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A Homeschool Medieval Feast That Won't Stress You Out - Raising ArrowsRaising Arrows. I know what it is like. The kids ask to do something fun for homeschool and you cringe. “Fun for whom?” You want to ask, because it definitely is not fun for mom. Several weeks ago (when I was still quite pregnant with Creed), my 7 year old kinesthetic/tactile learner begged me to do a “Knight Party.” I was planning to do something of this sort to finish off our history section on Medieval Times, but I kept putting it off. Why? I finally told him, “After baby gets here.” I decided I had to change my expectations of what fun homeschool things look like. There was no way I was going to pull off an elaborate feast, but surely I could still make it memorable without a lot of fal-de-ral.

Today, I’m going to share with you how I did it, the resources I used, and what our family thought of the festivities. The Planning Phase My friend Ashley of Life by Ashley Pichea told me about a neat online tool called Evernote. The screenshot above are my notes for the day we did our celebration. Adventurers - Masters of Time. SOTW 2 - The Middle Ages. Positively Autism ~ Free Materials and Resources ~ Castles and Knight Theme Activities. What We Do | Autism Training | Teaching Materials | Tutorials | ABA Services | Newsletter | Fundraising Castles and Knight Theme Activities I typically use a themed unit with my students for about two weeks to ensure that there is enough depth and repetition to ensure learning.

Knights and Castles Vocabulary Knights and Castles Boy/Girl Sort Knights and Castles Matching Travis the Train Visits a Castle Castles and Knights Story and Song Videos Castle/Knight Books and ToysPurchase the books or toys from the links below, and will donate a percentage of your purchase to Positively Autism. Castle Theme Resources from Other Sites Links Open in a New Window Castle Theme Crafts, Activities, and Printable Books from Enchanted Learning "Mike the Knight" Games and Activities (For Younger Kids) Lego Kingdoms Games (For Older Kids) Help keep our resources free by making a donation of any amount. Back to Free Materials Copyright © 2006 - 2012. Shakespeare Movies for the Family | Charlotte Mason Help. When a creative work clearly reveals the common struggles that all humans face, it is able to stand the test of time. Shakespeare goes even further, showing the natural consequences of our choices.

This, I believe, is an important reason why the writings of Shakespeare remain timeless classics and thus, are worthy to pass on to future generations.The plays, however, were not performed for children, but rather adults. Does this mean a child shouldn't be exposed to them? I think most of us would say, 'not without some omissions.' Isn't that what we do with the Bible? After all, it contains many disturbing themes such as adultery, sibling rivalry, witchcraft, graphic murder and the like but we edit it for our young children so that they are at least exposed to suitable parts because we want to familiarize them with the storyline, realizing that this exposure prepares them to understand the deeper issues when they are introduced to the Bible in its entirety at a later stage.

Shakespeare for Kids-Folger Shakespeare Library. Ancient Chinese food - Ancient China for Kids! Chinese Food for Kids. Some Interesting Chinese Food Facts... Chinese Food has become very popular in the West and chances are you are already familiar with some popular Chinese food dishes: fried noodles, sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken… there is always a Chinese restaurant nearby! How different will the food be in China from your local Chinese restaurant back home you wonder? There are many different types and styles of Chinese cooking, so there will be differences between what you are used to at home as well as in the different regions you might be visiting in China.

In this pages we will introduce you to: Types of Chinese Food In a country as immense as China, the diversity of its food is vast, but there are five major styles which can be attributed to the different regions from which they come from: The above five styles are considered the "classical" Chinese Cooking styles. In addition, there are hundreds of local specialties and sub-styles. How a Chinese Meal is served A typical place setting includes: Recipe: Mummy meatloaf. By Susan Caldwell Here's a chilling spin on a classic comfort food.

Serve our Mummy Meatloaf and a side of yummy veggies to fill up your little tricksters! Mummy Meatloaf Meatloaf from your favorite recipe (about 2 pounds)White cheddar cheese or American cheeseOlive slices Directions 1. 2. Susan Caldwell is the mom of two in Raleigh and owner of cooking studios for kids and teens, including Lil' Chef in North Hills. Greek History Themed Resources and Freebies. Posted by Sarah on Sep 4, 2013 in Free History & Geography Resources, Freebies, Homeschooling Freebies, Themed Freebies For the next 3 weeks I will continue highlighting different History time periods and free resources and ideas to use with that specific time period. This is our third post in our History series! Today we are learning about Greece! Aesop’s Fables:Aesop’s Fables Ideas and Make your own Pop Up StoryThe Tortoise and the Hare ActivitiesAesop’s Fables LapbookAesop’s Fables Crafts and Coloring SheetsThe Ant and the Grasshopper Printable BookThe Ant and the Grasshopper Crafts and ActivitiesHere are some of my FAVORITE living books to use while doing a study on Greek History: Hearts at Home Store also carries some great curricula on Ancient Greece!

Check out the other posts in our History Series:American History Themed Resources and FreebiesAncient Egypt Themed Resources and Freebies Written by Sarah Sarah is a wife, daughter of the King and Granola Mom to 4 children ages 14-2. Ancient Egypt Unit Study: 2nd Grade. I made this unit study for Baloo, in 2nd grade, but I’m sure a 1st or 3rd grader could use it just fine. Probably even a kindergartener if you’re willing to help with the reading and writing! All of the information you need is right in this pack. Anything with questions is either answered in a booklet or is an opinion-based question. I want our historical studies to be fun and educational, but mostly I wanted Baloo to be able to comprehend what we’re learning. In my experience, the best way to do that is to make it relatable. I wanted him to picture himself as an Egyptian, or a pharaoh.

There is no required reading, although I do have a few suggested books that you should be able to get at a local library. Baloo read through many of the books with me or by himself and picked up on a lot. We did a lot of extra projects along with this study, which I’ll outline here, along with what pages we did on what days. The download link will be at the bottom of the page! Then we laid out 5 in a row… t. (1) "The Story of the World" Curriculum. The Chronicle of the Earth. Homeschool Planning - History. Free Lesson Plans: Introduction to World History Part 1: Myths, Maps, and Marvels. Myths, Maps, and Marvels coordinates books, maps, timelines, activities, and websites to provide a thorough overview of Ancient Civilizations for early elementary grades, plus it also includes plans for poetry appreciation/memorization, great literature selections, and an optional introduction to world religions.

The guide contains daily lesson plans for 36 weeks, but is intended to be followed only as closely or as loosely as you desire. Feel free to modify to suit your own family’s needs and aspirations! This 150+ page guide is a free download! No strings or anything – This is just my way of helping to make homeschooling an affordable and enjoyable alternative. When using this program, you will probably want to purchase some of the reference resources, if you don’t already have them, but you should be able to find many of the literature selections at your local library. Click here for a list of the resources used in Myths, Maps, and Marvels Have feedback? Introductory Chapter ~ Extra Activities | Our "Story of the World" Journey. Introductory Chapter ~ Extra Activities These are videos that we found helpful. You should watch them before showing them to you children, of course.

Please be sure they are appropriate for your family. What is Archaeology? A young woman describes her idea of what Archaeology is. A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist This is relatively short. 3D Scanning in Egypt from Konica Minolta Sensing This video has an annoying audio track. Like this: Like Loading... Historical Movies and Documentaries To Supplement The Story of the World, Volume One. SOTW-1 & Egermeier's schedule. SOTW Resources | 321 Learn! Story of the World, Volume 1: Here are my plans and organizational lists for this year’s history lessons. Weekly Plans (this leaves out the last 2 or 3 chapters but I will update this when I add them): SOTW 1 Plans **btw, the page numbers and random Bible story title listed within the plans throughout are the accompanying pages of the Egermeier’s Bible Story Book to connect Biblical History with SOTW lessons. Video Links (this assumes access to Discovery Education Streaming) SOTW 1 Videos Book List (This is my personal list including books that I have at home or on my Kindle or are available in my Library… your list may look different based on the availability of books in your library/home.

SOTW 1 Book List More Resources: The timeline is from Half-a-Hundred Acre Woods. The timeline figures for use during the year came from this Yahoo Group. The Lap book came from The Chronicle of the Earth. SOTW and Netflix Movie List.

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Egypt activities and games for Kids. This is a fun section of Tour Egypt for Kids, full of games for both learning and fun, including word games, finger puppets, paper dolls, a coloring book and even write your name in hieroglyphics! Who are we? Tour Egypt aims to offer the ultimate Egyptian adventure and intimate knowledge about the country. We offer this unique experience in two ways, the first one is by organizing a tour and coming to Egypt for a visit, whether alone or in a group, and living it firsthand.

The second way to experience Egypt is from the comfort of your own home: online. Supporting Links Year 1: Field Trips | Tapestry of Grace. Story of The World Volume 1, Book list. Check the price of all these books with The Book Depository. They have free shipping, so are especially useful if you are outside the USA. Here is a list of the books we used for The Story of the World: Volume 1: Ancient Times . We love ancient history, and read a lot of books, so it took us about 1 1/2 years to complete. Introduction: What is History Awesome Archaeology (Knowledge) Chapter 1: Earliest People (6000 BC) Warrior Scarlet , by Rosemary Sutcliff The Boy of the Painted Cave Leap Through Time: The First Humans Savage Stone Age used with Savage Stone Age Sticker Book (Horrible Histories) Maroo of the Winter Caves Walking With Cavemen DVD with Walking With Cavemen We loved these.

Chapter 2: Egyptians Lived on the Nile River (3000BC) Tales of Ancient Egypt, by Roger Lancelyn Green Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book) Awful Egyptians (Horrible Histories) Chapter 3 The First Writing (3200 BC) Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Ancient Egypt for Kids - Color Me Egypt. Freebies – Middle Ages & Renaissance Mini-books and Vocabulary. We completed a study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance about a month ago and I created some mini-books and vocabulary practice to go along with our study.

Some of these files are large and will take some time to download – depending on your internet speed. I hope you find these useful. Download This download is a ZIP file. To open a ZIP file on a PC, you will need a program like 7-Zip. You can download 7-ZIP free here. Once you have a zip program installed, click on the file icon and it should open. On a MAC, all you need to do is click on the product ZIP file and a folder should appear with the PDF’s inside.

Ancient Rome | Ancient and Medieval. 1357972_12388212 | A Cry From Egypt. Ancient Civilization Unit = Ancient Greece + Ancient Rome | 28 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 16 Pin It Share 9 9 Google+ 3 28 Flares × [This post contains affiliate links because I luv this company and want you to know about them.] I am finishing up the last of the minibooks for our Ancient Civilization Unit. My goal in doing this unit study was to quickly cover some of the ancients and get Tiny familiar with them. When I first started the 4 year history cycle with my older boys, I found that I covered a wide variety of topics . Now I prefer to cover less topics, but in more depth. Also though because we have covered a lot of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, I decided it would be better for Tiny to know a few names. Minibooks 7 and 8 are ready for download. Download here the pockets for Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

You know I told you back about a month ago when the boys made the Celtic cakes that for some reason they were so enamored with them that they chose to put that as their last minibook in the lapbook. Hugs and love ya, "The Story of the World" Curriculum. "The Story of the World" Curriculum. SOTW 1 - Ancient Times.