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Industry Links. Frame-by-frame Painting. A couple of days ago I posted a breakdown of a rig removal shot that I did on the Angelina Jolie movie Salt. I got a comment on Vimeo from Rob Antill asking for more details about how I did the frame-by-frame paint work. I wrote a pretty detailed explanation on Vimeo so I thought I should copy it here. Check out the shot first: In a rig removal shot you ideally want to clean up one frame and then use that frame as a patch to fix the other frames in the shot.

You can create more than one patch for a shot and mix between the clean frames if the shot changes too much for one patch too work. I use Silhouette for any hardcore frame-by-frame painting that I do. There is a lot of back and forth tweaking frames. I wouldn’t do the above for the whole frame at once, I’d concentrate particular areas at a time, get that area working for the whole shot, then go back and do another area. In Nuke you can clone from the plate in other frames but you can’t clone your paint work from other frames easily. POP Forums Jobs. MPC - Paint/Prep Artist.