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CISPA is Back. - Take Action Now

<div class="message"> Javascript must be enabled to use this action. </div> Send a message to your representatives asking them to oppose this dangerous bill. Please enter your zip code: Update: The House of Representatives passed CISPA. Not in the United States? CISPA is a dangerous "cybersecurity" bill that would grant companies more power to obtain "threat" information (such as from private communications of users) and to disclose that data to the government without a warrant -- including sending data to the National Security Agency.

CISPA was recently passed by the House of Representatives. Last year, tens of thousands of concerned individuals used the EFF action center to speak out against overbroad and ineffective cybersecurity proposals. Now we need your help again. Privacy Policy. Stand Against Mass Surveillance. Pogledajte što se dogodi na internetu u samo jednoj minuti! Broj tzv. 'povezanih uređaja', odnosno uređaja s kojima se spajamo na internet danas je otprilike jednak broju ljudi na Zemlji, a za dvije godine ta bi brojka trebala biti dvostruko veća.

Pogledajte što se dogodi na internetu u samo jednoj minuti!

S obzirom na tako veliki broj internetskih uređaja, jasno je da sve više vremena provodimo online – pregledavajući razne internetske stranice i novitete s društvenih mreža, šaljući mailove, gledajući videozapise na YouTubeu, fotografije na Flickru i drugim foto servisima i slično. FOTO Ovako izgleda internet svemir! Ekipa iz Intela objavila je infografiku s kojom su pokazali što se sve događa na internetu tijekom jedne minute te su ovi podaci otkrili brojne zanimljive informacije o tome što radimo na mreži. fun music. ...e-radios. Kulasekhara Azwar. Period 8th C.

Kulasekhara Azwar

AD Place Thirvanjikkolam Other Names Kollikkaavalan, Koodal Naayagan, Koyikone, Villavar Kone, Cheyralar Kone Month Maasee Star (Natshatram) Punar Poosam (Punarvasu) Hamsam Kaustubha (Gem Necklace) Chera Nadu is otherwise called as "Malai Nadu", which is rich in wealth and is surrounded by big beautiful mountains and rivers. In this Chera Nadu, lots of Elephants are found as cows found in Thondai Nadu. All the people found in this empire are said to be great warriors. Not only in war, but also in education and the way they led the country and their life. In that generation, a king by named "Thidaviradhan", ruled the Chera Empire, who had a great bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan.

As the birth of child, the entire empire celebrated his birth and after 10 days, the child was kept the name "Kulasekaran". After attaining the proper age, he was given the throne and led the Chera Nadu, better than his father led. "Thann Am Thamaraik Kannane!

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