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Facebook Twitter 8 Great Sites for Reluctant Writers. 8 Great Sites for Reluctant Writers 1.

8 Great Sites for Reluctant Writers

Storyjumper Storyjumper allows you to create online books using a plethora of characters, scenes, and props. Teachers can, for free, create classes to register students so they each have their own account. As of this writing, there does not seem to be a limit as to how many student accounts you can create. 2. ReadWriteThink creates a lot of great educational resources. 3. Kerpoof is an online story and comic-creator which allows students to create comic scenes and stories, as well as animated movies, cards, drawings, doodles, and pictures. 4. Story Starters is a fun activity to inspire students to write. 5. My Storymaker allows students to create a story book with fun characters and settings. 6. Part of the larger Scholastic site, Writing With Writers provides an excellent resource for writing. 7. Zoo Burst is a digital storytelling tool that allows you to create lively 3-d pop-up books with sounds and actual pop-up effects when you turn the page.

Why did people go on pilgrimages in the Middle Ages? Email A pilgrimage is a physical and a spiritual journey to a sacred site, either a church or a place where a saint may have appeared or a miracle is believed to have taken place.

Why did people go on pilgrimages in the Middle Ages?

Most religions have the practice of the faithful making pilgrimages to holy places as a way to express their deep belief, to ask to be healed or to do penance for sins. It is way of uplifting the soul. During the Middle Ages in Europe, life was hard for the majority of the common people. Poverty, disease, war and illiteracy were common. In the early Middle Ages, the second through the eighth Centuries, Christianity began to take hold as the official religion in Europe. Because there were so many holy sites and not enough saints or relics, the church had to create more. In the Middle Ages, Christianity fought to become the dominant religion in Europe. The medieval tradition of Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land continues even to this day.

Adrian Camm · Medieval Re-Design. Your typical Medieval PBL unit would typically be built around a driving question like “What was life like in 14th century England?”

Adrian Camm · Medieval Re-Design

Students would research clothing, art, music, food and perhaps have a culminating event like medieval bread baking. This is inauthentic PBL in my opinion and doesn’t do this incredible period of time justice. Stirling Castle, standing high on a Volcanic crag, dominates the land below, and is equalled only by Edinburgh Castle in it’s age and prestige. The Castle’s strategic importance, being situated as the gateway to the highlands, saw it besieged at least 15 times during it’s history.

On a recent visit, I learnt that Stirling Castle changed hands 8 times during the Scottish Wars of Independence between 1296 - 1357. Best content in History Teachers. Six Easy Resolutions for the New Year at School. Rubrics - Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. Using Google Earth in the classroom. Prophets of the Old Testament. Four Ideas For Using Online Tools to Extend the Classroom. Guest blogger, Barbara Jolie provides some ideas for teachers who want some ideas on using the Internet in the classroom to more effectively accelerate learning outside the classroom.

Four Ideas For Using Online Tools to Extend the Classroom

[amazon_omakase size="468x60" locale="" ad_logo="show" ad_product_images="show" ad_link_target="new" ad_price="all" ad_border="show" ad_discount="add" color_border="#000000" color_background="#FFFFFF" color_text="#000000" color_link="#3399FF" color_price="#990000" color_logo="#CC6600" /] For all the flack that the Internet gets, from minimizing attention spans to being a breeding ground for pedophiles and terrorists, if used correctly, the Internet may just be the biggest blessing for teachers and learners since the rules of logic were conceived. But using the Internet correctly is the hard part. For teachers who want some ideas for using the Internet in the classroom to more effectively accelerate learning outside the classroom, here are a few tips: 1. 2. 5 Presentation Tools To Captivate Every Student.

Creating a presentation that keeps a captive audience engaged is tough.

5 Presentation Tools To Captivate Every Student

Creating a presentation that keeps distracted students engaged is a much harder task again. Whether your are demonstrating to a class or presenting at a conference, keeping an audience focused on your content is more challenging than it used to be. Children and adult audience members alike, now have glowing distractions in their pockets and are expecting the instant gratification that comes from the Internet generation. Text on slides no longer has the appeal and will easily lose the attention battle to a Facebook update or a new cow on FarmVille. Here are a few tools that will help you enthrall your audience and keep your presentations on the entertaining side of educational: SlideRocket is a hosted web app designed to take presentations to the next level with graphical prowess and multimedia integration.

Google Map Maker Gets A Makeover, Is Now Easier To Use. Google Map Maker, the still somewhat undiscovered gem of Google Maps which allows users to create and edit maps, is getting its new Google makeover today.

Google Map Maker Gets A Makeover, Is Now Easier To Use

Following the redesigns of other top Google properties including Gmail, Docs, YouTube and Reader, Map Maker’s updated user interface is meant to be easier on the eyes, while also increasing the service’s usability. Map Maker, which launched in the U.S. in April of this year, is largely meant to extend the Google Maps service into countries where there isn’t much data, namely, emerging markets. In these regions, users can hand-edit Google Maps using an online tool, submitting details about roads, points of interest, features near a point and even geographic boundaries.

These edits are moderated by Google, and, after approval, go live for all users of Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps for Mobile.