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Modern Day Spirtuality

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Indigo Society, a forum for Indigo Children and Adults. *Healing Spells* Special Abilities. Crystals. Aura. Hearth and Home Witchery. Imbolg Crafts and Activities for Children There are so many activities to do with your young ones at Oimelc, many of which can also be done at the Spring Equinox. Older children can help make candles (there are lots of kits out there to make it easier) and candle holders.

Younger children can make "candles" from toilet paper rolls and construction paper. If you choose to start your Spring Cleaning, a small brush broom and dustpan, a clean cloth to help wipe down cabinet doors or dust tables or child size cleaning equipment for those little "can I help? " little ones. Another idea is to have them sort through their toys and clothes and separate those they've outgrown give away to charity or another extended family member that could use it. Our little ones love to spend time with their mama's and usually will enjoy working side by side "helping"-I have a five year old, so I still believe this!

Make a Priapic Wand ~Reading~ Meagan's Imbolc by Kathryn Dyer The Story of Imbolc by Rachel Walker. Chakra. Symbolism. Crystalinks Home Page. 12 Signs of the Zodiac - Your Star Sign Explained in Detail. Magickal Ebook @ pdf file. Graham Hancock -- Why are we here? Tree of life. The tree of knowledge, connecting to heaven and the underworld, and the tree of life, connecting all forms of creation, are both forms of the world tree or cosmic tree, according to the Encyclopædia Britannica,[2] and are portrayed in various religions and philosophies as the same tree.[3] Religion and mythology[edit] Various trees of life are recounted in folklore, culture and fiction, often relating to immortality or fertility.

They had their origin in religious symbolism. Ayyavazhi[edit] In Akilathirattu Ammanai, the source of the Ayyavazhi Mythology, life is considered as an Asura, a power-seeking entity which evolved from nature and survives by getting its energy from nature through offerings, boons from the supreme God-head Siva. The narration, in metaphorical language, that the Kroni took birth in the first Yuga and was fragmented into six, advocates for an evolutionary tree of Life. Ancient Persia[edit] Ancient Egypt[edit] Worshipping Osiris, Isis, and Horus Armenia[edit] Assyria[edit] Something Major is Being Hidden From the Public A Must Know Secret. The elite have a secret so mysterious, so mind-blowing that they are doing everything they can to keep it under wraps from the public eye. I URGE you with everything in me to watch the below video in its entirety.

It contains NEW information and covers covert operations, secret game plans, the Rosewell incident, Operation Majestic, Operation Grudge, AQUARIOUS, the Jason group, JFK and more! Furthermore it reveals the elites plan that will be set into motion if alien (aka: Nephilim) information is leaked or should there be a UFO takeover….and their plan will SHOCK YOU!!!!!!

This information has been verified from the HIGHEST of sources and it is something you NEED to watch and share…. Here is a breakdown of the MAJIC Projects and all its divisions…. SIGMA is the project which first established communications with the Aliens and is still responsible for communications.PLATO is the project responsible for Diplomatic Relations with the Aliens. Source: Yoga/Meditation. RSA Animate - The Truth About Dishonesty. 10 Mind Blowing Documentaries | Live Learn EvolveLive Learn Evolve. Reading Time: 3 minutes Compiling just 10 is difficult so we’ve created a full list of recommended documentaries with summarised ratings here. There will be weekly additions to our documentary and film page so keep an eye out and if you have any films you’d like to recommend, please comment with them below and we will get round to replying and watching them all where time permits.

“Belief is the death of intelligence.” – Robert A Wilson8 These documentaries are not listed as being 100% fact, they’ve been chosen for their thought provoking content and many discuss new ideas and concepts that are either currently impossible to be scientifically explored or have yet to be explored enough. As a note, Einstein’s special relativity theory was published in 1905 but wasn’t actually fully accepted into the physics community until 1920. So, I prefer not to dismiss the exploration of new ideas just because they do not adhere to the status quo, for that is the only way we make progress. Watch it. [Tome] | How To Heal Unbalanced Chakras. After awakening, initiates may have discovered that during their sleep, their chakras have become unbalanced.

Bringing balance to the energy centers in the body known as chakras will necessitate devotion to spiritual, mental and physical practice. Integration of the knowledge within this tome will provide initiates with the exercises needed to tune the body's vibration into harmony with the chakras. Being in sync with these wheels and the aura will cause initiates to be filled with energy, organizational efficiency, and happiness. Balancing the spiritual, chemical and hormonal components of the body is commonly referred to as homeostasis, and chakra healing is the primary part of that process.

The key chakras are located throughout the body, beginning at the base of the spine with the root chakra or Muladhara, which is represented with the color red. Meditation has always been one of the most revered methods of chakra balancing. Author | Arche, Xian Sources Bhajan. (2007). TIMEWHEEL. Free Astrology Readings! Over 100 Different Charts & Reports. Mystic Scripts - Free Astrology, Numerology, Psychic, Tarot Readings! Advanced Search, Multicriteria with Planet, Sign and House. With this advanced research, you can use 3 simultaneous criteria in order to search celebrities among 47,390 with good affinity with you.

You can choose as criteria planets in signs with a powerful option, their position in degrees with a precision between 1 and 15 degrees, planets in astrological houses (Placidus), and houses (cuspids) in signs. When you click on the option "Add/substract a criterion" a window appears or disappears to continue the selection. Try to search for example celebrities who have the Sun on your Moon and the Moon on your Sun (husband/wife affinity), or Venus on your Mars and Mars on your Venus (sexual compatibility).

If you increase the precision (more degrees) you 'll get more celebrities. You can also take a look at the conjunctions Pluton Vénus (passion and instinct), Uranus Venus (cerebral erotism), Soleil Venus (affective links), Moon Ascendant (mood and instinct): these critera are often used in astrology. Pluto Aspects, The Spiritual Dimension of | Astrology For The Soul. The bad guy is on the run, and the good guys are on his heels. The villain runs into a crowded room and grabs the first innocent victim that he can find, and holds the damsel close to himself, shouting, "don't shoot or the girl gets it! " The villain escapes out the back door, hoping to make it off with its hostage and survive.

This is what happens when Pluto aspects a planet in a birth chart. But the bad guy is probably not who you think he is. The miscreant almost escapes, but then he slips, and the hero lunges in, knocking back the scoundrel, and setting the girl free. This is what happens when Pluto aspects another planet in a birth chart, and when consciousness is victorious over illusion. The bad guy is an overly dramatic representation of ego, defined here as the jumble of unconscious tendencies trapping us in ignorance and suffering. When Pluto aspects a planet in a birth chart, the stage is set for a style of avoiding or realizing the spiritual truth of who we really are. Talking Issues. The Rise and Fall of Charm in American Men. If one were to recast The Rockford Files, as Universal Pictures is intending to do, would the Frat Pack actor Vince Vaughn seem the wisest choice to play Jim Rockford, the character James Garner inhabited with such sly intelligence and bruised suavity?

Universal apparently thinks so. One can say many things about the talents of Vaughn, and were Universal embarking on a bit of polyester parody—remaking, say, Tony Rome, among the least of the neo-noirs—Vaughn’s gift for sending up low pop would be just so. But to aim low in this case is to miss the deceptive grace that Garner brought to the original, and prompts a bigger question: Whatever happened to male charm—not just our appreciation of it, or our idea of it, but the thing itself?

Yes, yes, George Clooney—let’s get him out of the way. For nearly 20 years, any effort to link men and charm has inevitably led to Clooney. Male charm is all but absent from the screen because it’s all but absent from our lives. The Oblique Strategies Web Site. 10 Basic Things a for Healer to Remember. By Alison Kain Here are 10 Basic Things a for Healer to Remember A healer should never forget that they are a vessel/channel and nothing else; the healer does not determine the outcome of a healing, the client and Spirit do.

If a body is not willing to accept the healing, no healing shall occur. If a body does heal, then you can sincerely reassure the person receiving the treatment that it is their own desire to heal in conjunction with Spirit’s energy and the cellular reactivation of their “internal healer” which has been initiated which does the main portion of the healing process. It's Good Karma to Share: The Health Benefits of Incense. Dragon’s Blood incense soothes your GI tract, helps with pain, and reduces fevers. Jasmine incense balance hormones and increases libido. Amber and Pino incense have been around for many centuries and are well know for balancing the body and boosting the immune system.

Hops, anise, and frankincense are well known for increasing creativity. Oak Bark incense brings about feelings of power and inner strength. Sage incense has been used for balancing, purification, and spiritual rituals. There are hundreds of different types of incense… all with benefits. Be sure to buy incense that is pure without chemicals… or make your own natural aromatherapy incense. Also use incense sparingly, just like anything you burn it does give off carcinogens… and the same goes for scented candles and anything else that’s burned or heated. And in this day and age of lots of toxins it’s important to limit your exposure to more toxins. Dr. Genotypes/Rh-bloodline.

Buzzword: Micro-learning. I was introduced recently to a new buzz word making its way across the learning & development industry: Micro-learning. If you’re like me, you’re probably starting to get a bit tired of people adding their particular spin to learning – all in search of the holy grail that is the “right way” to make learning happen. It doesn’t exist. But having got that out of the way, it is worth looking at these ideas to see if there’s anything we, as learning professionals, can learn from them.

As a term, “micro-learning” has been around since about 2004, when it was put forward in a PhD thesis by Gerhard Gassler. Basically, micro-learning describes a method of learning, whereby concepts and ideas are presented (or retrieved) in very small chunks, over very short time-scales, often at the point of need, or at the point of maximum receptiveness. Examples include: As can be seen from the examples above, micro-learning is generally pulled rather than pushed. ie. the learner dictates when they learn. 12 Events That Will Change Everything, Made Interactive.

Astrologos. Cannabis Review. Tarot card meanings & divinatory definitions. Study the definitions of all 78 Tarot cards from a range of sources! Click on the cards below for the full meanings of each card, Compare the meanings of the tarot cards between the main versions. The definition section has been expanded to give you probably the most comprehensive list of meanings to choose from: My definitions based upon years of reading the tarot Rider-Waite by A.E. Waite Golden Dawn meanings probably by McGregor Mathers Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris, including his mnemonics for the Major Arcana McGregor Mathers, Head of the Golden Dawn (see how the meanings slightly differ to the Golden Dawn meanings above) Etteilla, the French card reader Thierens, an enthusiastic amateur astrologer and tarot reader under the thrall of A.E.

Awakening the Goddess Within - Lisa Michaels. Featured GODDESS: Persephone - Awakening the Goddess Within. Home Page. Tarot Library & E-Books. Knowledge Files – Free Ebooks on occultism, mysticism and the esoteric. « From Around The Web « Mindscape magazine. How do you know if someone is a black magician? You might have seen those advisory adverts on trains and train stations, asking how you can recognise an under cover ticket inspector – they look like you. Black magicians are very good at covering their tracks.

Apart from one or two openly black magicians (this is starting to sound like a gay outing), they don’t go advertising. They dress like you and me, they talk like you and me, and they may not even have an interest in the occult. Few consciously make the decision to become a black magician – there can be an element of grooming going for students on by other black magicians, like starting on low risk illegal drugs before working up to crack cocaine – and like this particular drug addiction, it is very hard to get out of.

Being a black magician can be very profitable, with lots of sexual partners, and there is the glamour of astrally travelling to some demonic region (I just avoid certain areas of the town I live in). Really Random Tips | Brain Hacks. ...For answer Holmes clapped the hat upon his head. It came right over the forehead and settled upon the bridge of his nose. "It is a question of cubic capacity, " said he; "a man with so large a brain must have something in it. " ... Sherlock Holmes - The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.

Not everyone is born with a big brain. If you’re looking to improve mental cognition, increase your memory, and enhance your alertness, here are 15 easy ways to give your brain a six-pack. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. First, know how you learn. Second, the most effective way to remember facts is by forming multiple associations. Third, rinse and repeat. 14. 15. Gnostic Media | Research & Publishing with host Jan Irvin. $6.42 Scorpio Pattern 650mAh Rechargeable Battery for EGO Electronic Cigarette at FastTech. Aromatherapy & Natural Skin Care. 13 Tips on How to Overcome Passivity. Edit Article Edited by Gabrielle Delacroix, Lillian May, Krystle, Eric and 8 others Do you often find yourself wanting to do something, but never having the courage to just do it?

Are you tired of feeling too weak to do even the most basic things? Does it seem that something always stops you from doing what you want, or you're always waiting for someone or something to give you a "push" before you act? Being too passive might be preventing you from taking life in the direction you'd like to see it go. Here are some ways to overcome passivity and make your own way in the world. Ad Steps 1Understand why you tend to act passive. 13Make your life less boring. Tips Don't analyze a situation too much before acting. Your source for superstitious and spiritual goods, lucky amulets, and magic spells.

FREE Tarot Readings. Login Required. Forbidden Knowledge ; Machines of the Ancient Orient (Documentary) 10 Mind Blowing Documentaries | Live Learn EvolveLive Learn Evolve. Homemade Beauty Products. Yoga/Meditation.

Videos. The Key to Theosophy by H.P. Blavatsky:  Online and Printed Sources. The HolySee and The Declaration of Human Rights.pdf. Spirit Science.