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Migrants GoPro trying to sneak into the UK via Calais. Banksy-has-created-a-graffiti-version-of-steve-jobs-outside-calais-refugee-camp-711140. This is the latest work from street artist Banksy, who has taken on the migrant crisis in a new mural at a refugee camp in France.


The elusive graffiti artist has depicted the late Apple guru Steve Jobs – whose biological father was from Syria – carrying a black rubbish bag and an early model of the Macintosh computer. Jobs was adopted. His biographer, Walter Isaacson, has described the computer genius’s biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali, as a graduate student who came from a prominent family and studied in the US. Migrant life in Calais' Jungle refugee camp - a photo essay. The boys who could see England.

Part 1: On dry land A gale was blowing from the south-west as the elderly architect put on his jacket and rubber boots and went outside.

The boys who could see England

Down in the bay, four-metre-high waves crashed against the cliffs and sent spray hundreds of metres across the grazing land at Lista, on Norway’s southernmost tip. DM Aerial photographs of Calais migrant camp. The Jungle, Calais: Good Chance Theatre Dome. This is my blog of our experience of delivering and setting up our geodesic dome in the jungle, meeting some amazing people and throwing a massive launch party for Good Chance Calais, where all the different nationalities in the camp danced to each other's music; a first for this camp as we were told.

The Jungle, Calais: Good Chance Theatre Dome

This very much irritated the Mail Online! The Good Chance dome is a space for EVERYONE. We will continue to do everything that we can to support this venture. Steve Summers. Why I donated my bike to people at Calais refugee camp. Critical Mass is not a conventionally political movement.

Why I donated my bike to people at Calais refugee camp

In cities around the world, the monthly bicycle event sees cyclists – from London to New York and Sydney – convene in a regular place, on the last Friday of the month, and ride the streets of their city in the safety and camaraderie of a group. With its mildly anarchic origins in the idea that cities should be designed around human beings rather than motor vehicles, and that those human beings have a right to free movement on the roads of their cities, perhaps I should not have been so surprised to learn London’s August ride would see bicycles taken from the capital to Calais, where they would be donated to people at the refugee camp known as the Jungle.

There is often a healthy tendency for scepticism where simple acts of charity are concerned, and so too a worry that donations can upset the local community and barter relations. Where bicycles and life in the refugee camp are concerned, however, the equation is quite simple. Calais migrants: life in the Jungle – video. LA VIDÉO DU JOUR : Images du quotidien à Calais. L’ « Appel de Calais », soutenu par Clique, réunit 800 artistes, intellectuels, chercheurs, associations et personnalités autour d’un impératif : « alerter l’opinion publique des épouvantables conditions de vie réservées aux migrants et aux réfugiés de la jungle de Calais ».

Parmi les signataires, il y a Catherine Corsini. Le 19 octobre dernier, la scénariste et réalisatrice s’est rendue sur place avec trois autres cinéastes, Ariane Doublet, Nicolas Philibert et Christophe Ruggia. Ensemble, ils ont accompagné leur engagement écrit d’une trace filmée, témoignage de l’âpre quotidien de la « jungle » de Calais. La « jungle » de Calais en images Posté par Clique sur lundi 26 octobre 2015. La “Jungle” de Calais, plus grand bidonville d'Europe. Avec 6000 à 7000 migrants désormais installés, la "Jungle" de Calais constitue aujourd'hui le plus grand bidonville d'Europe.

La “Jungle” de Calais, plus grand bidonville d'Europe

Le Journal de 20 heures de France 2 est parti explorer cette véritable petite ville, qui possède ses commerces, ses restaurants, ses écoles et ses lieux de culte. @f3nord Publié le 03/11/2015 | 16:49, mis à jour le 03/11/2015 | 17:23. Afghan girl Bahar Ahmadi's father reveals horrors of squalid Calais 'Jungle' Former soldier went to notorious camp to deliver clothes and supplies Plight of Bahar Ahmadi touched his heart and he agreed to take her to UKFather Reza revealed they fled Afghanistan after Taliban threatened themBut got stuck in the Jungle, where gang fights are nightly, there is no heating and the ground is strewn with rubbish - no place for a little girl By Peter Allen In Calais For Mailonline Published: 16:21 GMT, 4 November 2015 | Updated: 18:05 GMT, 4 November 2015 Showing off her infectious smile, Bahar Ahmadi tries to act like an ordinary child amid the dirt and squalor of the largest refugee camp in France.

Afghan girl Bahar Ahmadi's father reveals horrors of squalid Calais 'Jungle'

The Afghan four-year-old runs between ramshackle tents and piles of rubbish, and jumps into her loving father's arms. But there is no disguising her deep sadness. Data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c3a4ed73c76867:0xc18b3a66787302a7!2m2!1d4.3517103!2d50.8503396!1m5!1m1!1s0x47dc3114a744e785:0x57e55e489488ceb0!2m2!1d1.7391404!2d50. Calais: Migrants frustrated at 'zero' crossings to Britain clash with police. Migrants and security forces clashed for a third consecutive night in Calais, as tensions are running high across makeshift camps in the French city, following a security clampdown that authorities claim has quashed illegal crossings to the UK.

Calais: Migrants frustrated at 'zero' crossings to Britain clash with police

About 250 riot police officers fired tear gas and water cannon to quell unrest near the so-called "jungle" encampment in the northern port. France's interior ministry said the confrontation was "calmer" than those of the previous two nights, when a total of 43 officers reported injuries from rocks and other objects hurled at them. The incidents came as frustrations were growing in the camps, currently housing a record 6,000 people, as tightened controls on access to the port and Eurotunnel have made it significantly harder for migrants to cross to Britain.

"Since 21 October ... no migrant has crossed to Britain," she told La Voix du Nord newspaper. "The message we want to convey to migrants is: you must reflect on your path. " Salam. Resisting the border regime since 2009 *** ألشعب يريد إسقاط الحدود. Inside the Jungle: Calais's refugee camp. Comments (0) The Cornishman reporter Hazel Murray recounts her venture into Calais's refugee camp this weekend; LEAVING the ferry after arriving at Calais on Sunday night, I thought about what the next 24 hours would have in store as we snaked our way through the port and reached our hostel, due to venture to one of the largest refugee camps in the Western world the following morning.

Inside the Jungle: Calais's refugee camp

On arrival, the town of Calais almost seemed bereft of local people, let alone refugees, and I couldn't begin to picture what the camp, known as The Jungle, was like. Our hostel was full of volunteers determined to make a difference, beaming with an infectious, almost party-like attitude. If they hadn't told me of the long hours spent in the warehouse or distributing aid to the desperate people of The Jungle, I may have mistaken them for care-free travellers, rather than the likes of paramedics, architects and nurses, putting aside their comfortable lives to help those in need. Watch our video here: Régions - Nord - Picardie. La new jungle vue du ciel : un autre regard sur les migrants de Calais. Vue aérienne de la new jungle Coincés entre la Manche, l'autoroute A16 et le port industriel de Calais, entre 5000 et 6000 migrants vivent dans des conditions précaires sur une ancienne décharge à la limite de la commune de Marck.

La new jungle vue du ciel : un autre regard sur les migrants de Calais

Les migrants à Calais. L'auberge des migrants international. Nous contacter - L'Auberge des migrants. Actualités de la région Nord-Pas-de-Calais.