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Chaz's Blog An amazing video: 1,001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die) by The Editors Jonathan Keogh presents an exuberant video about the movies. Festivals & Awards Roger Ebert
As I may have mentioned somewhere, or as you may have been able to infer somehow through my writing, as a teenager I was a fairly religious reader of the rock and roll magazine Creem. By religious I mean that I would read each issue cover to cover at least twice each month. Even the column by the British critic and sociologist Simon Frith, whose work I considered relatively dry—Creem was, you may recall, the magazine that published a Lester Bangs profile of Lou Reed titled "Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves." That having been one of Bangs' more restrained pieces. Anyway, there was one column Frith wrote in the wake of the rise of the Sex Pistols and The Clash, about the reaction to punk from more established rock musicans of the progressive camp, both musically and politically. Specifically, musicians involved in the loose-knit organization Rock In Opposition. Some Came Running Some Came Running
(UPDATED) Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo 11 moon landing. The Newtown massacre and Boston Marathon bombings were "false flag" government conspiracies designed to take away our guns. Also, black is white, rich is poor, Obama is a foreign-born Muslim, work is freedom, freedom is slavery and Mona Lisa was a man. Continue reading → "I believe he's not guilty." scanners scanners
Observations on film art Parker Tyler, photograph by Maya Deren. Much that he says will disturb, horrify, enrage: there is no great audience yet prepared for an approach such as his, even to literature or to life, still less to the movies. Iris Barry, Preface to The Hollywood Hallucination, 1944 DB here:

Observations on film art