Welcome | Phorus Welcome | Phorus We are building a bank of teaching resources which are available free online to students and teachers of Public Health throughout the world. The Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre is working with the Royal Society for Public Health, Bournemouth University and other institutions to promote the development of open educational resources in public health, and research into enablers and barriers to the release of resources. Visit the following for more detail:
DiscoverEd is a search prototype developed by Creative Commons to explore metadata enhanced search, specifically for OER. While most search engines rely solely on algorithmic analyses of resources, DiscoverEd can incorporate data provided by the resource publisher or curator. DiscoverEd supports several common metadata formats, including OAI-PMH and RDFa. The use of these formats allows otherwise unrelated educational projects,legal, and repositories to express facts about their resources in the a way that tools (like DiscoverEd) can use for purposes like search and discovery. DiscoverEd is a project that allows us to explore ways to improve search for OER, and simultaneously demonstrate the utility of structured data. DiscoverEd is built on Nutch.

DiscoverEd from ccLearn

DiscoverEd from ccLearn
JISC Casper – Welcome to JISC Casper The copyright advice & support project for JISC e-learning resources JISC CASPER will be supporting the 19 projects funded as part of RepRODUCE (Repurposing & reuse of digital University-level content and evaluation) as they engage with all of the issues related to IPR and copyright. JISC CASPER will be: JISC Casper – Welcome to JISC Casper
IPR publications at SCA Blog For public bodies, understanding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and licensing is essential to their role as a provider, aggregator and/or publisher of publicly funded digital content. This means that at an operational and strategic level, it is essential that the management of copyright and other IPR form part of the digitisation life cycle and are included in key project management planning and decisions. Issues that may require particular consideration are: Permissions required for the digitisation/use of third party content and the organisational resources required to seek such permissionsManagement of works where rights holders are unknown or cannot be traced (‘orphan works’)How end users will be able to engage and re-use or re-purpose the content IPR publications at SCA Blog