Rat babies :)

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Breeding Guide: Determining Pregnancy. Determining if a doe is pregnant can be a bit of a mystery, particularly if a potential breeding/pregnancy is unplanned.

Breeding Guide: Determining Pregnancy

This can be a very anxious time for either a new rat owner or a breeder. A mucus plug after mating is a sign that the rat has been mated successfully. The mucus plug, or copulatory plug, is formed by secretions from the male rat’s sexual accessory glands. Good and Bad Food for Rats & Ratty Recipes. Rat Toy Ideas. Rat Toy Ideas Are your rats in need of some entertainment?

Rat Toy Ideas

Here's a few cheap and simple ideas for toys and games. Digging box - indulge your rat's natural love of digging Fishing for peas - a fun game for cooling rats down on hot summer days. Rat Breeding/Rat Babies. Different Breeds of Rats. There are many different breeds of rats, some might be more appealing to your eye.

Different Breeds of Rats

In this passage I'm going to show you some of the different kinds of rats. The first kind of rat I'm going to show you is standard. The Dapper Rat.