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Restaurants. Bow_street_runners. Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery. London Bus at Malcolm Barclay. London Travel Deluxe has now been merged into Tube Deluxe.

London Bus at Malcolm Barclay

It includes all features of Travel Deluxe and is also optimised for the iPad. After getting to the point where I am happy enough with a tube application for the iPhone & iPod; it became more apparent a complete application is also needed for the Greater London bus network. Besides numerous requests, I have also learnt some people were just waiting for me to write something. London Travel Deluxe (Formerly London Bus) covers the main daytime & nighttime network, containing nearly 600 detailed routes (599 to be exact). The application knows where more than 20,000 individual bus stops are and seamlessly integrates with Transport for London’s journey planner.

Silver Tip Teas - White Tea, Silver Needle, Jasmine, Green, Oolo. NG London/Future Exhibitions: Leon Kossoff: Drawing from Paintin. Future Exhibitions.