamification in Education - Teaching with Technology. Gamification in education is an extremely popular topic.

Gamification in Education - Teaching with Technology

It seems as though everyone is talking about gamification and how great it is. But, what exactly is “it” and why is “it” so important? According to, gamification is, “the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.” So, what role can gamification play in education? As teachers, we are always trying to encourage our students to explore content beyond what we require of them on standardized tests. Gamification Series Part 1: An Introduction. In September of 2013, I gamified my World History course.

Gamification Series Part 1: An Introduction

Let’s unpack that a bit. About a month earlier, I conducted a Flipped Learning presentation and workshop at the Games in Education Symposium in Malta, NY. Before presenting, I had the opportunity to attend RPI professor Lee Sheldon’s morning session. After hearing about his incredible journey (from Hollywood writer & game designer to academia) and how he successfully morphed his college courses into live-action multiplayer games, my mind was made up.

Level Up With Gamification. Gamifying History – The Social Studiers. I love turning points in history.

Gamifying History – The Social Studiers

The type of battle or event that if it had gone the other way would have resulted in a totally different world. Things like Thermopylae, the Battle of the Midway, and my personal favorite the Spanish Armada. The Spanish Armada is so cool for so many reasons: 1.) A gigantic fleet of gigantic warships that the Empire from Star Wars would have been proud of. 2.) “Real pirates wear pink.” 3.) Sailing. How did the Spanish Armada did change the world?

As fascinating as turning points like these are, they also present a problem. Games, gamify, gamifying. So with the Spanish Armada, I made a short Power Point role play putting the students in the shoes of Queen Elizabeth. ClassCraft. Gamification Blog.