UKRR Research Reserve UKRR Research Reserve The UK Research Reserve (UKRR) is a collaborative distributed national research collection managed by a partnership between the Higher Education sector and the British Library. It allows Higher Education libraries to de-duplicate their journal holdings of a title if two copies are held by other UKRR members, ensuring continued access to low-use journals, whilst allowing libraries to release space to meet the changing needs of their users. Phase One of UKRR showed the effectiveness of creating a shared collection of low-use journals, with eight Higher Education libraries releasing over 11,000 metres of shelving through coordinated de-duplication.
Journal Junkie :: Audio Journals, MP3 and Podcasts for Doctors, With the rising cost of prescription medications in the United States, many people are turning to the neighbor to our South for their prescription needs. There has been an incredible debate over rather the drugs from Canada are safe for Americans. The FDA has made several statements against purchasing drugs in Canada, but their reasons have been incredibly limited. Rod Blagojevich, an Illinois governor had proposed legislation that would have given state employees the ability to obtain inexpensive prescriptions from Canadian sources. Journal Junkie :: Audio Journals, MP3 and Podcasts for Doctors,