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Empty Template Text Box. Download control - 37.3 KB.

Empty Template Text Box

Time Period Library for .NET. New in v2: performance improvement and support for accounting (4-4-5) calendar.

Time Period Library for .NET

Introduction When implementing some software for another project, I came across several requirements involving calculations with time periods. These calculations were an important part of the solution and had high demands in respect to the correctness and accuracy of the results. The required functionality covered the following areas: Support for individual time periodsWorking with calendar periods within calendar yearsWorking with calendar periods deviating from the calendar year (fiscal or school periods)Working with the accounting and broadcast calendar. A Performance Counters Helper Class.

Download sample - 14.92 KB Introduction In the last project I was working on, we needed to add some performance counters to measure the duration of various parts of the system.

A Performance Counters Helper Class

There is information on performance counters in MSDN and also in CodeProject, but we just could not find the exact information we were looking for. Send ASP.NET formatted exception details via email. XML serialization using Generics. Download demo - 25.1 KB Serialize/deserialize your objects using generics.

XML serialization using Generics

Customize settings like indentation, encoding, namespaces and others. Table of contents XML Serialization Overview XML serialization is the process of converting an object into a XML string in order to persist it to memory, a database, or a file. Claim based Authentication and WIF. Introduction.

Claim based Authentication and WIF


Loading Excel data into a GridView. Send ASP.NET formatted exception details via email. Managing Exception/Error is a common task in any application.

Send ASP.NET formatted exception details via email

In ASP.NET, there are many ways to handle those errors or exceptions, for example, when an error or exception occurrs in an ASP.NET application, the system is going to send a formatted error message to specified developers or teams mentioned in the email list. The difference will be the body of the email will contain exactly the same formatted error as the ASP.NET generated one to display the error or exception details when occurred. Google Charts in ASP.NET. Introduction Through this article, I'll try to explain how we can use Google charts for reporting purposes in ASP.NET web applications.

Google Charts in ASP.NET

Report generation is something quite common and we need to generate self explanatory and good looking reports to the users almost every time. “Images always speak more than words”. So instead of just showing the figures in our reports, we can let the users see diagrammatic charts which can help the users to analyze the whole data more quickly and easily. How to Configure ASP.NET Unit Tests in Visual Studio 2010. Write your own GetXml function. The DataSet object in .NET has a GetXml function.

Write your own GetXml function

The method takes data from all the tables and from all rows and creates XML. The problem is that you cannot change this XML. So I created a method that does something similar: Using Ajax AutoCompleteExtender for autosuggest. Download source - 2.64 KB Introduction In the present scenario, we need our text boxes to act more user friendly, so auto suggest is a feature that makes it more user friendly.

Using Ajax AutoCompleteExtender for autosuggest

Moreover the chance of making typo mistakes also reduces. Web.Config Transformations when Debugging. I am a big fan of the Web.Config Transformations that got introduced with a while back.

Web.Config Transformations when Debugging

Prior to them being inherently supported one could accomplish the same thing with part of the Enterprise Library, and prior to that one could leverage a custom MSBuild Task or the XMLPoke Task to get your web.config updated based on the environment it was targeting. Having your configuration elements managed with a transform file makes it a bit easier to manage and keep track of your settings that could change based on environment or settings. Without this each developer on your team might need to create host entries and keep their folder structure the same to ensure the settings work for each of their machines. Another option is each team member just has their own configuration files with their specific settings that they need but when source control is introduced this can get tricky because one developer might be overwriting another's settings.

7 Page Jump Methods in ASP.NET. Incrementing AssemblyVersion revision number on each build. On each release (or build operation), we are incrementing our build number to flag that we've done something different. Although Visual Studio has an auto-build/revision feature (use the "*" in the AssemblyVersion attribute), like the following code shows: Calling a C# method using jQuery on the client side. This code will help you when you need to define a method code-behind and want to call that method from the client side. jQuery has made life simple.

There is a very easy way to do this. Earlier, we knew one way that we needed to add our method as a WebMethod if we wanted to call a method from the code-behind at the client side. Automatic Zip Extractor. Introduction Do you get annoyed when you have to do so many things just to open up a compressed file you just downloaded? You have to (Vista+): Right-click Click Properties Click Unblock Click OK Right-click Extract all Extract Delete the .zip file It's like so many other things in Windows, too much clicking and too many steps! Then, on XP machines, there's the problem that if the the Zip file has a ton of files inside which aren't inside of a sub-folder, you get a hundred files extracted to the same directory as the Zip file! Fast Colored TextBox for syntax highlighting. Introduction For one of my projects, I have felt the need of a text editor with syntax highlighting. At first, I used a component inherited from RichTextBox, but while using it for a large amount of text I found out that RichTextBox highlights very slowly a large number of colored fragments (from 200 and more).

When such highlighting has to be made in a dynamic way, it causes a serious problem. Therefore I created my own text component which uses neither Windows TextBox nor RichTextBox. The rendering of a text was made completely only by the means of GDI+. The component works fast enough with a large amount of text and also possesses tools to make comfortably dynamic syntax highlighting. It has such settings as foreground color, font style, background color which can be adjusted for arbitrarily selected text symbols.

Implementation For storage of characters of text, structure Char is used: public struct Char { public char c; public StyleIndex style; } LINQ to Entities: Basic Concepts and Features. Download source code - 45.3 KB Introduction In my first three articles on, I have explained the fundamentals of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), including: From early this year, I have started to write a series of articles to explain LINQ, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and LINQ to Entities. Followings are the articles I wrote or plan to write for LINQ, LINQ to SQL, and LINQ to Entities: And as I said, after finishing these five articles, I will come back to write some more articles on WCF from my real work experience, which will be definitely helpful to your real world work, if you are using WCF right now.

Overview In the previous article (Introducing LINQ—Language Integrated Query), we learned the new features of C# 3.0 including LINQ. In this article, we will cover the basic concepts and features of LINQ to Entities, which include: ORM—Object-Relational Mapping. Twitter OAuth authentication using .NET. Download source code - 3.9 KB Introduction. Check Website’s Shared Count on Facebook and Twitter. How to use the event log. Build truly RESTful API and website using same ASP.NET MVC code. Getting the default record type of a user for Event Creation in Salesforce. DateTime extension method to give Week number. Resizing images while uploading in ASP.NET. Tired of big sized images uploaded on your website?


RSA private key import from PEM format in C# Source code for this article (4 KB) SIP SMS Example. Introduction. C# Date Time Parser. Introduction Once I needed to parse date&time from internet messages. XML Serialization of Generic Dictionary, Multidimensional Array, and Inherited Type, with sharpSerializer .NET. Calling a code-behind function from JavaScript. Windows Charting Application. Facebook Webpart for SharePoint. Cross Site Scripting... Load all the Country Names of the World in DropDown.