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The Inipi Lodge itself is made with a frame of twelve to sixteen willow poles. These poles are bent over each other and stuck into the ground and covered with hides or blankets. When the lodge is finished, it stands for the universe. Usually the door faces the West from where the rain and storms come. It is where WAKINYAN, Thunderer lives. The Inipi Lodge The Inipi Lodge
Inipisongs's Channel
Inipisongs's Channel Inipisongs's Channel Lakota song videos and tutorials. These songs are presented without drumming and seconding to make them easier to hear, and learn. The owner of this site has been taught that no one should conduct an inipi ceremony without being a four-year Sundancer, properly instructed and authorized by a Sundance Intercessor. These songs are presented here ONLY as an aid to those participating in inipi ceremonies. Additionally, one should be sure of an individual's qualifications to conduct ceremony before participating.
The Ceremony In my life I have experienced many different types of ceremonies. In my Spirit work I work with some of these ceremonies that I am qualified to perform. Those achievements came after years of preparation and tutorage, which I believe never, appears to cease. Indigenous Voices - The Ceremony Indigenous Voices - The Ceremony