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Rat babies :)

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Breeding Guide: Determining Pregnancy. Determining if a doe is pregnant can be a bit of a mystery, particularly if a potential breeding/pregnancy is unplanned.

Breeding Guide: Determining Pregnancy

This can be a very anxious time for either a new rat owner or a breeder. A mucus plug after mating is a sign that the rat has been mated successfully. The mucus plug, or copulatory plug, is formed by secretions from the male rat’s sexual accessory glands. The purpose of the plug is to hold the sperm in the female’s vagina. It may also be used to prevent other males from impregnating the female. Palpitation of the rat’s abdominal area to feel for fetuses is not recommended. Traditional methods for determining pregnancy include: Cessation of estrus cycle Copulatory plug after mating Behavioral changes Tracking weight gain Hair loss around nipples Nest building Enlarged lower abdomen Cessation of Estrus Cycle Your female will not have heat cycles after she becomes pregnant.

Behavioral changes Once pregnant, the female rat also shows no interest in males. Scales. Good and Bad Food for Rats & Ratty Recipes. Rat Toy Ideas. Rat Toy Ideas Are your rats in need of some entertainment?

Rat Toy Ideas

Here's a few cheap and simple ideas for toys and games. Digging box - indulge your rat's natural love of digging Fishing for peas - a fun game for cooling rats down on hot summer days. Ratty pinata - great in-cage entertainment and exercise Decorations - a little fun to brighten the cage The soft tunnel - a simple run through toy Hammocks, etc - there's more than one way to make a hammock The rat bin - give your rats a mess of their own The clubhouse - somewhere to play and lurk during free range time Ratty beanbags - lazing spots for winter or summer Paper mache hideout - a simple nest box and chew toy in one Rat party games - are you ready for your rat's birthday? Digging box My boys love their digging box more than any other toy! 1. You may want to toss in (or bury) a few of their favourite treats to get them started.

See more photos of our boys enjoying The Digging Box. Back to index Fishing for peas 1. Ratty piñata 1. Rat Breeding/Rat Babies. Different Breeds of Rats. There are many different breeds of rats, some might be more appealing to your eye.

Different Breeds of Rats

In this passage I'm going to show you some of the different kinds of rats. The first kind of rat I'm going to show you is standard. The Standard variety of rat is what most people think of when they picture a rat. These rats have normal ears and tails (neither tailless nor dumbo), as well as short, even coats that lie flat and smooth.

Picture of a Standard rat. Another common breed of rat is the Rex rat. Picture of a Rex rat. This next breed I have never seen, but I hope to some day. Picture of Tailless rat. Dwarf rats are a more common bred rat than the tailles rat. Picture of a dwarf rat compared to a standard rat. Another breed of rat, that I'm sure you've all heard of, is a dumbo rat. The Dapper Rat.