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Medics fighting Malaria epidemic in Northern Uganda - According to the World Health Organization, 214 million cases of malaria were reported in 2015 and at least 438,000 people also died of disease the same year.

Medics fighting Malaria epidemic in Northern Uganda -

The impact of increased tariffs on e-commerce - As cliche as it may sound,the world is now a global village.

The impact of increased tariffs on e-commerce -

Many factors,whether individual or combined have rippling effects on the lives of people. In the past,the effects were somehow restricted to certain sectors or certain countries.However, these days, many government policies and structures can be said to be responsible for changes in economic growth as well as productivity which cuts across several sectors and countries. The Power of $1 in Africa -

One of the most important aspects of every travel is to have adequate funds for a comfortable stay and not get stranded.

The Power of $1 in Africa -

Every tourist/traveler before embarking on a journey into Africa definately has to think about how expensive or affordable things are. Basic things such as food and transportation are often regarded as cheap. But do you know exactly what $1 can get you in Africa? Africa’s #1 online hotel booking portal,Jovago gives a brief overview on what you can buy for a dollar across Africa. Although you might get similar things across Africa,it must be noted that items vary from country to country. Saudi Arabia ready to deploy ground troops to Syria - The Gulf kingdom didn’t however come out clear on how many troops it is ready to deploy to Syria.

Saudi Arabia ready to deploy ground troops to Syria -

By Samuel Abuya Saudi Arabia has expressed its intention of sending ground troops to the war-torn Syria to help in fighting ISIL. This comes not so long after pro-Assad’s forces made some military gains in the country still mired in a 5-year-old civil war. Jovago and AIG gains new major investor in a 75 millions euros funding round -, Africa N° 1 hotel booking website, and Axa, a worldwide leader in Insurance and Asset management announced today a partnership to develop the expansion of Jovago and a new round of funding to boost its activities in Africa.

Jovago and AIG gains new major investor in a 75 millions euros funding round -

This would further ensure the expansion of the business to booming markets and the strengthening of the brand in the existing branches of major cities across Africa. Accra, Ghana – 8th February, 2016. This new major investor confirms Jovago’s strategy to expand its operations and local presence in Africa in order to reach and meet the needs of travelers.

Axa is a world class player which is not only strong financially but also has a huge experience companies. Axa will invest Euro 75 million and own approximately 8 % of the capital of AIG, mother company of Jovago. Jovago’s current positions as African largest inventory of hotels will be further consolidated. And, the CHAN 2016 Winners Are….DRC! - DRC’s skipper Joel Kimwaki made history as the first player to lift the CHAN cup twice after flooring Mali in an exciting rain-soaked final match.

And, the CHAN 2016 Winners Are….DRC! -

By Samuel AbuyaKigali, Rwanda: DRC’s Leopards beat Mali Sunday to lift their record second Orange African Nations Championship (CHAN) cup in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Zimbabwean Seeks To Have Pres. Robert Mugabe Declared Unfit for Office - This fall, which occurred in February 2015, is being used in a recent suit as evidence that Pres.

Zimbabwean Seeks To Have Pres. Robert Mugabe Declared Unfit for Office -

Robert Mugabe is physically incapacitated. Is Robert Mugabe fit to rule as the President of Zimbabwe? A lawyer has filed an application with the nation’s Constitutional Court, seeking to have the nonagenarian president declared both mentally and physically incapacitated and thus relieved of the presidency. The suit was filed on Friday in Harare by a Tinomudaishe Chinyoka, who describes himself as a member of the Movement for Democratic Change, a Zimbabwean opposition party.

Meet the snipers who are trained to protect rhinos in Kenya - According to statistics, there were around 200,000 of rhinos in Kenya but that population of these myopic beasts drastically came down to almost 200 by the mid 1980s.

Meet the snipers who are trained to protect rhinos in Kenya -

By Samuel Abuya Nairobi, Kenya: Necessary measures are being put in place in Kenya to make sure that the vulnerable rhinos are fully protected from the money-hungry poachers who would go to any extent to kill the animals for their horns. In the country’s Borana nature reserve for instance, the heads of this conservancy have stationed heavily armed snipers to protect the rhinos, especially white rhinos that are at a considerably greater risk of extinction thanks to the poachers’ bullets. The snipers are part of the SAS-trained private forces that the conservancy has trained and armed well to combat the poachers’ activities that have proven a hard nut to crack for the authorities for quite a long time. They are trained not to have any mercy to any poacher even if they were their own kin. Sources BBC Comments comments. Top South African court set to rule on Zuma’s residence upgrade - The constitutional court will make a ruling on whether the South African president will return public funds used to upgrade his Nkandla residence.

Top South African court set to rule on Zuma’s residence upgrade -

The renovations have been quite a political problem to the president. By Samuel Abuya Johannesburg, South Africa: A South African Constitutional Court is set to make a ruling on whether President Jacob Zuma should return the state funds used to upgrade his rural home. 'Felix' wins Audience Award at Durban International Film Festival -

At the 34th Durban International Film Festival, audiences watching Felix laughed, cried and voted the feel-good South African family movie Best Film.

'Felix' wins Audience Award at Durban International Film Festival -

The audience award was announced at Southern Africa’s premiere film festival on Saturday at the closing night event at the Suncoast CineCentre Cinema. In Felix, 14-year-old Felix Xaba dreams of becoming a saxophonist like his late father, but his mother Lindiwe thinks jazz is the devil’s music. When Felix leaves his township friends to take up a scholarship for grade eight at an elitist private school, he defies his mother and turns to two aging members of his father’s old band to help him prepare for the school jazz concert. Durban International Film Festival manager Peter Machen called Felix “a South African equivalent of Billy Elliott… a lovely, vibrant, feelgood film about a young township boy intent on following his dreams.” Felix is a Penguin Films production for Sabido Productions, distributed by Crystal Brook Distribution.

Kanayo o Kanayo- Education is the future - Who doesn’t know Kanayo O. Kanayo? The iconic, and prolific, Nigerian actor who has featured in more than 100 Nollywood films since his debut as Chief Omego in 1992’s Living in Bondage (for which he earned a paltry ₦1,500) is nowadays far removed from the childhood he described as ‘Spartan.’ Yet even that doesn’t give you a complete picture of the journey Kanayo O. Kanayo has covered; to get that, you need to get back to his home state, Imo, where as he recalls, he had his first paid job, digging pit latrines.

He doesn’t know how much he was actually paid. But the man from Imo, by sheer determination, managed to secure an education, earning a diplomas in Mass Communication, Law, a degree in Philosophy, and a Masters in Political Science, all from the prestigious University of Lagos. Reasons given for the impending ban on second-hand clothes in East Africa - US is the leading exporter of second-hand clothes making an estimated $687M from the exports in 2013 while the UK made $42M from exports sent to Kenya alone By Samuel Abuya Nairobi, Kenya: After a meeting on Wednesday, members of the East African Community (EAC), comprising of Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania proposed a ban on importation of second-hand clothes, which have created booming businesses in their major towns. Gikomba, one of the biggest second-hand clothes market in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, has become famous for the lucrative “mitumba” trade, as second-hand clothes are commonly known here.

In many African countries, many people buy second-hand clothes, most of which are sent from Europe, the United States and Korea. Ben Carson bows out of the Republican presidential nomination race - Late last year, Carson’s name was featuring among the top runners in the Republican nomination race. By Samuel Abuya US Republican presidential hopeful and one-time frontrunner Ben Carson officially pulled out of the nomination race for the 2016 election and stated a five-point guideline on how he believes the Republicans can get the best candidate who’ll floor the Democrat candidate come the November election. The neurosurgeon did not manage any win of the early states in the race for the upcoming election. He officially pulled out of the race on Friday saying in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he knows and he’s convinced that there are many Americans who love him but just can’t vote for him.

“There are a lot of people who love me, they just won’t vote for me,” he said. On Wednesday, Carson noted that the “political path” ahead of him in his campaign wasn’t clear. Touadera wins in the Central African Republic presidential run-off - Touadera, who was second in the first round, won the run-off by 63 percent as announced by the national election body. By Samuel Abuya The Central African Republic former Prime Minister Faustin Archange Touadera has won in the just concluded presidential run-off, according to results announced by the national election body.

Touadera was prime minister during the reign of the ousted president Francois Bozize. Bozize was overthrown by the mainly Muslim Seleka rebels in 2013. The Muslim rebels’ move to install their own leader Michel Djotodia as president caused reprisals from Christian militia commonly referred to as anti-Balaka. In 2014, Michel Djotodia stepped down following intense pressure from the international community.

SourcesAljazeera Please like & share: Comments comments. Mr. Touadéra is Central African Republic's President-elect - Math professor, Mr. Faustin-Archange Touadéra, is Central African Republic’s president-elect, according to the provisional results released by the nation’s electoral authority, ANE, on Thursday. Prof. Touadéra, who served as Prime Minister of the Central African Republic from 2008 to 2013, managed to secure nearly 63% of the total votes cast in the February 14 presidential runoff pitting him against another former Prime Minister, Mr.

US Election 2016: The Americanism that is 'Suspending' an Election Campaign - Funny, but it seems to me that American politicians with next to zero chances of picking up their electoral campaigns never quit the race, they just ‘suspend’ their campaign. If you’ve been following American affairs, you must know that, so far, nine erstwhile presidential contenders no longer seem to be in contention to succeed Pres. Obama, yet all but one have used a combination of “I am suspending the campaign”+ a face-saving “will continue agitating for this and that.” The American race heats up, and there are casualties all over, but only one of nine candidates has explicitly stated he’s left the race. All Great Things Need the Combination of Dust and Magic. Traditional African Religions - StreamAfrica.


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Traditional African Religions. Chobe Safari Lodge Uganda. Located in the Murchison Falls National Park and overlooking the Victoria Nile, this Five Star lodge is undoubtedly the gem in Uganda’s crown of tourism destinations. The breathtaking panoramic views and abundant wildlife set the scene for an adventure of a lifetime. The lodge is a one-hour flight from Entebbe International Airport and a three and a half hour drive from the capital city, Kampala. The drive to Chobe Safari Lodge is a thrilling experience with an opportunity to see wild animals before you have even reached your destination.

Africa Music.