MIX: C++ and Fortran

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R help archive: Re: [R] Barplot legend position. Ingmar Visser <I.Visser@uva.nl> wrote: > Thanks, this could work! > However, the legend does not reproduce the > color/shading used in the > original > barplot, are those available somehow? Using C and C++ with Fortran. Last update: Sat Nov 17 16:46:27 2001 Table of contents Background Because of the large existing body of software, particularly numerical software, written in Fortran, it is desirable to call Fortran routines from other languages, notably, C and C++.

Using C and C++ with Fortran

The ISO Fortran committee has tried to work with the ISO C and C++ committees to standardize the interlanguage calling interface, but the latter committees have been unwilling to do so, on the grounds that it would open the door to demands for interfaces to myriad other languages. Thus, there is currently no international protocol for communication between computer programming languages, and one is unlikely to be developed. Tutorial: Using C/C++ and Fortran together. Order of multi dimensional arrays in C/C++ is the opposite of FORTRAN.

Tutorial: Using C/C++ and Fortran together

Native FORTRAN layout (collumn-major order): INTEGER A(2,3) Or INTEGER A(2,2,2) Native C layout (row-major order) is NOT equivalent to the FORTRAN layout: int a[2][3]; Thus: Mixing Code in C, C++, and FORTRAN on Unix — TTU CAE Network. Major points to keep in mind when mixing languages include: Call By Value / Call By Reference C and C++ default to passing arguments by value; FORTRAN defaults to passing arguments by reference.