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4.5.5 mysqlimport — A Dat. Backup and Restore MySQL Databases MySQL. Related Topics How To Backup MySQL Database Without PhpMyAdmin An phpMyAdmin alternative that helps you easily backup large MySQL databases.

Backup and Restore MySQL Databases MySQL

The solution is to backup your MySQL databases through SSH. Here are the steps. MySQL Backup Done Easily One thing that comes up a lot on sites like Stackoverflow and the like is how to backup MySQL databases.The first answer is usually use mysqldump. This is all fine and good, till you start to want to dump multiple databases. Backing Up Your MySQL Databases With MySQLDump MySQL includes several ways to backup your important data.

Backing Up/Restoring MySQL Databases If you happen to have data stored in a MySQL database, it is good for you to learn how to backup and restore the database. Using PHP to Backup MySQL Databases There are at least three ways to backup your MySQL Database : - Execute a database backup query from PHP file. - Run mysqldump using system() function. - Use phpMyAdmin to do the backup. MySQL Documentation.


Log Rotation in Solaris Using Logadm. Starting from Solaris 9, there is a standard tool, called logadm, to rotate logs.

Log Rotation in Solaris Using Logadm

Logadm is an independent Utility, unlike integrated in syslog daemon capability that can be found in AIX. The logadm command is a preconfigured entry in the default crontab file supplied with Solaris 9 and Solaris 10. The /usr/lib/newsyslog script is no longer used. Note: Before Solaris 9 there was FreeBSD-style tool newsyslog located at /usr/lib/ and Perl script rotatelog written by Shaun Rowland.

It meant to be run from cron, with a configuration file and documentation available. Logadm uses a configuration file logadm.conf. The syntax of the logadm.conf file is as follows: logname <space> options A very simple configuration to rotate these files. /var/adm/sshdlog -C 7 -P 'Sat Jan 21 08:10:00 2006' -a 'pkill sshd2' As you can see from the line above, we specified /var/adm/sshdlog as our log to rotate.

The options (see Reference for the full list) # cat /etc/logadm.conf ... Andy::::profiles=Log Management. Solaris Tips and Tricks. Goto: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z HOME Accounts Backups How can I use fssnap to take file-system snapshots of active UFS file-systems?

Solaris Tips and Tricks

One technique for poor man's disk mirroring using ufsdump/ufsrestore. Another technique for poor man's disk mirroring that allows the 2nd disk to be usable (read hands off as in no messing with vfstab). Boot Solaris 10 has a new feature boot -m verbose which allows you to customize boot console output. Chown How can I allow/prevent users from giving files away to someone else? Cluster Want to do something to multiple machines at once?