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Deborah Dolen

Deborah Dolen books are very informative and inspirational. In her Recipe Collection, many recipes are designed for large gatherings.

Deborah Dolen. Dolen. Deborah dolen. Deb Dolen photo. Deborah Dolen. Deborah Dolen (@DeborahDolen) Deborah Dolen. Deborah Dolen. - Journaux du Monde Entier. Deborah Dolen - Muck Rack. Deborah Dolen Mabel White, NOOK Books. Passionate What She Does. When you think about a Bestselling Author, Floral Designer, Candle Maker, Soap Maker, you rarely think of it being one person but Deborah Dolen is doing all those things and much more.

Passionate What She Does

Best known as an Amazon Kindle author, since 2000 and as a contributor in Barnes and Noble Nook. She is sharing his experience and unique ability with us as a Bestselling Author of 29 DIY books, 7 Home & Garden DIY videos, and over 1,000 of article and produced and directed several TV “how to” Films. Deborah Dolen has written dozens of DIY books on cooking, entertaining, home keeping, beekeeping, canning, making bath and body products, and gardening. She is also the presenter of many DIY shows, a syndicated writer having her own RSS feeds and over a million subscribers. Apart from that, Deborah Dolen is very active in environmental and animal issues.