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Collection: Années 70 - Seventies The Sixties ten were for the thirty somethings at the time, a period of intense upheaval and for some of frenzied activism. After the cultural earthquake of May 68, new opportunities have opened in social practice. For those who have had the chance to join (and withdraw in time!), it was a few years, several exciting and collective experiences that made us go through the field of ultra-leftism, the women's struggle and the birth of the ecology. Collection: Années 70 - Seventies
Paris Années cinquante - a set on Flickr
Collection: Années 60 - Sixties Collection: Années 60 - Sixties The events that have took place in the sixties, i.e. during les "Trente Glorieuses", have deeply marked the spirits. The myriad manifestations of the months of May and June 1968 were a boon to photographers. The Ektachrome gives a such beautiful red! These photographs are historical evidences. They help to restore the atmosphere, the fashions, attitudes of this boiling era. The first album shows some pictures of the lives of conscripts during their training in the region of Reims.