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6 Upcoming Horror Games That Look Absolutely Terrifying - I don’t know if you’ve noticed this already, but this is an incredibly exciting time to be a horror fan.

6 Upcoming Horror Games That Look Absolutely Terrifying -

There are more new horror releases now than there’s ever been. We’ve seen multiple entries in franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, as well as a slew of quality indie horror games from devs like Frictional Games (Amnesia), Blue Isle (Slender: The Arrival), and Red Barrels (Outlast), among others. Perhaps what’s most exciting about this recent surge of popularity the genre’s seeing are the hints at where it’s headed next. Between games like the six I have waiting for you after the break, it looks like survival horror is coming back, and this time it’s returning in a far more terrifying form. The following upcoming horror games aren’t afraid to be different, to try something new, and they’re all worth looking forward to. The Walking Dead: Season Two. Facebook. Architecture.

Mon grenier du savoir

ReservoirWEB. Webballades. Sites kool. Neo_sites_web. Uncategorized. Bazar des trouvailles. Biblioteque de links. Muzik&videos. Le demi tour de trop. 3D Human Anatomy. Watch & Download Full Metal Alchemist Brotherh. SkY-AnimeS - Anime, Manga et Drama en Téléchargement Gratuit. Palm Painting Illusions. Before I start with today illusion’s description, I just wanted to announce that Optical Illusion Of The Day widget for Mac Dashboard is working properly again!

Palm Painting Illusions

Apple approved our new version, and Michael is responsible of fixing the “forever loading” image. You can download the new, 3.2 version for free from apple’s website. Be sure to download it and do some testing, and report through your comments if everything works fine. I need some of you who are always online, to report if the tomorrow’s new illusion will auto-refresh! Diana Beatty is one who brought us these magnificent body paintings. 13 Creepiest Anatomical Tattoos.

Samsung Presents 10 Optical Illusions in 2 Minutes. Per Enström, Kevin Sowter, Elijah Jones, Jeff Cassell and dozen more of our loyal visitors have sent me this awesome optical illusion video in range of two days.

Samsung Presents 10 Optical Illusions in 2 Minutes

Since I find it quite magnificent and viral, I have decided to post it earlier than I should. As you probably learned by now, your submissions are lined up in queue, and appear posted in order they were originally submitted to me. This one skips the queue! Personally, what Samsung’s getting at with its freshest Soul cellphone optical illusion video, is something I have long been recommending to companies like Samsung. It’s certainly a fine piece of eye candy if nothing else. Put simply, the video shows a maniac darting about demonstrating ten optical illusions in just 136 seconds, and in case you couldn’t guess, the Soul Cellphone is saved for last. Another important thing – BurstMedia has sent me this survey, which needs at least 200 responds (so they can continue paying my bills).

Fairy tales in the Modern Edition. Fairy tales in the Modern Edition Art | September 16, 2010 / views: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/weirdex/public_html/includes/functions_core.php on line 260 329,866 Canadian artist Cris Delara engaged in graphic.

Fairy tales in the Modern Edition

As an illustrator and digital artist, Delara, along with her husband, so far has done a lot of advertisements, comics, books... Delara's girls at these images, in addition to that they are fun and interesting, have a real artistic value. International Competition Of Macro Photography By Nikon. Idiot Backflip Video. Warning: Might Cause Seizures. Madalin Bucatea stumbled upon this peculiar animation, built just out of few frames.

Warning: Might Cause Seizures

Never the less, the image appears to continuously rotate clockwise! We’ve seen similar stuff (spiders, cities and Christopher Walken), yet I’m not exactly sure why does it appear to rotate? Your view on this? Sorry for writing such a short post, but I just had to stop, since the animation is already visible to me while writing this, and it makes my head hurt… Recent Paintings by Terry Rodgers. Did Nazis Germany Land on the Moon? : Paranormal Videos and Stories. The leaked Cassiopeia images reveal a swastika shape on the Moon.

Did Nazis Germany Land on the Moon? : Paranormal Videos and Stories

Photographs leaked to the Internet last week taken by the Cassiopeia probe on the so-called dark side of the Moon have stirred up considerable controversy among both astronomers and conspiracy theorists. The photos reveal a structure in the Schroedinger crater near the southern lunar polar region; official sources have failed to provide an explanation for it. Scientists are baffled by the discovery, and numerous UFO and conspiracy researchers have interpreted it to prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. The photographs in question are indistinct, due in part to the orbital distance of the probe and interference from ionised moon dust hanging in clouds above the crater floor, but a regular shape can be discerned in them, located slightly to the side of a circular crater approximately 1.5 kilometres in diameter, itself situated inside a larger, irregular depression.

The Truth Is Out There – Nazi Moon Base. HOME (English with subtitles) The Snow Queen - Best from Europe for Kids of America. Slashtag search. Stunning 3D Wall Murals. The Best of Sand Sculptures.