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Every month, hundreds of thousands of records are added or updated in the DB-IP Database, and we're always working hard to improve the coverage of our database and its accuracy.

Comprehensive IP Geolocation Database Download. Regularly Updated Real-Time IP Geolocation API. Know About the Best IP Geolocation API 2021 – Lyons Systems Server. Know Inside Secrets About IP Addresses and Geolocation. If you are a cartoon fan, then you must be quite familiar with ‘Where is Waldo’?

Know Inside Secrets About IP Addresses and Geolocation

You must also know that it is not always a cakewalk to find a character with a ski cap, glasses, and fancy red-white striped tee. Well, the same will happen with Waldo’s IP address, even when it is entirely fictional. If Waldo sends you an email address with a picture of himself lost in the crowd, then you might be able to identify him in the photo. But how will you come to know about his location?

It might sound impossible, but you should know that it is achievable. Geolocation By taking advantage of an advanced and powerful tool known as IP geolocation lookup, you can easily track anyone’s IP address very close to their location. You can get pretty close to the person’s exact location, and the accuracy will depend on different factors. 10 Ways Online Retailers Can Utilize IP Geolocation - DB-IP. Posted by db-ip on 2019 Sep 25 Over the past several years, using IP geolocation has become increasingly popular among many retailers.

10 Ways Online Retailers Can Utilize IP Geolocation - DB-IP

Despite this growth, the benefits of being able to detect city by IP may not be apparent to many online retailers. Alongside this, many companies aim to seek how they can effectively utilize the technology. While there are a few benefits to doing so that can be obvious, there are many that are quite surprising. Despite this, many online retailers may be curious as to how being able to detect city by IP can be utilized for their business. Offer & Product Localization Many online retailers will want to cater to a specific country’s residents, especially if a significant amount of their customer base is from there.

This is something that’s avoiding using IP geolocation, although the advantages don’t stop there. As an example, travel retailers will be able to offer deals for a potential buyer’s closest airport. Experience Optimization. How to Combat E-commerce Fraud Using an IP Geolocation Database - DB-IP. Posted by db-ip on 2019 Nov 30 Combating Fraud Online Digital commerce has been a significant benefit to society.

How to Combat E-commerce Fraud Using an IP Geolocation Database - DB-IP

It has allowed millions of people to lift themselves out of poverty and has made it easy for anyone to buy everything they want from the comfort of their home. It has also had a big downside in the way people do business. Digital commerce is vulnerable in ways that going to a brick-and-mortar store aren't. How Fraud Ruins Businesses Fraud can be devastating for business. The essential part of doing business is, being able to get profits that you can reinvest back into the business. Fraud affects online businesses differently, depending on the type of business you own. Where Is Fraud Coming From? The source of fraud will depend highly on what type of business you have.

There have been instances where multimillion-dollar fraud networks were found and destroyed by the authorities. Fraud usually comes from countries where Internet hacking is ubiquitous. IP Geolocation API Developer Documentation. The DB-IP API is exposed via RESTful web services and makes use of the standard JSON encoding.

IP Geolocation API Developer Documentation

This geolocation API developer documentation will show you how to query the API using either the officially supported PHP client library or direct API calls over HTTP or HTTPs, and how to use the information in your application. Getting started PHP with API client You can start using the API with just two lines of code, first include the API client library : require "dbip-client.class.php"; ... and use it to lookup visitor IP address information : $addrInfo = DBIP\Address::lookup($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]); The $addrInfo variable is now populated with an object like this one : var_dump($addrInfo); object(stdClass) ["ipAddress"]=> string(7) "" ["continentCode"]=> string(2) "NA" ["continentName"]=> string(13) "North America" ["countryCode"]=> string(2) "US" ["countryName"]=> string(13) "United States" ["stateProv"]=> string(10) "California" ["city"]=> string(13) "Mountain View"}

About the DB-IP Address Database & Free Downloads. How To Identify If You Are Using The Best IP Geolocation API? How Can You Update a Location in the Database? How Can You Update a Location in the Database? In the case of websites, especially those who have a large number of user base which is distributed all across the globe, the aspect of IP address geolocation can prove to be an area of concern.

How Can You Update a Location in the Database?

It may not seem like it, but various security threats can be averted by focusing on this area. The fraud users may use tools such as proxies which can alter the location of the user being shown on the website being run by the company. This can become a source of many threats of grave nature as well as disastrous consequences. As the size of the website becomes larger, the stakes become higher. Any minor breach in the security of the company’s website can prove to be a source of hefty losses and some cases may even turn fatal as a result of any such scenario. Luckily, the progression of technology has resulted in not only the creation of threats, but it has also resulted in the creation of multiple solutions to these issues.

Learn How To Detect City By Ip.