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Drum and bass — Techno Snobbery. Drum and Bass Sub-Genres [Archive] - Drum & Bass Forum. EDM Dance Floor Etiquette - The Heather Network. The dance floor is where we show our party love. This is where we groove, rinse, hop, slide, sway (etc) to ex­press our­selves while we get down to some se­ri­ous beats! Dance floors come in all shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in com­mon is that they have to be shared with oth­ers. I don’t know about you guys, but even if the music is awe­some, if the dance floor sit­u­a­tion is hairy this can re­sult in se­ri­ous Here are a few strong sug­ges­tions that can be used an eti­quette guide for the dance floor (Not nec­es­sar­ily listed in order of im­por­tance!)

: 1. Note that is is called a DANCE FLOOR…not a stand­ing and talk­ing floor. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Ten is a nice round num­ber. Talk:Drum and bass. Archives[edit] There are two archive pages. Before going into a discussion about whether jungle is drum & bass, please read Archive 1, just about every argument for and against was exhausted there. The second archive mostly chronicles the changes in this article in 2006. 160kbs of archive in total. Big up! Archive 1 - plenty of discussions on jungle vs dnb, merge & seperation discussions, discussions with authors. Archive 2 - discussions mostly connected with editing in 2006, bringing the article up to good status. Tempo[edit] Anyone who claims that a faster track has less complex breaks than a slower one is obviously not a Venetian Snares fan... Venetian Snares is closer to breakcore than drum and bass.

Indeed! I see you have trouble understanding the complex statement that is "A faster drum and bass track will therefore generally have a less complex drum pattern than a slower one. " In general means, in general. Venetian Snares produces fast music with complex drumbeats. Issues[edit] Links[edit] Drum and Bass etiquette? - Dogs On Acid. A Different Viewpoint: 5 Reasons Why Vinyl DJing Beats Digital. First off, I give respect to the guys who cling to the old ways for whatever reasons. They are entitled to as much as anyone else is entitled to go digital. My only grudge is when I get the vinyl purists spouting hate on the digital DJs for very asinine reasons. Like somehow we’re not real DJs. Like Phil and many others, I started on vinyl and still own my 1200s and loads of vinyl. I have my own feelings on these reasons, and I’ll share.

“SOUND QUALITY” I agree with malzfreund in that practically all music now is recorded digitally to begin with, and then pressed to vinyl. “Get your ears checked” is a lame excuse. “IT’S A TANGIBLE PRODUCT” While I agree you can’t “smell” an MP3, most of the story and connection I have with favored tracks are more on where I heard it and how it worked out when I played it. “QUALITY VS QUANTITY” This debate to me isn’t as much the fault of producers as it is of DJs. I never made big pals with people in the stores, nor did it land me gigs or connections. Types of ravers. Types of raversThe following are loosely defined stereotypes generated by the U.S. rave community.

They are generalized, inconclusive, and are not necessarily complete or current. Club Kids - the self proclaimed "original" ravers and nightlife circuit attenders, predominantly a major urban center (New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, etc.) culture type. Most club kids came from the early gay and house music scenes, many are transgender or crossdress. The most famous examples of "club kids" would likely be Michael Alig, the convicted murderer and subject of the 2003 movie Party Monster, or RuPaul, one of the world's most famous drag queen.

Candy raver, Candykid or Kandikid - often wears brightly colored and child-like fashions such as day-glo wide-leg pants (aka phat pants), black light-reactive or glow-in-the-dark bracelets/necklaces, fur pets and t-shirts featuring cartoon characters. Junglist - refers to a sub-culture of the rave scene defined by drum and bass and jungle music. Top 10 tips on how to spot a true Junglist.

1) A true junglist would name all his/her children Johnny, Ricky and Scottie. 2) “Gun Finger Syndrome” is a big give away when spotting a true Junglist as they will “Bus the Gun finger” at any given chance such as hailing down buses or cabs. 3) A common trait amongst Junglists is the “subliminal one foot skank”. This is when the person usually walking down the road minding there own business is suddenly overwhelmed by a passing car pumping out Kool Fm and thus the effect is instant and a uncontrollable urge to jump on one foot and bus the skank occurs. 4) In the religion of Jungle a devoted Junglist will wake up every morning to the sound of Remarc’s sound murderer, recite Mc 5-0’s rants word for word like the Koran and bow down to Kenny Ken’s final round at Jungle soundclash video pon youtube. 5) Unless you use the word’s Amen, Cold sweat, Hot pants, Apache then don’t expect much response from a Junglist. 8) “Extreme double barrel gun finger”.

About Junglist Online | "Junglist Online" Personal I'm a coder slash developer by trade, who likes to experiment with code and graphic design. I'll often spend hours working on projects with no particular objective in mind. Name: Gary Warne... but have always been called by my middle name, Shane. DOB: 20 October, 1971. Email: Residence: Gold Coast, Australia. Old-school jungle tune: "Original Nuttah" - Shy FX & UK Apachi New-school jungle tune: "Tarantula" - Pendulum (Cliche fodder, but I like it.) September 16, 2013 Why Searching through the internet archives, you can see that has had an interesting history dating back many years. I was aware of the site many years ago and was surprised to see it go up for auction. True, I'm not a Junglist as such, but I've had more to do with the techno scene and its derivatives (like d'n'b) than I'm legally allowed to admit to. :) More importantly, however, I'm a developer which is just what an under-developed site tends to need.

How to Be a Drum & Bass Junglist. Rewind: Junglist 101. Patience my little grasshoppas, these posts take a while. After taking a pole of my jungle buddies, I’ve come up with a list of characteristic clothing items worn by old school junglists. While techno snobs look serious, junglists look tuff. As always post a comment with any additional suggestions. Always looking for more/better pics. Thanks to Toronto Jungle for keeping their shit online and in a relatively accessible format. 1. 2. Military brimmed hats from army surplus stores, come in a variety of colours. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Here’s some of the choicier pics I pulled from Toronto Jungle. Junglist. Junglist.