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Waterbuoy Miniature Flotation Device
Motherboard Rulers
Spycam Classic Lighter Camera
Bacon Beans Jellybeans
Bacon Mints
It's mighty dark in your wallet, a perfect haven for wallet grues. These spawn of old text adventures wreak havoc by de-magnetizing your credit card strips and making that $10 bill you're sure was in there... disappear with out a trace. Largely unknown, the wallet grue is responsible for billions of dollars in losses every year from unsuspecting wallet users. Now you can banish those pesky grues and impress your friends with the Credit Card Lightbulb. This unusual card looks like a flat incandescent bulb, but push the bulb vertical and it unexpectedly lights up. Credit Card Lightbulb Credit Card Lightbulb
SoundClip iPhone Audio Booster
Caffeinated Perky Jerky
Gamer Grub Energy Snacks
Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers
Betamax Style SATA HD Case
Mvix Nubbin Tiny Wireless N Adapter
Crabble Folding iPhone Stand We don't know about you, but we hate the movies on airplanes. They know they have you imprisoned for hours, so they subject you to only the worst in American cinema. Sadists, those airline execs are. But you have a smartphone or other little device that plays movies! Crabble Folding iPhone Stand
Tool Logic Office Assistant
KGB Disappearing Ink Pen Rule one of being a spy is never letting anyone know you are a spy. And part of that is never leaving evidence or incriminating documents behind. It sounds hard, but not if you have the right tools. KGB Disappearing Ink Pen
Reveal Watch