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The Care Every Senior Loved One Deserves. When it comes to the care of our senior loved ones, we want to make sure that we are choosing the right home care agency that can provide them with all their home care needs.

The Care Every Senior Loved One Deserves

At , we are a trusted provider of quality Home Care Services in Kennewick, Washington. One of the reasons why families keep on choosing our quality Non-Medical Care Services is because we have an amazing group of care providers who never gets tired of ensuring your senior loved ones remain safe at home. Fall Prevention Tips to Know. Falls are a type of accident that you can prevent.

Fall Prevention Tips to Know

If you do not want to have an injured family member, you must try prevention measures. Home care services in Kennewick, Washington has experts who can help in this. You must work with the caregivers to improve the care program of your loved ones. As a family of elderly patients, you should take note of the changes in health conditions and physical changes. Sincere and Quality Care for Your Loved Ones. As a person ages, it becomes increasingly difficult for the body to perform daily activities.

Sincere and Quality Care for Your Loved Ones

With this, different health complications may manifest simultaneously in the body. Among these are reduced memory and thinking skills, weakened muscles & bones, slowed heart and stiffened blood vessels, and clouded vision. Adding to this problem is the difficulty for a family member to attend to their daily needs due to work and prior commitments. Further, age differences and the inability to connect with younger people may result in the elder’s isolation and loneliness. The Care that Companions Bring.

It has been studied time and time again that socially isolated older adults are likely to be sicklier and most likely to develop depression and anxiety.

The Care that Companions Bring

Among older adults, there is somehow a natural tendency towards self-isolation: either choosing to be alone than forge new friendships with adults their age or not extend efforts in befriending younger people. The studies do not point to social isolation as the cause of these mental health problems but it does suggest that doing a better job at identifying isolation and take steps to provide supports to these older adults could vastly improve their well-being. That’s why non-medical services such as companionship services should be given equal importance as other medical services for older adults.

Things You Can Benefit from Non-Medical Home Care. Getting older means getting to the point where you can encounter difficulties in mobility and other daily living activities.

Things You Can Benefit from Non-Medical Home Care

Being in perfect shape and healthy doesn’t mean an elderly loved one does not need assistance. He or she still does. Non-medical care services are offered by home care agencies. Such a category offers a different coverage of assistance for your senior loved ones. The services involved in this type of care usually include more on fast, physical, and active work. The Link Between Strokes and Brain Injuries. Our elderly are very prone to slips and falls.

The Link Between Strokes and Brain Injuries

This means that they are at high risk for traumatic brain injuries and stroke, among others. This danger is why non-medical care services always make it a point to help their clients make the home safer for seniors through light housekeeping tasks. How do slips and falls contribute to seniors’ risk for stroke? When the head receives an impact from blunt trauma, one of the possible effects is the rupture of a blood vessel or a number of those. Ruptured blood vessels will cause blood to flow outside of the bloodstream and into the brain tissue. The body’s natural response is to clot the blood to stop the bleeding. Of course, prevention is better than cure. Home Safety Tips to Prevent Falls in Older Adults. Falls reduce the ability of seniors to remain independent.

Home Safety Tips to Prevent Falls in Older Adults

Still, the fear of falling should not rule your senior’s life. There are many home care agency in Washington that provides fall prevention services to keep your loved one safe at home. At , here are our recommendations on how you can make your home safe from falls. Check your home for tripping hazards like loose wooden floorboards, slippery rugs, and electrical cords on walkways.Light up your bathroom, hallways, and your senior’s bedroom to avoid slipping on objects that are hard to see at night.Install handrails and grab bars. These assistive devices help seniors when going up and down the stairs and when using the toilet.Place nonslip mats in bathtubs, showers, and kitchen floors. Finding a Home Care Agency for a Senior Loved One. Regardless of how independent your seniors have been in life, there comes a time when they’ll need a dedicated caregiver to assist with their everyday activities.

Finding a Home Care Agency for a Senior Loved One

If you notice that your senior loved one finds it hard getting around the house and taking care of themselves, you should talk about the possibility of hiring a home care agency in Washington. Qualities to Look for in a Caregiver. Did you know?

Qualities to Look for in a Caregiver

Senior Care: Why You Need to Hire Caregivers. There are many seniors today who are fortunate enough to enjoy living independently even in their golden years.

Senior Care: Why You Need to Hire Caregivers

However, as they get older, seniors will eventually reach a point where they need assistance with their daily routine. Balance and mobility may be difficult, and the once-simple tasks can already be a challenge for them to accomplish.