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FireFound is a Firefox add-on and companion Web service that I wrote for the Extend Firefox 3.5 competition in 2009. It allows users to track their device's location via Firefox's then-new geolocation API; additional features include the ability to view a device's location history on the website and the ability to turn on a "killswitch" that would clear your browsing data (history, saved passwords, etc.) if someone opened your browser and could not provide your chosen password. It was the first add-on of its kind, and it has been well-received. That being said, FireFound will be shutting down on April 1, 2012. I don't have the time to keep it compatible with the newest Firefox and Firefox Mobile releases, nor can I keep up with the feature requests and bug reports. Home - FireFound Home - FireFound
Microsoft download from The Garage: Mouse without Borders - Next at Microsoft Microsoft download from The Garage: Mouse without Borders - Next at Microsoft I’ve mentioned The Garage a number of times here on Next and Jay Greene also wrote a story recently about some Garage projects recently for Cnet. Today it gives me great pleasure to announce a free download resulting from a Garage project. To recap quickly, The Garage is both a physical space in Building 4 at our Redmond HQ, and a company wide program that encourages grass roots invention, tinkering, ideas and incubation of projects. In The Garage,employees get together after hours to build whatever they dream up and the results are often impressive. 99.9% of the Garage projects either ship as part of a Microsoft project or remain internal, but every once in a while there’s a project that doesn’t fit into any existing Microsoft product which will get a lot of request from employees who want to be able to share it with their friends and families.
One feature many want in Intenet Explorer is the Paste and Go functionality, which you get to see in Maxthon, Opera, Chrome or now even Firefiox!. With this feature you need to simply copy the url from anyhere, including a notepad, right click on the address bar and select Paste and Go, from the context menu, for the webpage to open directly. While by using IE7 Pro, you do get the option ‘Go to url’, you cannot copy it from, say, notepad and then use it. Add Paste and Go to Internet Explorer. | WinVistaClub Add Paste and Go to Internet Explorer. | WinVistaClub
Iframe IFrame (Inline Frame) is piece of HTML code that creates a frame or window within an HTML page to display content from another URL. In Moodle, it is a good way to display content such as: calendars from external sites such as Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook web calendars, Apple Mobileme calendars etc. web pages with current content: e.g. weather content from network locations outside the current Moodle course e.g. another Moodle course, a network file of html page content from sites which deliver content through iFrames such as Google Picasa web albums, youtube etc. NOTE: Screen widths are often 1200 pixels wide so an iFrame up to 1000 pixels is often fine. Iframe
Create a file named filepath.bat in the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\SendTo Add the following to the .bat file: Copy full file path in Windows XP Copy full file path in Windows XP
Ninotech Path Copy 4 Ninotech Path Copy 4 In Brief Shell extension to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard. Vitals Disclaimer
Windows shell extensions do exactly what they claim, they extend the Windows shell (the user interface that is based around Explorer), by providing additional property pages or additional context-menu options for a shell item (file, folder, drive, printer, etc.). They comprise the following: Command Box - opens a command prompt (DOS box) on the currently selected directory Date Renamer - renames file(s) with the current date/time - new with version 2.0.1 File Case - changes the case of the currently selected file(s) File Touch - changes the date/time attributes of the selected file(s) Grab Path - copies the path(s) of the currently selected file(s) to the clipboard Read Only - changes the read-only status of the currently selected file Remote Reboot - shutdown/reboots another machine on your domain Empty Directory Remover - removes any empty sub-directories of a given directory Run Program - runs the currently selected program (.exe/.bat/.cmd) with arguments prompted from the user Synesis Software Shell Extensions Synesis Software Shell Extensions