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GoodUI. TapPublisher, Créez votre application native iPhone en quelques minutes. C'est gratuit ! The Top 10 E-commerce Themes for WordPress. Online businesses are on the rise, competition grows and if you want to win the battle for customers, you need to get their attention, interest and provide great service.

The Top 10 E-commerce Themes for WordPress

But let's go back to whole attention and interest thing. You may have the greatest marketing campaign and a lot of hits on you website, but as soon as your web doesn't look credible, or if your visitor gets lost and can't find the desired information, then you have failed and burned all money you invested into marketing. Did you know, that you can build good looking and 100% functional website for less than £100?

You don't even need to hire a developer to help you out. 11 Web-based Polling and Survey Tools. Yesterday, I wrote a short post about Kwiqpoll.

11 Web-based Polling and Survey Tools

After that post was published I got a few requests for suggestions about other web-based polling/ survey tools. Here are eleven other ways you can conduct polls and surveys online. MicroPoll makes it very easy to create a poll, customize it, and embed it into your blog or website. To use MicroPoll just enter your question, enter answer choices, and enter your email address. After completing those first three steps you can preview your poll, change the theme (look) of your poll, and get the embed code for your poll.

Flisti is a free and easy-to-use polling tool. Quiz Snack offers a free service for creating polls and quizzes to post in your blog or website. Pollmo is a free service offering an easy way to create and post simple polls online. Urtak is a free and simple polling service that can be used on any blog or website. Using Yarp you can create a simple one question survey or one line event invitation.

Themes Prestashop

Resources on Web, Mobile, SEO, Outsourcing and more. 04Sep 2012 WordPress is undeniably one of the most sought-after platforms for bloggers.

Resources on Web, Mobile, SEO, Outsourcing and more.

It is enriched with loads of user-friendly and feature-rich applications that are second to none. Every user loves WordPress for its uniqueness, inclusiveness, and extendibility. Being an excellent open source community, it serves as a gateway for millions of bloggers and readers to share their knowledge and thoughts on a range of informative topics. WordPress Plugins add more functionality and performance-boosting features to your WordPress powered blogs and keep readers glued to your content. Ifttt (If This Then That) Alternatives and Similar Software. IFTTT Alternatives : Similar automation sites. Share some love, will you?

IFTTT Alternatives : Similar automation sites

Ifttt is a web service which lets user to create tasks which are performed when certain condition is met. We have already covered about Ifttt and some of its best recipes in one of our earlier posts. Whether you like Ifttt or not, you might want to learn some of its alternatives or programs offering similar services. Well, I did find some sites claiming to offer similar services as Ifttt, but take my word, none of them seem as good as Ifttt (maybe because it's very early in their development). Besides, Ifttt is in beta and totally free while most of these alternatives are either in private beta, or are not free. Zapier The best and most versatile alternative to Ifttt which offers much more unique set of apps than those offered by Ifttt itself.

Update (11.15.2012) : Zapier now runs the zaps for free account every 15 minutes. Resources Directory. Five Advanced Keyword Research Tools. (the following is a post by Elisa Gabbert) Sometimes a basic, free keyword suggestion tool just isn't enough.

Five Advanced Keyword Research Tools

If you're ready to move beyond the limited functionality of most online tools to do more in-depth keyword research for SEO and pay-per-click campaigns, here are five advanced keyword research tools well worth checking out. SEM Rush SEMRush: SEMRush is a competitive research tool that's useful for both SEO and PPC keyword research and analysis. Gridly Theme Demo. Etiam ornare nibh ac eleifend luctus February 3, 2012 Etiam ornare, nibh ac eleifend luctus, magna magna pulvinar lacus, egestas malesuada sem augue eget eros.

Gridly Theme Demo

Donec hendrerit, nulla viverra porttitor cursus, ipsum nibh consectetur justo. Vous envoyez tous les jours des emails de confirmation de commande à vos clients ainsi que des emails de confirmation d’expédition. Sell Downloads With PayPal - SEO Software. Simplified. Créer un spambot pour Twitter sans une seule ligne de code.

Ce type de robot ne coure pas les rues… ou plutôt les TL, dans le web Français.

Créer un spambot pour Twitter sans une seule ligne de code

Comment obtenir du contenu unique, de qualité, et gratuit - Team Référencement ☢ En SEO, la matière première c’est le contenu, et qui plus est du contenu qui doit être unique et de qualité.

Comment obtenir du contenu unique, de qualité, et gratuit - Team Référencement ☢

Pour obtenir votre contenu, plusieurs possibilités: soit vous payez un rédacteur, soit vous l’écrivez vous-même. Dans les 2 cas ça prends du temps et ça peut coûter cher selon le volume, mais voici une petite astuce qui va vous permettre de gagner du temps et de ne pas payer de rédacteur. Faire de la récup. Il y a tout un tas de vieux contenus qui avaient été écrits dans les années 2000-2003 et qui ne sont plus indexés depuis longtemps et dont tout le monde se fout (société qui a coulé, article de presse obsolète, etc.). Pour cela est votre ami. Redirection : pour gérer les "301" et "404" sous WordPress - Plugin Wordpress - Journal du Net Solutions.

The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies. Microsoft BizSpark - Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to Microsoft software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, including investors, and providing marketing visibility to help entrepreneurs starting a business.

The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies

Microsoft BizSpark is a worldwide partner of the Founder Institute, providing software, support, facilities, and mentoring to many entrprenuers within the Fouder Insitute network. Free web based email address extractor from text. Installer Prestashop en local. Avant de se lancer avec un produit, il est important de le tester pour voir s”il correspond à nos besoins.

Installer Prestashop en local

Suivez ce tutoriel pour installer Prestashop en local. Entrées les plus populaires. Si j’étais e-commerçant quels modules Prestashop j’acheterais ? « Webbax Agence E-commerce Prestashop – Suisse. 24 août 2011 | publié par Webbax Et si j’étais à la place de mes clients quels sont les modules Prestashop que j’aurais envie d’acheter ? Les modules de Webbax (je plaisante) ? Non cette fois je vais aller chercher quelques modules qui me plaisent bien et vous les recommander. Comment je vais faire ma sélection ?