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Amazon. Keeping Track of Trump, GOP, Impeachment, and the Russia Investigations. Billion - Wikipedia. A billion is a number with two distinct definitions: American English always uses the short scale definition but British English has employed both versions.

Billion - Wikipedia

Historically, the United Kingdom used the long scale billion but since 1974 official UK statistics have used the short scale. Since the 1950s the short scale has been increasingly used in technical writing and journalism, although the long scale definition still enjoys common usage.[3] Other countries use the word billion (or words cognate to it) to denote either the long scale or short scale billion.

For details, see Long and short scales – Current usage. Another word for one thousand million is milliard, but this is used much less often in English than billion. History[edit] According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word billion was formed in the 16th century (from million and the prefix bi-, "two"), meaning the second power of a million (1,000,0002 = 1012). See also[edit] Names of large numbers References[edit] Talking About What We Don't Want to Talk About : Alexandra Paul at TEDxTopanga.

Every British swear word has been officially ranked in order of offensiveness. Every swear word in the English language has been ranked in order of offensiveness.

Every British swear word has been officially ranked in order of offensiveness

People were asked their opinion on 150 words in total. These included general swear words, words linked to race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, body parts and health conditions, religious insults and sexual references, as well as certain hand gestures. They were asked to rate words as mild, medium, strong or strongest. And this is what Ofcom found. For general swear words, the following words were seen as... Mild: Arse Bloody Bugger Cow Crap Damn Ginger Git God Goddam Jesus Christ Minger Sod-off Medium: Arsehole Balls Bint Bitch Bollocks Bullshit Feck Munter Pissed/pissed off Shit Son of a bitch Tits Strong: Bastard Beaver Beef curtains Bellend Bloodclaat Clunge Cock Dick Dickhead Fanny Flaps Gash Knob Minge Prick Punani Pussy Snatch Twat Strongest: For sexual insults, most words were rated as strong.

By and for citizen investigative journalists. What is the Self? Le plaisir de l'émerveillement. C’est parce que la peine et la souffrance ont pour origine les opinions creuses, qu’il faut apprendre à soigner son âme malade, apprendre à vivre le plaisir, et supporter l’idée d’être heureux.

Le plaisir de l'émerveillement

Pour cela, il va falloir repenser le plaisir, et la capacité à s’émerveiller. Épicure peut nous y aider. Si le plaisir est chez Épicure tout autre chose que ce qu’en pensent les thuriféraires du moment, si en vérité on a davantage affaire avec Épicure à une morale ascétique que nos contemporains appellent l’hédonisme, alors cette ascèse ouvre sans doute la possibilité, primo, d’une authentique réconciliation avec la nature, et deuxièmement, peut-être d’un véritable émerveillement... Ainsi la sagesse d’Épicure a pour point de départ une expérience et un choix fondamentaux. En quoi l’hédonisme d’Épicure engage une ascèse et de véritables exercices ? Méditer. Une conférence enregistrée en 2012.

Claude Obadia, agrégé de philosophie, professeur en classes préparatoires économiques et commerciales. Gen X has survived its gloomy formative years. Now we will have to deal with climate change. Generational politics is bullshit, but a Gen X guy would say that.

Gen X has survived its gloomy formative years. Now we will have to deal with climate change

I sometimes wonder, though, whether whatever is distinctive in my generation’s experience (and haunting our minds) might have something to offer the future. After a brief flurry of interest in the 1990s, thinkpieces on my demographic quickly waned. There were never that many of us; the meat in the sandwich was and is meagre. Tired of their younger cousins and brothers, around the turn of the century, boomer pundits pivoted to an obsession with their millennial children.

Those children stared back at them with mostly well-founded resentment. This oedipal struggle has tended to crowd us out; as the New Yorker writer Emily Nussbaum pointed out, Generation X is now sometimes forgotten altogether in articles pondering generational difference. This relative invisibility has had many consequences. My sliver of Generation X (I’m 45) exited high school into the early 1990s recession.

The next stop is old age. NPR Choice page. Www.forbes. Scientific & Academic Publishing: All Journals. And This Company Is Capitalizing On It.