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Web2.0 web3.0. New App Combines Personal & Business To-Do Lists. Apps that track tasks are a dime a dozen, and most business collaboration tools come equipped with a to-do list function.

New App Combines Personal & Business To-Do Lists

But when Andrew Wilkinson and his team at design consultancy Metalab sat down to build their ultimate task manager, Flow, they were shooting to bridge the gap between these two groups of productivity products. "The idea behind Flow is that you can bring your entire life into one place," Wilkinson says. "In the same place you remember your grocery list or the fact that you need to clip your toenails, you can also be collaborating with your team at work, you can be working on a home improvement project with your boyfriend. " Flow, which launched Tuesday afternoon, is something like a cross between Cultured Code's Things App for Apple products and 37 Signal's Basecamp. Like Things, it allows users to create projects, schedule tasks and tag items for organization. The price tag for this service, which includes a free iPhone app, is $9.99 per month. Content Marketing in a Blink: The Content Grid v2 [Infographic] — It's All About Revenue. Last June, Eloqua published the first infographic on the then-nascent content marketing industry.

Content Marketing in a Blink: The Content Grid v2 [Infographic] — It's All About Revenue

We called it The Content Grid. The public seemed to like the visual. It earned six awards, sparked dozens of speaking engagements, and triggered a number of “how do you ____” calls from Fortune 500 companies. What a difference a year makes. Enter June 2011. A mature industry needs mature resources. The Content Grid v2 picks up where its predecessor left off. Enjoy The Content Grid v2. Click image for full size: If you want to embed The Content Grid v2 on your blog, be our guest. - The Network for Technology Professionals.


Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why: Last night I had the great privilege to interview Bill Gross, one of the Internet’s true pioneers.

Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

To say he has had an impact on the web would be an understatement. His impact has even helped a small country gain admission to the United Nations. All of that are in this week’s episode of This Week in VC. Summary notes, as always, provide below. It was a pleasure to write them myself. Overture ( He invented the category of sponsored search. He created (later renamed Overture) out of a frustration with search. The idea actually came to him from the Yellow Pages business. He was skeptical of spending the money but astounded at what a transformational impact it had on his business. Bill’s rationale was the more serious your business was, the more you could afford to pay for placement and therefore the more likely it was for consumers.

So he launched a company with exclusively paid search. Heresy. Google was clear that they WOULD NOT go into this business. IdeaLab.