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Evil Beet Gossip Evil Beet Gossip Unfortunately, the opening monologue was the longest we got to see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at last night’s Golden Globes performance (and they’re the only Golden Globes post you’ll get around here until Catherine’s fashion post later today), but boy, did they make it worth it. These ladies know funny, and they had some amazing jokes in there. The full video is below, but in case you’re at work and can’t watch or just don’t feel like it (hey, I’m lazy too, I understand), I’ll put a few highlights below.
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YouTomb Category: Sports Views: 21473 Category: Comedy Views: 315137 Category: Film Views: 101268 Category: Film Views: 24954 Category: Entertainment Views: 86686 Category: People Views: 12691 Category: Sports Views: 12187 Category: Music Views: 1127199 Category: Comedy Views: 126531 Category: Sports Views: 87584 browse more takedowns YouTomb is currently monitoring 440036 videos, and has identified 9760 videos taken down for alleged copyright violation and 212711 videos taken down for other reasons. YouTomb
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Damien Mulley Damien Mulley So the world or a tiny subset of the world that has the time to be interested in things about robots, had multiple double takes when Google bought Boston Dynamics, the military robot maker. It turns out that Google has been very busy buying robotics companies, not just Boston Dynamics. Google has always been about using algorithms to replace humans or at least automating tasks. via Forbes: A little more specifically, the New York Times has noted, Page has “argued that technology should be deployed wherever possible to free humans from drudgery and repetitive tasks.” What work do humans in Google do right now?
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The NFL is a notoriously cautious company. For years, it has not allowed official logos to be used by Hollywood; the NFL did not feel that a negative representation of football benefited the brand in any way. It makes sense, and also casts an odd light on Ivan Reitman‘s Draft Day, the first film ever officially licensed by the NFL. Obviously, the film does not shine a negative light on the league, something other football films definitely have done. There’s no mention of drug use or concussions. The lack of controversy actually works to the film’s advantage, creating a very broad entry point to a subject that might initially seem limiting. SlashFilm SlashFilm
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Cubic Zirconia Music - Flock 一度は利用したい 一度は利用したいものと聞いて、一体どのようなことを思い浮かべるでしょうか。 これはおそらく非常に多くの答えを想像することができる問いかけではないでしょうか。 たとえば、バンジージャンプやジェットコースターなどのアトラクション系を挙げるものもいれば、 魔法の絨毯や魔法のランプなど、実在していないものを挙げる人もいるのではないでしょうか。 この様に、一言で一度は利用したいものと言っても、その種類は非常に多くあるのです。 ここでは、これら無数とも言えるほどに多くある、一度は利用したものの中から、特におすすめするものついて見ていくことにします。 Cubic Zirconia Music - Flock
Your Online Portal for Movies, TV, Video Games and U Your Online Portal for Movies, TV, Video Games and U Here’s an open question for the day. What do you do when you’re trying to broaden your pop culture horizons by trying to read something deemed “classic” by anyone and everyone. This could be as intellectual as trying to read “Dante’s Inferno” or as commonplace as really trying to get into a Arrested Development, despite feeling like it’s just not really your “thing.” I’m finding this happening more and more these days, mostly with books and TV shows, though sometimes with games and movies as well. Games are tricky because it’s incredibly hard to go back and play an old title you never experienced before with how far graphics and gameplay have advanced. Nostalgia taints our memories, and while I may be fine playing Goldeneye to this day, going back to try and get through KOTOR, a game I never played when it was new, is like trying to read paintings on a cave wall, it feels so primitive.
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COURT MÉTRAGE ET PETITS FILMS COURT MÉTRAGE ET PETITS FILMS Tout droit sorti de l’imagination de Kaleb Lechowski, l’excellent court métrage « R’ha » raconte l’affrontement d’extraterrestres contre les machines, à mi-chemin entre Matrix et Avatar, le character desgin est très impressionnant, on airait aimer en voir plus. Les deux personnages sont doublés par Dave Masterson. Le réalisateur répond à beaucoup de questions qu’on a pu lui [...]