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Deepak is working as a digital marketer at Auxesis Infotech and have years of experience in the particular field. The company mainly works in web design and development, Drupal web development, graphic designing, etc. In free time, loves to write articles on latest technologies like Drupal, web design and development, WordPress design and development, etc.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020 - Tech Behind It. Doesn’t matter whether the industry type of your business is e-commerce, education, healthcare, IT, or any other, if you want to spread its wings far and wide through your website, then it becomes important to invest in digital marketing services.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020 - Tech Behind It

And when it comes to digital marketing, you cannot just begin to work on it without having a knowledge of what’s working in the current market. If we take you to a few years back, then it was a time where just a little more than a website and a Facebook page was needed in order to market a business digitally. But in the present digital landscape, there is so much a business needs to do to have a strong online presence. 1. Chatbots Dominate Customer Service A true exemplar of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, chatbots are much in trend in the present time. 2. Just like chatbots, voice search is another technology that has been a boom in recent times. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Estimated Time And Budget For Drupal Migration - auxesisinfotechsite’s blog. In June 2020, Drupal released its latest version Drupal 9.

Estimated Time And Budget For Drupal Migration - auxesisinfotechsite’s blog

7 Steps To Optimize Images For SEO – Tech Behind It. In the present SEO scene, images play a crucial role.

7 Steps To Optimize Images For SEO – Tech Behind It

We often overlook the fact that what type of images do we need to use in our websites, their qualities, and other aspects. When it comes to search engine optimization, image SEO has to be on your SEO strategy. If you are wondering what is image SEO, well, it is basically the process of image optimization on your website so that they are easy to find and read for search engines. This entire process helps to improve the visibility and ranking of the content in search engines.

There are certain elements that are included in image SEO such as type, size, load time, and more. Use Clear and Descriptive File Names It is important to make your image file names easy so that Google can comprehend. Use Keyword-rich Alt Text In case you don’t know, alt text is basically required when a browser can’t render an image.

Create Original Image Content. Drupal 8 Has Been The Most Popular Version - Auxesis. If we talk about the history of Drupal, you would be amazed to know that Drupal 8 has been the most popular version.

Drupal 8 Has Been The Most Popular Version - Auxesis

Why Drupal Is The One Of The Most Popular CMS. Future Of Drupal CMS - Blogs. Believe it or not, but business owners and developers are in love with this CMS platform, known as Drupal.

Future Of Drupal CMS - Blogs

If you are following web technologies for quite a long time, then you know the importance of Drupal in the current webspace. But the question - does this importance define the future of Drupal? Or in other words - what’s the future of Drupal? Yes, there is WordPress in the competition that without a doubt has the highest share in the CMS market. But that certainly doesn’t justify the capabilities of Drupal as a CMS platform.

Reasons Why You migrate Your Business To Drupal. When it comes to CMS platforms, Drupal is considered as one of the preferred choices amongst developers and business owners.

Reasons Why You migrate Your Business To Drupal

But there is also a misconception amongst a lot of people who considered Drupal a gift to content writers. Well, if it is entirely true, then there won’t be any Drupal development company in the market. Untitled — Talking About The Best Features Of Drupal. Strategies To Implement While Developing A Website. Are you looking to hire web development services?

Strategies To Implement While Developing A Website

Well, if you want your website to be successful in every aspect, then it is important to have a flawless strategy. In order to sail in the online venture, having a well-planned strategy, and executing it effectively is very much important. Though a strategy plan totally depends on the nature and scope of your business, there are several most common yet important web development strategies that you should incorporate into your operations while hiring professional web development services. The first and foremost thing is audience surveillance. The audience remains the most important sole proprietor in the process of celebrating a website design and development examination. Along with keeping an eye on your audience, it is also important to catch your competitors. Drupal - Most trusted CMS among developers and business owners.

Good reasons why one should look to hire a Drupal development company. Hire A Leading Web Design And Development Company – Latest Updates on Technology. When you are looking to hire a web design and development company, it is important to ensure that you bring the best expertise on board.

Hire A Leading Web Design And Development Company – Latest Updates on Technology

Web development isn’t related to just one person, rather it includes a number of professionals with different responsibilities like front-end development, back-end development, and full-stack development. The front-end developers deal with the user interface. Whereas, the backend developer deals with data validation. Full-stack developers are responsible for performing the functions of both the latter and former to make the product in the finished form. Of all three developers, full-stack developers are the experts that work on the most complex duties in any web design and development company. A full-stack developer is also known as the skilled processor who is responsible for planning, formulating, and executing the development process of a website. Like this: Like Loading... Why You Need To Invest In Custom Website Development. Website Design And Development Services. A website is a digital house that gives your business an identity of its own.

Website Design And Development Services

So, isn’t it obvious that it has to be in its most perfect form to ensure that customers can relate to your business’ vision and mission? Certainly! Being a renowned website design and development company, Auxesis Infotech ensures to deliver you a flawless site with each and every aspect of it given meticulous care. To offer the best website design and development services, we have a pack of tech hunters who you’ll always find devoting their time to envisage the next big outsourced development project. Drupal Development Services.