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Best Raspberry Pi alternatives, starting at only $5. Picademy - Free Professional Development from Raspberry Pi. Picademy is the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s FREE teacher training initiative.

Picademy - Free Professional Development from Raspberry Pi

Our goal is to give educators the experience and tools they need to teach computing with confidence. Why Picademy? Getting started with the computing curriculum can be daunting. There’s a host of hardware and programming languages, and an array of technical terminology. However, the barrier to getting started is rarely technical proficiency or programming knowledge.

Picademy aims to give educators the skills and knowledge they need to get creative with computing, no matter what their level of experience. Too busy for the two-day course? If we aren’t currently running workshops near you, or you aren’t a teaching professional, it’s still worth signing up to our Education Newsletter to keep updated with all our latest news and events. How The Raspberry Pi Sparked A Maker Revolution. Three years ago, Eben Upton needed a cool gadget to lure students to his computer science program at the University of Cambridge.

How The Raspberry Pi Sparked A Maker Revolution

So he invented the Rasberry Pi. It has since become the cheapest hackable computer on the planet. He has sold five million (at $20 to $35 a pop), released a faster version this February, and become an icon of DIY culture. Now, as Microsoft prepares to launch a Pi-friendly version of Windows, Upton is bracing for a wave of new users. He recently spoke with Popular Science about hacking, education, and his tiny creation. ?tag=nl. It seems that the new Raspberry Pi 2 is susceptible to flash photography, with users complaining of the board losing power when put under the glare of a xenon tube flash -- commonly used in flash photography.


The problem was revealed in a user forum thread entitled 'Why is the PI2 camera-shy? ' on "I have discovered that my PI2 is camera-shy! Taking its picture with a flash causes an instant power off! " wrote a user with the handle PeterO. "First two times, I didn't realise what had happened, as I wasn't looking at the screen at the time and only noticed a few minutes afterwards. Other user community members pitched into the thread, suggesting that one or more of the board's semiconductors could be light sensitive, and that the power crash was most likely caused by a "photonic" event rather than being triggered by interference from an electro-magnetic pulse caused by the flash.

PiBeacon - DIY Beacon with a Raspberry Pi. ?tag=nl. Raspberry Pi Projects: Build a board game with. The Raspberry Pi Model B+Raspberry Pi Model B+ has been with us for a few months now and there are a growing number of projects that make use of the extra GPIO pins.

Raspberry Pi Projects: Build a board game with

For this project we will look back to our childhood and bring a much loved game from our past into the future. The humble board game. Board games have been a traditional family pastime for many generations but with the rise of computer games their novelty has started to dwindle. These card and paper based games have little to offer the children of today who have been brought up on a diet of downloadable content packs and gamer scores. Adafruit Learning System. Five Great Raspberry Pi Expansions That Make It Even More Useful. Your Raspberry Pi is versatile and at times amazing, but are you harnessing the full power of that little box?

Five Great Raspberry Pi Expansions That Make It Even More Useful

Don’t be limited by those two USB 2.0 ports – the Raspberry Pi has a whole collection of official and third party expansions and components that can be connected via GPIO and other purpose-built connections. We look at five examples that will take your Raspberry Pi projects to the next level. Why Expand? The Raspberry Pi is a great piece of kit, but it isn’t capable of doing everything we might want. For many components to be added, you might need a breadboard, connected to the Pi’s GPIO array, where the component can be placed. Coder for Raspberry Pi. A simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi.

Coder for Raspberry Pi

Coder is a free, open source project that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple platform that educators and parents can use to teach the basics of building for the web. New coders can craft small projects in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, right from the web browser. Setting Up Wireless Networking on Your Raspberry Pi. Virtually every Raspberry Pi project will require a network connection, and considerable flexibility can be gained by ignoring the Ethernet port in favour of a wireless USB dongle.

Setting Up Wireless Networking on Your Raspberry Pi

Knowing which one to use and how to set it up could be make or break for your project. Ethernet Or Wireless? When you first acquire your Raspberry Pi, the best option is to use an Ethernet connection to ensure the operating system is correctly configured and up-to-date. Raspberry Pi. Way back when the Kinect was first released, there was a realization that this device would be the future of everything 3D.

Raspberry Pi

It was augmented reality, it was a new computer interface, it was a cool sensor for robotics applications, and it was a 3D scanner. When the first open source driver for the Kinect was released, we were assured that this is how we would get 3D data from real objects into a computer. Since then, not much happened. We’re not using the Kinect for a UI, potato gamers were horrified they would be forced to buy the Kinect 2 with the new Xbox, and you’d be hard pressed to find a Kinect in a robot. 3D scanning is the only field where the Kinect hasn’t been over hyped, and even there it’s still a relatively complex setup. How to Make a Raspberry Pi Web Server. Raspberry Pi : The Unofficial Tutorial. Advertisement Get to know the world’s favorite $25 computer: the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi : The Unofficial Tutorial

15 Useful Commands Every Raspberry Pi User Should Know. If you’re using a Raspberry Pi computer for your weekend project (perhaps a media centre or a home server) then there is a good chance these useful command line instructions will save you some time.

15 Useful Commands Every Raspberry Pi User Should Know

The Raspberry Pi: Yes, It’s Linux You’ve imaged your SD card and booted your Raspberry Pi. You’re probably using the Raspbian operating system and updated and configured it so that it meets your requirements. What you may not have realised is that despite the Windows-style icon-driven desktop, Raspbian is a Linux distribution. Several operating systems are available for Raspberry Pi, the vast majority of which are Linux.

Rather than an attempt to get people using Linux by stealth, the Raspberry Pi relies on these operating systems because of their open source origins and versatility. Create an internet controlled robot using Livebots. Arduino vs Raspberry Pi: Which Is The Mini Computer For You? You’re looking for a small computer to power a laser turret that can shoot multi-coloured balloons – it’s a common situation we all find ourselves in at one point or another – and you’ve heard good things about both Arduino and Raspberry Pi. But you can’t decide – which the best mini-computer for your project? Which is going to prevail as the most useful once you’ve disassembled the turret thanks to that incident with the neighbour’s cat?

Which could you play movies on? Don’t worry, James is here to explain all! What’s The Difference? The Arduino and Raspberry Pi may look quite similar – they’re both cute little circuit boards with some chips and pins on them – but they are in fact very different devices. Although the Arduino can be programmed with small C-like applications, it cannot run a full scale “operating system” and certainly won’t be replacing your media center anytime soon. Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen Display The Touchscreen Display gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as tablets, infotainment systems and embedded projects. Buy Now Learn More. An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte! Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits.

Life with Raspberry Pi: The hot $25 computer may just spark a coding revolution in schools. Illustration by Harry Campbell By Chad Sansing Our classroom glows with activity. One kid drafts a how-to article in which he explains the steps involved in wiring a cardboard Minecraft controller.