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Google Sites for hosting my game + issue tracking. Hi, I would like to get my game on a very simple google-sites site I made (or am planning on making xD) though I don't really know how, or if it is even possible.

Google Sites for hosting my game + issue tracking

I'm currently hosting the webplayer of my game on my dropbox account and people can play it there. So my question now is how do I get it so that when people go to my google-sites site they can play it in there (not just a link to the dropbox url, but actually play it on the website) ? I also was wondering if there was a simple way to implement an issue tracking system there too ? How to embed a unity game into a webpage.

Unity 3D Basic Tutorials. This section of Unity Magic will provide you with basic skills.

Unity 3D Basic Tutorials

Share this page with your friends Where to get Unity 3D and how to install it. Navigating in 3D space. Unity 3D Basic Tutorials. Interactive Anatomy. [ANDROID UPDATE] new version of anatronica 3D interactive anatomy is available on google play. check it out, lots of improvements and bug fixes!

Interactive Anatomy

Let us know what you think! [FLASH] we released flash version of our app, maybe some of you want to test it. it's a bit slugish comparing to unity3d plugin version but this is still good! We had some trouble with this, it should work now. can somebody confirm browser and OS that work please! Create a FPS Game in Unity 3D #1 - The Basic Steps.