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Dean Grey

Dean Grey is a man who has made an amazing career change into the tech industry. His enterprises have already pitted him an important voice in the community. In his long established career in network marketing Dean Grey showed a remarkable ability to be able to create well established networks

Dean Grey on the Importance of Personal Development — Dean Grey. What is personal development?

Dean Grey on the Importance of Personal Development — Dean Grey

It is exploring your potential and maximizing your gifts. It is building upon your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. Many people attempt personal development projects, but few succeed. Those who do find that the benefits of personal development are many. Personal development is worth it when it brings about change that you didn’t know you needed until then. Having the right mindset helps. Self Awareness A self-aware mindset is important for personal development. At Skylab Apps, we believe in pushing ourselves every day. Alex Wong, a celebrated ballet dancer, instructor and an all star contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, had these words of praise for the technology that we use. “The dance app platform is filling a void the dance world has had for many years, by uniting all dancers in one place to learn about the industry from professionals.

Set a Direction Skylab Apps has been helping its clients achieve billions of dollars in revenues this way. Dean Grey – The Impact of Gamification on Business. Video games are a multi-billion dollar global industry that attracts millions of users every day.

Dean Grey – The Impact of Gamification on Business

Many still consider it to be a leisure activity. However, over the years, entrepreneurs like Dean Grey, CEO of Skylab, have developed ways to introduce elements of gaming into other areas of life to drive productivity in various fields. The educational and gambling industries were the first to incorporate gamification. The various elements of gamification such as curiosity, teamwork, anticipation and more have been used to make sure that players keep learning and return for more. Dean Grey – The Inception of Skylab Apps. Skylab Apps is the creation of Dean Grey, an experienced entrepreneur focused on technology and its advantages.

Dean Grey – The Inception of Skylab Apps

Grey has always been interested in the impact of technology on the future and thus started several companies in the field. His first business, KMI, was developed to assist entrepreneurs and help them develop their goals, which proved to be a viable niche as the business grew to serve over 200,000 clients including well-known companies such as Allysian, Amway, EWA and Tsunami Here’s what David Vanderveen, one of the business world’s most renowned names and Global Vice President and General Manager of XS at Amway has to say about Skylab Apps: “Skylab Apps solves a big problem for XS in terms of how we leverage and maximize value from our digital and social media communications.

Most importantly, we can gamify our business process and incentives which lets us help more entrepreneurs build successful businesses on our platform.” How to Maintain Your Daily Motivation - Dean Grey — Dean Grey. Dean Grey Stay Versatile - Dean Grey - STARTUPS. Dean Grey: Build Your Tribe – Dean Grey. The most sustainable way to ensure success as an entrepreneur is to encourage and enable greatness from your team.

Dean Grey: Build Your Tribe – Dean Grey

Dean Grey, of Skylab Apps has made his entire career from mastering the skill of empowerment, digitizing it and making it readily accessible to others. Dean’s methodology is based on simple human psychology and our desire for approval and significance. After years in the direct sales industry, he discovered that motivation is most effectively inspired by tracking progress and giving recognition for achievement. Dean Grey has always held a nostalgic gratefulness for his time in the direct sales industry. He has been know to say: “It is no secret that networking is the best path to a fruitful career.” Dean Grey: How to Go International - Dean Grey - STARTUPS. Dean Grey, How to Be a Great Leader – Dean Grey. Leaders are great not because they do great things, but because they inspire their people to do even greater things.

Dean Grey, How to Be a Great Leader – Dean Grey

Dean Grey of Skylab Apps is one of them, and that is why he has been named as one of the Top 40 under 40. “If you want to transform people beyond the ability to raise their awareness at a live event on social media or through a film you need a way to engage, track and reward on the one device they carry at all times, the mobile phone.” Power Chat - The Power is yours! It is instantaneous, personal, and capable of sending ever-larger files and different kinds of content.

Power Chat - The Power is yours!

Skylab’s platform provides robust chat features that allows users to expand their communication abilities. Simply put, when the founder of Skylab Apps Dean Grey was back stage at an event he was speaking at when it hit him. “why can’t I press a couple buttons on my phone and send a message to a specific group of people. Skylab Ambassadors Series: Jeremy Wong. Jeremy Wong is a successful Vancouver based Global entrepreneur that has owned, operated or invested in more than 10 companies over the past 10 years.

Skylab Ambassadors Series: Jeremy Wong

The Vision: The Big Bang. Traditionally, social media has given people new ways to share their thoughts and identities in communities they value.

The Vision: The Big Bang

Business leaders have recognized the value these social networks present for marketing purposes and have developed brand followings on social media platforms to that end. Skylab offers a customizable social media platform that gives community leaders more tools to interact with their users and more access to user information. Going beyond the Facebook & Instagram Status, Skylab allows community builders to Gamify their users’ experience by giving them actions to take, and issuing rewards for taking those actions. Our Founders: The Vision: Gamification. “It’s Play That Helps Us Do Serious Things Better.”

The Vision: Gamification

“When you have a Game Like Platform where knowledge is applied, knowledge becomes a resource. The more you know the better you are at the Game.” Skylab App Features: Next Gen Channels. Skylab App’s native channels allow content producers to group multimedia content in one place without referring users to external multimedia applications, like YouTube or iTunes.

Skylab App Features: Next Gen Channels

Creators can keep better track of their content, and users can find it more easily.​ On traditional social media, content is posted sporadically over time and becomes disorganized, making it difficult for community builders to direct users to helpful content. Skylab’s native channels allow content producers to group multimedia content in one place without referring users to external multimedia applications, like YouTube or iTunes. Creators can keep better track oftheir content, and users can find it more easily.

The Vision: Instant Impact. “The World is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” Skylab Apps product and business development’s growth has been rapid and aggressive. The firm is just under two years old and we already have a Gamified Platform that is native to IOS, Android, and a fully functional desktop experience that is intuitive and elegant. Skylab then focused its attention on verticals and niche markets to prove we could effectively serve the needs of different industries. Our client base has now grown to over a dozen with each grossing revenues between $5 million and $12 billion dollars. Here’s a list of our clients websites: allysian amway centerpointe goodlovinfoods alticor eastwestartists mindmovies xterraplanet blowbunny betterplanetpaper “Skylab Apps technology gives me the platform to engage with my community through chat, trainings, and recognition all while giving my community a place that isn’t bombarded with traditional social media noise.”

The Vision: The Power of Behavioral Modification. “Your Beliefs Don’t Make You A Better Person. Your Behavior Does.” “Social Media is driven by a powerful behavioral pattern: people tend to repeat actions that result in social recognition. Entrepreneurial Spirit : Starting a Business. I’ve started more businesses than I’d care to admit. In my experience, it’s a bit like driving through a heavy fog where you are only able to see a few feet in front of the windshield — you don’t know what’s up ahead until it’s upon you. However, the longer you are an entrepreneur, the better you can navigate through that fog. As I’ve been driving through the fog for over a decade now, I thought I would take today’s post and boil down 15 of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past decade of building and growing businesses. Consider these tips “stuff I wish I had known when I was young and stupid.” This is what has allowed me to develop my Entrepreneurial spirit Let’s get to them. 1. 2.

Ambassadors: David Vanderveen. David Vanderveen is one of the founders of XS, an energy drink and sports nutrition brand that has lead the development of great tasting flavors of sugar free energy drinks. Amway Corporation purchased XS in January 2015 and David continues as global vice president and general manager of the XS business unit. XS has generated over US$1 billion in sales for Amway in the past decade, moved over 500 million cans, generated over US$250 million in new distributor bonuses and are be sold in over 40 countries around the world. David received his undergraduate college education at Wheaton and Calvin Colleges in Philosophy and Political Science. Starting his first public relations and marketing company in his early 20s, David helped develop creative earned media and advertising strategies for the term limits movement in the early 1990s. He helped pass term limit laws in 22 states and won a “Poli Award” for national, political advertising.

The XS Energy Drink App. The Real Costs of Building a Mobile App for iOS and Android. In 2014, 60 percent of online traffic came from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. By 2016, that figure had reached 65 percent. Here at Skylab Apps, we know the statistics of why your business, brand or product(s) need a Mobile App. What we find ourselves explaining a lot of the time is costs associated with making a high tech platform. The increasing popularity of the smartphone has led to a high demand for mobile apps. Meet Skylab Apps Dynamic CEO, Mr. Dean Grey. Mr. Grey also has extensive experience in Direct Selling. The Skylab Team. ​Lauren Peters: Chief Product Officer. Virality. In a world bombarded with new content and apps being thrown at you from every direction, Skylab Apps has relied on empirical evidence and split testing analytics to ensure Virality with our platform.

Did you know that 95% of apps that hit the app store are downloaded used once and then abandoned. We were going to stop at nothing to make sure that our platform is never going to end up in the app grave yard with the thousands of others that were not able to hold on to the their users. To do this, we were going to need to something incredible, yet simple: Make a platform that evokes a need to come back compulsively time and time again and we have done just that. For app makers, they use the 3 KPI’s to begin to understand the success of failure of their app. Culture : Life's 6 Rules. ​The ‘governator‘ discusses with graduates his ‘golden rules’ to leading a successful life and career. These rules can be applied to anything in life and show the drive behind a man who has accomplished each and every task he set out to achieve when he burst onto the bodybuilding scene over 40 years ago.

Apply Arnold’s golden six rules to a successful life to whatever you plan on doing today, we guarantee it’ll help you make the most of your current situation. Habit-Forming Action Tracking. One of the Skylab’s Client : MindMovies Body Actions For Mindmovies You are probably familiar by now with the fact that we take stock of any and all actions users are taking in the app – AKA their performance. We do this so we can reward them, learn from them, and encourage them. The hub for action-tracking is a powerful little feature known as the Actions Dashboard. Dean Grey, What Type of Patent Do I Need? Applying for a patent should be one of the firs steps that any entrepreneur or business takes when considering to bring a novel product or service to market, especially when it comes to the tech industry in which everything is moving at unrivaled and unprecedented speeds.

Dean Grey Author turned Tech Entrepreneur. Videos About Dean Grey on Vimeo displays his passion for technology. He’s recently joined the tech industry and has had great success with each of his companies. Beginning phases of Creating your own Tech Startup. Dean Grey is seeing the Potential of Gamification in Education. Dean Grey, The Rise of Digital Learning. There is no denying that the rise in science and technology has had effects on every aspect of our daily lives. Dean Grey, Ushering in the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs. Dean Grey, The Tech Industry is Great for Startups. Dean Grey, Networking Through Gamification. Dean Grey, Staying Ahead in the Tech World. Dean Grey, Social Learning and Gamification. Dean Grey, Technology as a Tool for Global Movements.

Dean Grey, Providing Global Businesses with Tools for Success. Dean Grey, How to Get a Patent. Dean Grey, Handling Community-Based Businesses. Dean Grey, Creating Dynamic Directories. Dean Grey, Protecting Yourself in Entrepreneurship. Dean Grey, How Technology is Changing Job Security. Dean Grey, Why Fight the Future of Technology? Dean Grey, The New Social Learning. Dean Grey, Gamification Apps. Dean Grey, The Future of Publishing. Marketing with Mobile Devices. Dean Grey is leading the way into the Future with Skylab Apps. Dean Grey is a Networking Pro. Dean Grey on the Advantages of Digital Technology. Dean Grey is going Mobile with Skylab Apps.

Dean Grey is Achieving Success with Behavioral Modification. Dean Grey is using Game Mechanics to Transform the Business World. Skylab Apps is Providing you with the Perfect Mobile App Platform. Dean Grey is Finding Solutions in the Business Realm. Dean Grey is keeping up with the trends of the Tech Industry with Gamification. Dean Grey, Shifting Mobile Trends. Dean Grey, The Importance of Cybersecurity.

Dean Grey is demonstrating Successful Career Diversification. Dean Grey is leading the Gamification trend with Skylab Apps. Dean Grey is Changing the Tech Industry. Dean Grey, How Businesses Can Build their Customer Knowledge. Dean Grey, Technical Innovation. Dean Grey – Inspiring Others. Dean Grey – Social Learning and Skylab Apps. Dean Grey – Lifehacks and Skylab Apps. Dean Grey – Helping to Build Professional Networks. Dean Grey – A Career Out of Inspiring Others. Dean Grey, Helping Businesses Help Their Customers.

Dean Grey, Mobile Marketing. Dean Grey, Innovation and Mobile Devices. Dean Grey, Skylab Apps and Social Learning. Dean Grey, The Power of Skylab Apps. Dean Grey, Reaching a Wider Audience in Modern Marketing. Dean Grey, Merging Marketing with the Growing Digital World. Dean Grey, Never Compromise on Your Dreams. Dean Grey, Reaching Out Around the World with Modern Marketing. Dean Grey, Merging Modern Business and Gamification. Dean Grey, Shaping the Future of Global Industries. Dean Grey, Keeping Up with Trends in Technology. Dean Grey, Productivity Through Positive Reinforcement. Dean Grey, Breaking into the Tech Industry. Dean Grey, Using Mobile Apps as a Learning Platform. Dean Grey, Business Solutions Through Technological Innovation.

Dean Grey, Using Behavior Modification to Achieve Results. Dean Grey, Technology trends continue to Expand. Dean Grey, The Impact of Mobile Applications on Business Today. Dean Grey, Building Social Professional Networks. Dean Grey, Changing How Customers and Business Interact. Dean Grey, How Skylab Apps Is Changing the Business Landscape. Dean Grey, The Fifth Style of Learning. Dean Grey, Introducing Skylab Apps. Dean Grey, Healthy Body, Mind, and Finances.

Dean Grey, Mentorship Through Freestyle. Dean Grey, Spreading Leadership Through Publishing. Dean Grey, Relying on Others for Support. Dean Grey, Mobile Devices and Business. Dean Grey, Social Learning and the Business World. Dean Grey, Healthy Communities and Technology. Dean Grey, Skylab Apps and the New Marketing World. Dean Grey, The Future and Gamification. Dean Grey, Staying Positive Through Challenges.