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Mydex Personal Data Ecosystem

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This an experiment to see how much information we can map into this pearl tree that relates to the emergence of the personal data ecoystem, some of it is about standards, technical elements, but others are about privacy, identity etc.

Web Browser Standards

Flexible organic light-emitting diode. Demonstration of a flexible OLED device Demonstration of a battery-driven flexible OLED lamp from Merck KGaA Demonstration of a 4.1" prototype flexible display from Sony Technical details and applications[edit] Such materials may not be suitable for comparable devices based on inorganic semiconductors due to the need for lattice matching and the high temperature fabrication procedure involved.[3] In contrast, flexible OLED devices can be fabricated by deposition of the organic layer onto the substrate using a method derived from inkjet printing,[4][5] allowing the inexpensive and roll-to-roll fabrication of printed electronics.

Flexible OLEDs may be used in the production of rollable displays, electronic paper, or bendable displays which can be integrated into clothing, wallpaper or other curved surfaces.[6][7][8] Prototype displays have been exhibited by companies such as Sony, which are capable of being rolled around the width of a pencil.[9] Disadvantages[edit] See also[edit]

Internet of Things

Identity. Information Sharing Agreements. Linked / Open Data. Trust Frameworks. Platform. Web Security. Password Managers. API.