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ScienceWorld. Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of 2009. Home » Panorama 6 December 2011No Comment Here are the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2009, according to Time magazine: Our Oldest Ancestor, “Ardi” With her long, elegant fingers, 4-ft. frame and a head no larger than a bonobo’s, it’s hard not to feel a certain fondness for little Ardi, the oldest skeleton of a prehuman hominid ever found.

Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of 2009

Painstakingly pieced together from more than 100 crushed fossil fragments unearthed in Ethiopia, this female specimen of Ardipithecus ramidus (Ardi, for short) lived 4.4 million years ago and had remained anonymous until 1992, when her fragments were first discovered. After 17 years of research, a team of scientists led by Tim D. Announced it had spotted a planetlike object orbiting a star much like our sun. Source: Science Clarified.

Site Inovação Tecnológica - Tudo o que acontece na fronteira do. Illusions d'optique. Cortical Studios. We are an award-winning bioinformatics company that combines 3D animation, multimedia and scientific knowledge to meet your communication needs.

Cortical Studios

With our academic background in the fields of biotechnology and molecular cellbiology and our computer expertise we provide cutting edge 3D animation productions for even the most complex projects. We translate complex scientific information into comprehensible artistic imagery in order to improve communication in the life sciences. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the possibilities for your unique project.

“Kemin Industries partnered with Cortical Studios to create animated film to illustrate the mode of action of two global products. The Cortical Studios team was professional, talented and easy to work with throughout the development process. Penny Woods - Marketing DirectorKemin Cortical Studios is that great partner for us. Werner Degger - Producer AVC University of Amsterdam Nicole Verbeeck - Sr. Math Software for Engineers, Educators & Students. Journée de pi. - Earth Science News, Maps, Dictionary, Articles, Jo. Technology Research News. Jeunes - Médiathèque - Animations - Les fondamentaux. Prix Ig Nobel. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Prix Ig Nobel

Le prix Ig Nobel (qui peut être prononcé Ignobel, car nommé ainsi par jeu de mots entre « prix Nobel » et l'adjectif « ignoble ») est un prix parodique décerné à des personnes dont les « découvertes » ou les « accomplissements » peuvent apparaître bizarres, drôles ou absurdes. Parfois dépréciatifs et critiques, les prix sont destinés à célébrer l'insolite, honorer l'imagination et stimuler l'intérêt dans les sciences, la médecine, et la technologie.

Principe[modifier | modifier le code] Électroaimant de Bitter : cette grenouille en lévitation grâce à un dispositif magnétique a fait l'objet du prix Ig Nobel de physique 2000. L'énoncé officiel[1] dit que ces prix sont avant tout destinés à éveiller la curiosité du public pour la science en général, bien qu’ils puissent parfois prendre une valeur dénonciatrice (voir partie sur les critères). Les premiers prix Ig Nobel ont été remis en 1991. Critères[modifier | modifier le code] Biologie : W. Des méduses au musée - Le Compa. Le dossier web | Hiver 2009 Des méduses au musée ?

Des méduses au musée - Le Compa

Quelle drôle d’idée ! Pas tout à fait… Ces animaux marins prennent tout naturellement place dans l’exposition temporaire « EAUX ». Car tout est fait d’eau ou repose sur les propriétés de cet élément. Science et OVNI. Art et Science. Wolfram MathWorld: The Web's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource.

What's Special About This Number? Creating Anti Icing Surfaces : Blog : GE Global Research - Flock. GE Global Research today presented new research findings on its nanotextured anti-icing surfaces.

Creating Anti Icing Surfaces : Blog : GE Global Research - Flock

In addition to dramatically reducing ice adhesion, these surfaces now have been shown to significantly delay the onset of ice formation in simulated atmospheric icing conditions. The team’s findings were presented at the APS’ 2012 March Meeting. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an estimated 25 million gallons of de-icing agents are applied to aircraft taking off from U.S. commercial airports each year. In addition, airlines have robust energy intensive heating systems on board to prevent ice formation on airplanes. Compared to standard surfaces, where ice would form almost immediately without the use of these systems, GE’s nano-enabled anti-icing surfaces would delay ice formation for more than a minute on their own. Página Inicial. Internet History of Science Sourcebook - Flock. © This text is copyright. The specific electronic form, and any notes and questions are copyright.

Permission is granted to copy the text, and to print out copies for personal and educational use. No permission is granted for commercial use. If any copyright has been infringed, this was unintentional. The possibility of a site such as this, as with other collections of electronic texts, depends on the large availability of public domain material from texts translated before 1923.

Research. Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize For achievements that first make people LAUGH then make them THINK "The Ig Nobel awards are arguably the highlight of the scientific calendar. " —Nature ImprobableAdvertisers The 2014 Ig Nobel Prize Winners The 2014 Ig Nobel Prizes will be awarded on Thursday night, September 18th, 2014 at the 24th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, at Harvard's Sanders Theatre.