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Advanced C++

C++ 201X

Callback Functions. What include guards in C++ are, and what they are not. And why they do not solve "multiple definition" errors. Include guards are heavily used in C++ and you see them in virtually any code base (that has more than two files). Sometimes there is a bit of confusion what they do, and what they can not do. I decided to explain everything in detail, so I ended up explaining the whole C++ compilation process of preprocessing, compiling and linking your application or library. Introduction to include guards. Core Language Issues. UNIT-Testing. Func Pointers. Traits. General/Subjective.


Coding Styles. STL. Optimization. Functors. Operator Overloading. Timers/Date. Constrained-Value Types. Low-level Hacks. Type-Conversions. Templates. Design Patterns. Exception Handling. I/O.