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Classroom Management

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5 Tips for Classroom Management with Mobile Devices. This is reblogged from the original post at Edudemic and is the premise of presentation I will be leading in November at Miami Device. When adopting technology in the classroom, one of the key concerns for teachers and administrators is classroom management. I am often asked if there is a way to “lock down an iPad screen” or “ensure students cannot go to inappropriate websites” (e.g. Social Media). In other words, how do we keep students on task and ensure that they are not distracted by the novelty of gadgets or communicating with friends via texting or social media? Classroom management is a challenging skill which I consistently strive to improve on a regular basis. Establish Ground Expectations Just as I start out the school year with “Class Rules” that we make and agree to as a group, we also establish expectations for when we use technology.

Let them “Get the Giggles Out” Engagement is Key I will be the first to argue that as educators we are not entertainers. Like this: 5 ways to utilize iPad backgrounds & lockscreens | Technology Erintegration. How to Send Emails from a Google Spreadsheet. Have you ever found yourself sending strikingly similar though slightly different emails to all of your students or all of their parents at the same time? If so, you may have entered the email address, copied and pasted a message into the message, modified it slightly, then pressed send before repeating the process for the next message.

That can be time consuming. Instead, save yourself a ton of time by sending emails from a Google Spreadsheet. Doing this requires adding a script to a Google Spreadsheet containing email addresses. It might sound complicated, but it really isn't. Watch the short video below from the Google Developers team to learn the process. Applications for Education Using this Google Spreadsheet script could be a great way to send similar though slightly customized messages to students and their parents.

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