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Stamps. Notes. Coins. Mintage World. Native American War Hero Tecumseh on Canadian Coin. ‘World Peace’ stamp of India. 24 Oct 2016 Mon The World War II was the most disastrous war ever seen by Humankind.

‘World Peace’ stamp of India

The people were horrified with the war. After the end of the war, there was an urge for bringing something which can look and control the security of the entire nations with some rules and regulation. Seeing the failure of the League of Nations, a better and more responsible organization was needed to secure peace in the world. Hence on 24th October 1945, a new organization was established called as United Nations Organization (UNO). The objective and purpose of UNO are security and peacekeeping, promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and to achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character. In order to celebrate a new order of peace and security, this day of 24th October is celebrated as the United Nations Day every year!

A beautiful Turquoise-green commemorative stamp was issued by India Post on 24th Oct 1954. Ghiyath Al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah Gold Heavy Tanka Sold for 6,00,000. The Persian Rug Revenue Stamp. The First parachute descent: Andre-Jacques Garnerin. 22 Oct 2016 Sat The Parachute Balloon ride is one adventure we all would love to enjoy.

The First parachute descent: Andre-Jacques Garnerin

That cold breeze on your face with that beautiful sky view! Do know that the oldest Parachute is depicted in 1470’s Manuscript during Italian Renaissance? But it was André-Jacques Garnerin who was the first to successfully descend from one in on 22 October 1797 at Parc Monceau, Paris. Colonial Period Stamps Grabbing Attention. The Gallant Shaheed Ashfaqulla Khan. 22 Oct 2016 Sat “Kucch aarzu nahi hai, hai aarzu to yah Rakh de koi zara-si khake-watan kafan me.

The Gallant Shaheed Ashfaqulla Khan

Dar-o-deewar pe hasrat se nazar karte hain Kush raho ahle watan hum to safar karte hain” Were the last parting words of the great freedom fighter Ashvak Ullah Khan. Ashfaqullah Khan was born today in 1900 in Shahjahanpur in Utter Pradesh. His father, Shafiq Ullah Khan belonged to a Mughal family which was famous for their military background. In 1922, Mahatma Gandhi withdrew the Non-Cooperation Movement after the Chauri Chaura incident, so many Indian youths were left dejected. What’s the 50th Annual Fresno Coin Show Offering. 22 Oct 2016 Sat Fresno Numismatic Society’s 50th annual Fresno Coin Show would be held on 22nd October and 23rd October.

What’s the 50th Annual Fresno Coin Show Offering

A Clovis numismatist named James Obler is the vice president of the club who has a 2,300-year-old silver coin featuring the Greek demigod Hercules. He states that all U.S. coins ever minted are still legal tender at face value which means a 1797 silver dollar would fetch you something that is worth 1 dollar in today’s times. Distribution of Indian Gold Coins to be Increased. 22 Oct 2016 Sat The sale of 'Indian Gold Coins' manufactured by the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India began in November 2015 via MMTC under the Centre's Gold Monetisation Scheme (GMS). 185 kg of gold coins and bars, in denominations of one, two and five grams have already been sold. 10g and 20g were sold with a premium of nine per cent to the market price.

Distribution of Indian Gold Coins to be Increased

As against the current Rs 30,025 per 10g of 0.999 purity, these Indian Gold Coins cost Rs 32,710 per 10g. Before this scheme was introduced, gold coin markets were powered by local jewellers with claims of quality guarantee with Bureau of Indian Standards certification. MMTC sold these coins through 26 owned outlets and 200 outlets overall, compared with 300,000-400,000 jewellers.

People prefer buying these coins as they are approved by the Government and its quality can be trusted. Early Christmas Wishes by Royal Mint. Inset Mintmarks on Indian Coins. Thailand to Issue a Commemorative Coin in Memory of Their Late Monarch. 21 Oct 2016 Fri The Treasury department of the Government of Thailand recently announced that a commemorative coin will be soon issued in memory of the Late HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, popularly known as King Rama IX Chakr.

Thailand to Issue a Commemorative Coin in Memory of Their Late Monarch

The noted 88-year-old king died last week due to prolonged illness. The Dying Great Barrier Reef. 21 Oct 2016 Fri Recently, much has been said about the supposedly “dead” Great Barrier Reef in news and Social media.

The Dying Great Barrier Reef

Obituary was also paid to the departed living creature. But situation has not as adverse, hold on and take a deep breath before you start mourning the loss of one of the most spectacular coral reefs on the planet. The Perfect Trump-Clinton Medal For U.S. Presidential Elections. 21 Oct 2016 Fri As the world waits in anticipation for the results of the U.S.

The Perfect Trump-Clinton Medal For U.S. Presidential Elections

Presidential elections, there is something to cheer about for numismatists and coin collectors. A new medal featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been issued by Long-Stanton Co. As the election is entering the final stages, many questions are still left unanswered. The coin is called Indecision 2016 medals and is made of brass. As Voters are still not sure whom to vote for, the coin can be used to toss and make a decision.

Medals were made by the same company and handed out to voters when Abraham Lincoln defeated Stephen A. Earliest Used U.S. Stamp. 21 Oct 2016 Fri The 15¢ Type II Oliver Wendell Holmes coil stamp was out for the public in 1979.

Earliest Used U.S. Stamp

The sheet stamp Holmes Type I was issued on 8th March 1968 and the booklet version was issued on 14th June 1978. The latter was released secretly and the earliest date was documented as 16th July 1979. The Necktie of the Type I stamp only just touches the coat at the bottom with the crosshatching strong and complete. Flag of ‘5’ is completely horizontal.

Necktie of Type II does not touch coat at the bottom. Type III is used only for 1288B and smaller. Thailand’s New Commemorative Banknotes in Big Demand. Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set Sales Report. Highly Graded and Nicely Toned 1932-D Washington Quarter Dollar Sold For $7,637. BEP Celebrates the Chinese New Year. 20 Oct 2016 Thu As per an official press release dated 19th October 2016, the Department of the Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing added a special Year of the Rooster 2017 product to the Lucky Money Collection for celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year.

BEP Celebrates the Chinese New Year

The coin depicts Chinese symbolism and is packaged in a traditional red folder with embossed, gold foil. This product includes a $1 Federal Reserve note with a serial number beginning with “8888”. It is believed that The Year of the Rooster 2017 brings good luck and prosperity. It can be purchased for $5.95 and the product limit is 88,888. Ration Stamp of China. Silver Nazarana Rupee of Shivajirao Holkar. 19 Oct 2016 Wed This silver Nazarana coin belongs to Indore princely state which was minted in Indore on AD/VS 1900/1956. Debased German States Coin Up For Sale. 19 Oct 2016 Wed The “monetary terrorism” of the Kipper und Wipper period in Germany is showcased on a 1622 debased silver 24-kreuzer coin of Bavaria which is offered at the Heidelberger Munzhandlung Herbert Grun’s auctions on 8th and 9th November. When the war began in 1618, the real silver value of fractional coinage in the Holy Roman Empire had been debased to a great extent.

The period of further debasement is known as the Kipper und Wipper period which is the strangest period in the history of economics. It was a way to systematically defraud their neighbours. The Whitman Coin Expo to Showcase Seated Liberty Quarter Dollar Varieties and Barber Coin Errors. George VI’s Sunken Treasure. 18 Oct 2016 Tue S.S Breda is one of world most famous wreck of the Scotland!!! This Ship was built in 1921 in Netherland. Rare Chinese Overprint stamp to be Auctioned in November. 18 Oct 2016 Tue China’s rare 1912 $5 green and salmon stamp with black “provisional neutrality” overprint will be offered at an auction by Kelleher and Rogers in Wan Chai, Hong Kong on 5th and 6th November.

HMS Discovery on Canadian Gold Coin. New Swedish Notes Depict Actress and Opera Singer. Shrinking England’s New £5 Polymer Banknotes. United Nations Issues 12 Stamps for Wildlife Conference. 17 Oct 2016 Mon On 24th September, on the first day of a world wildlife conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, 12 stamps were issued by The United Nations Postal Administration under a set called Eye on Africa featuring animals and plants from Africa and commemorating the 17th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, or CITES CoP17. 181 countries and the European Union discussed the dangerous impact of international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants.

The three UNPA post offices at U.N. headquarters issued a souvenir sheet of four se-tenant stamps. Three of the $1.15 stamps depict animals - addax, white rhinoceros, and African lion and the fourth stamp shows a plant - Disa uniflora, an orchid found only in South Africa. Canadians Don’t Prefer Queen Elizabeth's Successor on Currency. 2016 Australian Kangaroo Silver Coins in 4 Sizes. Gold Coins from Sunken 1715 Plate Fleet Available for Collectors. 2016 $25 Woodland Elf Silver Coin Sings Merry Christmas. Coin Sales Increases Bullion Value Decreases. Phase 1 of Breast Cancer Awareness Coin-design Competition To End Soon. 2017 American Liberty Silver Medals. Tripura Became a Part of Indian Union. Canadian Coin Remembers Brave Soldiers. “Lock Charm” Coin From British Virgin Islands. Gadhaiya Coins. Coin of the Last Sultan of Slave Dynasty. 2-Rupees coin With Spin and Tilt Error.

Dussehra: Victory of God over Evil. Remembering the Grand Old Man of Malgudi. A £5 note Fetches £4,150!!! The Comic Which Will Never Die: Phantom on Silver Medallion. New Mint Master’s Insignia on Belgian Medal. Diwali Stamp Ceremony in New York. He is Back! Soccer Star Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Swedish Stamp. First special “Par Avion” for Christmas. Universe on Coins. Gujarat Sultan Mahmud I's coin sold for 2, 00,000. Mail from a Different World. Parmarth Seva Samiti. Chalukyan Gold piece! GobindShahi on Coins. Austria Uses Glow-in-the-dark Technology on Coins. The Casino Collection to be Auctioned. Early Stamp of India Sold for $51,200. Celebrating Navratri with coins! 8 Gram Gold Coins To Be Offered to 12,500 Women. Last Issue of Mughal Type for Bengal Presidency. Breaking the Shackles. Nasir Al-din Sikandar Shah Coin sold for INR 1, 90,000. 1860s Kashmiri Princely State Stamps Auctioned in London.

Twinkling stars on the Euro. Coin Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Croatian Independence. 1830s Vintage Coin Screw Press Auctioned. Fake Currency Racket Busted in Delhi. World Teacher's Day. Pedigree Gold Tanka of Gujarat Sultan sold for 9, 50,000. Australian Coin Celebrates Coinage. United Nations Medal Depicts Korea’s Mountains and the DMZ Line.

Gold Coin Worth &#8377 33 Lakhs! Learn Counterfeit Detection Skills. Beautiful Lacework on Slovenia Stamp. Kartikeya on Early Indian Coinage. Waiting for the Turtle Coin. Theory of Relativity Celebrated on Coins. Sale of Theodore Roosevelt National Park 5-oz. Silver Coin to Begin in October. The Author who Took Us beyond the Hills. Liberian President Receives Initial Series of New Bank Notes. Sale of Reagan Coin & Chronicles Sets to Begin on 11th October. New Coloured Coin from Falkland Islands Celebrates Queen’s Birthday. 1830 German Ducat Made of Rhine River gold to be Auctioned. 1850 Book on California Gold Rush Sold for $10,625. Conveyance of Postage through Stamps. Bull on Pallava Coin. U.S. Mint Reveals Candidate Designs for 2018-2020 Proof American Platinum Eagles.

Precious Metal Collector Coin Scams Hit America. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Commemorative Coins. Numismatic continuity of Chera coins. 4 Centuries old Japanese Koban Makes a Grand Come Back in a Sci-fi Series. King Edward VIII’s Nazarana Coin. Rare Specimen Notes Offered at the Dix Noonan Webb Auction. Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners | Mintage World.