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4.5.5 mysqlimport — A Dat. Backup and Restore MySQL Databases MySQL. MySQL Documentation. MySQL Documentation MySQL 5.7Reference Manual MySQL 5.7Release Notes Browse MySQL Documentation by: Product Topic General Getting Started with MySQL Tutorial.

MySQL Documentation

Solaris. Log Rotation in Solaris Using Logadm. Starting from Solaris 9, there is a standard tool, called logadm, to rotate logs.

Log Rotation in Solaris Using Logadm

Logadm is an independent Utility, unlike integrated in syslog daemon capability that can be found in AIX. The logadm command is a preconfigured entry in the default crontab file supplied with Solaris 9 and Solaris 10. The /usr/lib/newsyslog script is no longer used. Note: Before Solaris 9 there was FreeBSD-style tool newsyslog located at /usr/lib/ and Perl script rotatelog written by Shaun Rowland. Solaris Tips and Tricks.