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100 Must See Interviews With the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs. Travel for ambitious young adults with Under30Experiences Learn MoreClose Open 100 Must See Interviews With the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Under30CEO | November 3, 2011 | 23 Comments 1.5KTweet 1.1KShare 161Share 538Share 3.7KShare At Under30CEO we think big.

100 Must See Interviews With the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs

As young entrepreneurs it’s important that we keep swinging for the fences. The list below is the most incredible people to learn from as entrepreneurs and we intend to interview them all…somehow. Introducing our Top 100 Entrepreneurs to Learn from and their best interviews from around the web…1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) Eventbrite. Invalid quantity.

Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. Please enter an email address. Please enter a valid email address. Please enter your message or comments. Please enter the code as shown on the image. Please select the date you would like to attend. Please enter a valid email address in the To: field. Please enter a subject for your message. Please enter a message. You can only send this invitations to 10 email addresses at a time. $$$$ is not a properly formatted color. Please limit your message to $$$$ characters. $$$$ is not a valid email address. Learn About the Biggest Conflict in History with World War II Interactive. By Jillian | November 4, 2011 | No comment yet World War II Interactive offers WWII enthusiasts the opportunity to relive the biggest conflict in history with an interactive experience that includes photos, videos, audios and text all chosen carefully and displayed beautifully.

Learn About the Biggest Conflict in History with World War II Interactive

The developers of this app claim that a traditional book cannot do this content justice and this certainly demonstrates as true when you browse these virtual pages. The app itself is divided into 9 areas, described as the “Events leading to the war (1918-1938), the 7 years of the war (1939-1945) and events after the war. All the major battles and events (from every theater of the war) are summarized in detail. Topics covered include Rise of Hitler, German Blitzkrieg, Winter war, Battle of France, Dunkirk, Britain, North Africa, Operation Barbarossa, Pearl Harbor, Holocaust, all major battles of Pacific war theater, D-Day, Burma, invasion of Italy, Germany and Japan, atomic bombings, etc. and many more.”

The Designer's Survival Guide - Curated by Richard Baird. Posted: | Author: Richard Baird | Filed under: Design Survival | 0 Comments A guide to help new designers master the logo design basics.

The Designer's Survival Guide - Curated by Richard Baird

Advice provided by international industry professionals, edited and curated by Richard Baird. Research and analysis Spending time on research prior to the design stage is essential if you want to create a meaningful and relevant identity. Break apart the brief and look at the brands key values and ways to visually communicate these, remember to ask plenty of questions and if necessary draw up a document out lining your research results for the client to see and sign-off on before starting the project.

Provided by @richbaird Flexibility Logos should ideally work in black and white (for basic applications) and be scalable (from stamp sized reproductions up to a multi-story billboard). Provided by @Danatdoodle Developing a diverse portfolio Provided by AtomicVibe Keep it simple. Augmented Reality: Depth-assisted Real-time 3D Object Detection. How to move all Android apps to SD card.

[Update – May 2013] To see whether this procedure may work on your phone, check out the new post [Follow up] List of phones that work with “How to move almost all apps to SD card” procedure and comments to this post.

How to move all Android apps to SD card

Please note that this procedure does NOT work on the best selling Samsung Galaxy S3. [/Update] [Update – March 2013] To help fellow Android users know whether this procedure will work on their phone, please submit this anonymous form (link: Google Forms) indicating whether it worked for you. Thanks! A Guide to the Business Analysis ... - Iba. Business analysis. Business analysis is a research discipline[1] of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.

Business analysis

Solutions often include a systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development. The person who carries out this task is called a business analyst or BA.[2] Business analysts who work solely on developing software systems may be called IT business analysts, technical business analysts, online business analysts, business systems analysts, or systems analysts.

Business analysis sub-disciplines[edit] Business analysis as a discipline has a heavy overlap with requirements analysis sometimes also called requirements engineering, but focuses on identifying the changes to an organization that are required for it to achieve strategic goals.