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Be Bossy: Sophia Amoruso Has Advice For Millennials and a Bone to Pick With Sheryl Sandberg. An open letter to privileged people who play devil’s advocate. You know who you are.

An open letter to privileged people who play devil’s advocate

You are that white guy in an Ethnic Studies class who’s exploring the idea that poor people might have babies to stay on welfare. Or some person arguing over drinks that maybe a lot of women do fake rape for attention. Or, recently, someone insisting that I consider the idea that Elliot Rodger could have been a madman and an anomaly, not at all a product of a white supremacist and misogynistic society. Most of the time, it’s clear that you actually believe the arguments you claim to have just for the heck of it.

Jiggle Tests, Dunk Tanks, and Unpaid Labor: How NFL Teams Degrade Their Cheerleaders. Cheerleaders for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers perform during a game.Imago/ZUMA NFL cheerleaders might appear to be a happy, peppy bunch, but off the sidelines their working conditions are far from cheery.

Jiggle Tests, Dunk Tanks, and Unpaid Labor: How NFL Teams Degrade Their Cheerleaders

On Monday, a former cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sued the team, claiming she was paid less than $2 per hour during her 2012-13 season of work. It was the fifth such lawsuit this year; cheerleaders for the Oakland Raiders (Raiderettes), the Cincinnati Bengals (Ben-Gals), the New York Jets (Flight Crew), and the Buffalo Bills (Jills) have filed similar suits. Meet the EU Parliament’s (Likely) First-Elected Feminist Party Member.

Europe's parliamentary elections are expected to end this weekend with a surprising first: The first-ever member elected from a feminist party to the European Parliament.

Meet the EU Parliament’s (Likely) First-Elected Feminist Party Member

Less surprising is the likely MEP’s country of origin, Sweden. The bastion of gender equality has a nine-year-old feminist political party, the Feminist Initiative (which also has outposts in Germany and France), and it is on track to secure the 4 percent of the country’s vote necessary to send a representative to the EU’s legislative body. At the top of the party’s batting order is Soraya Post, 57, a longtime human rights activist who spoke to the Cut from Stockholm, where she’s wrapping up her campaign.

Made To Penetrate: Female-on-Male Rape. Charlie woke up to a blank-faced girl straddling him.

Made To Penetrate: Female-on-Male Rape

He had been disrobed, was erect, and as her hips began to shift in short, quick movements, he realized he was inside of her. Frozen with disbelief, Charlie laid still. He faked climaxing, hoping it would prompt her to dismount and leave the room. Eventually she did, but only after he rolled to his side and pretended to sleep. The next morning Charlie wasn’t sure what to think. Tina Belcher's Sexual Revolution. The Racially Charged "Belle" Brings New Life To The Staid Costume Drama. How Iran Became One of the World's Most Futuristic Countries. Imo the government should take it a step further, free contraception and a cash stipend for not having children.

How Iran Became One of the World's Most Futuristic Countries

We need to do this here in USA, and get Catholicism behind it. I understand the reasoning behind the old rule to help promote and populate more people into Christianity through wars, famine, and plague, but we're in a new age now; the fact that the most powerful church doesn't push contraceptives more and supports having tons of babies thus overpopulating the world bringing it to it's knees is just CRAZY.

This is not a bash on a religion in particular it's just picking on the big guy so that the others may fall in. We have to do something to keep all these "god loving" (and non) on this planet. Regardless of what happens next, we have evidence that in one generation, a large and religious country like Iran was able to lower its rate of population growth tremendously. Conseil des ministres : place aux hommes, SVP ! Le 7 avril 2014, Philippe Couillard a marqué l’histoire en mettant fin à une dynastie dopée à l’œstrogène, à une longue série de femmes premières ministres s’étendant de Pauline Marois à Pauline Marois.

Conseil des ministres : place aux hommes, SVP !

Un homme sur le trône. Enfin.

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Rape of Thrones · For Our Consideration. Sunday night’s episode of Game Of Thrones took an even darker turn than usual: Jaime Lannister, who has transitioned from one of the story’s villains to one of its heroes, takes the opportunity of his son’s death to rape his sister and lover, Cersei—in the Westerosi equivalent of a church, while Joffrey’s corpse is laid out on the slab.

Rape of Thrones · For Our Consideration

It’s hyperbolically awful—a violation of Cersei’s agency, a violation of the sanctity of the grand sept, a violation of the reverence that ought to be provided to a corpse. Much has been made, and will continue to be made, about George R.R. Martin’s Westeros, a violent, dark, dangerous world, especially for women. Your Penis Is Getting in the Way of My Science. "[It's not true] that nothing could ever exist that challenges the penis/vagina sexual system — nor the system of sexual selection that led to it.

Your Penis Is Getting in the Way of My Science

" Someone might be interested to know that — based on what I've read — the factors that selected for this penetrative female organ are the same as the factors that selected for the better-known penetrative male organs. Typically females spend more energy and resources on reproduction than males. Scientists discover the animal kingdom’s first ‘female penis’ She simply also happens to sport a penis that she introduces in the male's vagina Contrary to popular belief, the presence or absence of certain sex organs isn't the determining factor when deciding which animal of a species is female and which is male.

Scientists discover the animal kingdom’s first ‘female penis’

In fact, biologists don't use sex chromosomes either. They actually rely on the size of an animal's gametes — sperm in males and oocytes in females. As the rule goes, females are the sex that contribute the largest gametes, whereas males are the sex that contribute the smallest gametes and therefore expend the least amount of energy on producing these cells. So, in this particular instance of sex-role reversal, the convention still applies: the female in these species of insect produces the largest gametes — egg cells. Agresser les femmes pour les éloigner de la place publique. How Rwandan Women Got Their Power. Stop Looking For 'Hardwired' Differences In Male And Female Brains.

In December, a highly publicized study declared that distinctive wiring in the brain explains different skill sets in men and women. After scanning hundreds of participants’ brains, the researchers reported that men have stronger connections within a given hemisphere, whereas women have stronger connections between the two. This makes sense, they speculated, because same-side connections are responsible for carrying out focused tasks, such as map reading, at which men excel, whereas cross-brain connections underlie the multitasking and social graces that are most often associated with women. Finally, evidence that men are from Mars and women are from Venus! The trouble is, the study is riddled with faulty assumptions and methodological flaws. Worse still, problems like these taint just about every study that claims to show a “hardwired” explanation for why men and women behave differently.

Newrepublic. Sheryl Sandberg has conquered the worlds of business, publishing, and tech, but in the English language, Facebook's chief operating officer has found a formidable foe.


Her crusade against the word “bossy”—on the grounds that labeling young girls “bossy” deters them from becoming leaders—has been blasted far and wide, on the left and the right. Dave Lesser, a daddy-blogger at Time, claims “bossy” is gender-neutral; he says he uses the word to scold both his daughter and his son. “Is bossy used that often to criticize girls and women?” He asks. “Is the word ever used to describe anyone over the age of 11?” Women should not accept street harassment as 'just a compliment' The dehumanised discussion of your body by a group of passers-by is different from a compliment. Photograph: Pascal Saez/Alamy Walking down a quiet street at around 7pm a few nights ago I noticed, without thinking anything of it, that there were two men coming towards me in the opposite direction.

It being dark but for the street lamps, it wasn't until they came quite a lot closer that I started to notice the tell-tale signs. Sexist Humor No Laughing Matter, Psychologist Says. A research project led by a Western Carolina University psychology professor indicates that jokes about blondes and women drivers are not just harmless fun and games; instead, exposure to sexist humor can lead to toleration of hostile feelings and discrimination against women. My boobs, my burden. I’M STANDING in the fitting area of Linda’s, an extravagant lingerie store in Murray Hill, New York. Purple-draped changing rooms loop around a plump, cream chaise longue, and on the walls hang sepia-toned photos of exceptionally sexy—and well-endowed—women. They aren’t the breakable, thigh-gapped girls you see on Victoria’s Secret posters; they’re plus-sized models with voluptuous bodies, their breasts bigger than DDs. Through an open door, I glimpse a stockroom filled with gleaming racks of bras in every size, style, and color imaginable.

Peach, crimson, black, cream, dark blue, magenta; full cups, demi cups, balconettes; with wires and without. It’s a candy shop of bras, and I’m the fat kid. Quel âge a cette femme?   How Alicia Florrick Brings Men To Their Knees. What It's Like To Be A Woman At The Old Boys Economic Forum. SUPERIOR GROOMING FOR MEN. Transition - African “Authenticity” and the Biafran Experience. Feminists Everywhere React To Beyonce's Latest : The Record. Hide captionThe audience at Beyonce's Dec. 3 performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. That Time Beyonce’s Album Invalidated Every Criticism Of Feminism.

How "Scandal" Turned Into An Exploration Of Free Will. «La prostitution est un moyen de rencontrer un homme français» Lorsqu’on se balade du côté de Belleville, dans l’est parisien, on peut ne pas les remarquer. Même si elles sont nombreuses, les prostituées chinoises sont d’un certain âge et rarement habillées de manière provocante. En apparence, elles ne correspondent pas dans leur gestuelle et manière d’être aux clichés de la prostitution de rue. La sociologue Florence Lévy est doctorante à l’Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), spécialiste de l’influence du genre dans l’évolution des projets migratoires originaires du nord de la Chine. Fashion Should Take Plus-Sizes Seriously. Q&A: Trish Summerville, on Catching Fire’s Otherworldly Costumes.

Dérapages sexistes dans la lutte étudiante. La grève de 2012 a été le terrain d’une lutte. Le racisme est-il devenu politiquement correct en France ? - POLÉMIQUE. Camila Vallejo, student leader, gets ready for a seat in Chilean congress. Le Devoir de philo - Martha Nussbaum aurait-elle signé le manifeste des Janette? La complainte masculine. Is Fashion a feminist issue, after all? Turkish Lawmaker Gets Ready To Break Parliament's Headscarf Barrier. Mimi Zeiger Opinion column about women in design. Don’t tell an atheist she’s not an atheist. 7 ridiculous restrictions on women’s rights around the world. The 21 Best Things Samantha Jones Ever Said On "Sex And The City" “Patriarchy is Over”: Feminism in the Art of CocoRosie — The Green Room.

Senate Women Lead in Effort to Find Accord. A Day to Remember the First Computer Programmer Was a Woman. Obamas Meet Malala Yousafzai At The White House. You Can Call Her Mayor Brown: How Aja Brown Is Transforming the City of Compton - Culture - Music, Movies, Art, Profiles, and More. Judge Rules Unpaid Intern Cannot Bring Sexual Harassment Claim Since She's Not A Paid Employee. Lizzy Caplan on 'Masters of Sex' and her very private life with Matthew Perry. 27 Times Olivia Pope Looked So Ridiculously Perfect And Beautiful And Perfect.

Exclusive: A Stepper In Rick Owens' Fashion Show Tells All. Dick Soup. 27 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them. «On en a assez que les princes ne fassent rien» This Is What Islam's Version Of The Miss World Pageant Looks Like. Etudes - Les femmes et l’érotisme : Une émancipation sexuelle féminine à nuancer. Street Style Surveys: Does The Fashion Industry Have A Diversity Problem. Saudi Arabia Recognizes Domestic Abuse As A Punishable Crime For First Time. Nobody knew how the clitoris really worked until four years ago. 25 Moments When The Women Of Color On "Orange Is The New Black" Gave You So Much Life. Soap Operas for Safe Sex: The Potential of Edutainment in Africa. The Secrets Of Silicon Valley’s Dating Scene — www.buzzfeed. Le fatkini, la plage en queen size. Grand Prix : adolescentes en péril. Inside Silicon Valley's Original "Lean In" Circle.

Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make the Greatest Friends. Jennie Runk Talks Body Confidence And Her "Plus-Size" Label. $40,000-a-Night Escorts: Secrets of the Cannes Call Girls. Elizabeth Smart: Cultural Obsession With Purity Makes Rape Victims Feel “Worthless” 5 Craziest Ways Men Have Censored Female Sexuality. Le Festival international des prostituées de luxe. Les élections, tribune pour les Pakistanaises. The Ethics of Extreme Porn: Is Some Sex Wrong Even Among Consenting Adults? - Conor Friedersdorf.

In Gulf States, Designers Add Flair to Traditional All-Black Abaya. Est-ce que les femmes se font baiser quand elles jouissent ? 9 Ways "Game Of Thrones" Is Actually Feminist. Mannequin : «On est payé à ne rien faire» Nées pour une petite ambition? Forget Sexism, Princeton Mom’s Offense Is Raging Elitism. Dating While Black And Orange. Jon Hamm et son pénis: alors, ça fait quoi d'être traité comme une actrice? Je baise donc je suis. Interracial Sex Still Taboo for Many Porn Stars. Blood, Sweat and Sex: My Hard Life in Porn. Pourquoi tant de haine contre Anne Hathaway –et d'amour pour Jennifer Lawrence? Why Does the Tech World Tear Down Successful Women?

Zaha Hadid slams "misogynist behaviour" in British architecture. Sheryl Sandberg: "I Am Not Saying Women Can Do It All Themselves" Femen, la guerre des «sextrémistes» Why Women Still Can’t Have It All - Anne-Marie Slaughter. Educational Content. Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ Exclusive Excerpt: Sheryl Sandberg on Why I Want Women to "Lean In" Leadership - leadership - Reports - Princeton University. International : Sheryl Sandberg, wonderwoman féministe.