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I love to write articles about different niches that would make an impact on people who want to know more about the world we live in.

Function Hall. Corporate Events. When it comes to successful corporate events, one key factor definitely stands out: the venue.

Corporate Events

Location is critical when it comes to events like these; that’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a suitable function hall. Believe it or not, people are more likely to go to your corporate event if it’s held in a place that is accessible, functional, and beautiful. And when it comes to these things, the meeting rooms in PICC’s delegation building has it all – making it a top choice when it comes to event venues in Manila.

The five-storey delegation building is located in the heart of Metro Manila and boasts of one of the widest varieties of corporate meeting venues: 12 meeting rooms, two banquet halls, and two corporate boardrooms. Interested? Jose Rizal Hall Located at the third floor of the Delegation Building, the Jose Rizal Hall features a spacious 1,441 square meter area. Vicente Lim Hall and Josefa Llanes Hall Benigno Aquino Jr. Like this: Like Loading... Corporate Meeting Venues. Function Hall For Event. Corporate Events. Function Hall. Reception Venue - Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Corporate Meeting Venues. 1.

Reception Venue - Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Corporate Meeting Venues

Pick a place that’s accessible It is imperative that your venue is accessible to all your delegates. After all, what's the use of booking conference venues if your delegates have difficulty getting to? Your venue must be easy to travel to and easy to find, especially with Metro Manila's killer traffic. And of course, it must have adequate parking space. 2. With the growing demand for conference venues, it's only natural for event spaces to have more than just one room for rent. 3. We all know that a good worker performs better in a functional workspace. 4. Event Venues in Manila Tips. Event Venues in Manila. These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have an event lined up in the next month.

Event Venues in Manila

Whether it’s a debut, a wedding, an anniversary, or even a reunion, It seems that our love for social gatherings have only grown and grown throughout the years — especially here in the Philippines! Of course, at one point or another, it will be your turn to plan your own event. But between the food, the decor, and the guest list, it can get very overwhelming very quickly!

Banquet Hall Rental. ​In today’s world, most people will always have an event to attend soon — or even more importantly, plan.

Banquet Hall Rental

But how often have you attended events where everything would have been perfect if only the venue was up to par? Maybe it was a little too cramped, or the acoustics weren’t quite right, or maybe even the facilities weren’t great. In the end, picking the right forum room, function room, or reception venue can make all the difference. ​ The good news however is that you don’t have to look far for the perfect venue for your gathering. Here, we put together a list of five awesome venues at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) that’s sure to be perfect for both big and small events. ​3.

Reception Venue In Manila. Reception Venue In Manila. Reception Venue in Manila. September 2019, Manila – ( The Philippine International Convention Center truly is the ideal event venue in Manila.

Reception Venue in Manila

As one of the delegates who went to this place for an event, it is astonishing to see how its management took care of their guests during the course of the event. It is not surprising to see how beautiful and professional PICC is knowing that they have been serving different groups and organizations for a very long time. They ensure that they have everything an event needs - from furniture, catering services to technical equipment. PICC is has been called “Host to the World" because it has hosted various events with world class performers and guests all around the world. Big names in the local and international music and arts industry already performed at this venue such as our very own Lea Salonga. I was recently at the PICC as a delegate for an event that promoted environmental awareness. About PICC PICC is the first international convention center in Asia.

Reception Venue. Conference Venues. Reception Venue. As a mother, I would like to have my daughter's wedding reception to be held at the best venue possible, especially since this will be her most memorable day.

Reception Venue

A venue that will put smiles on the faces of her family and friends. I want her to experience how beautiful my wedding was when I was her age. Choosing the perfect venue is of utmost importance for any type of celebration. We held our wedding reception years ago at the Philippine International Convention Center. It was the most memorable day of my life because the management, staff, and crew were all very helpful with the reception. 1. 2. 3. 4. Tips for Selecting Conference Venues for Your Company Event.pdf. Corporate Events. Conference Venues. August 2019, Manila – ( There are so many conference venues in Manila that can be rented for your company, but the best conference venue that I have personally experienced is the PICC.

Conference Venues

They have all the amenities that a conference venue should have. They have spacious areas to accommodate a large number of conference attendees. The center is a WiFi zone, with an IT Support team on standby to assist event organizers. Nowadays, company executives should choose a venue with modern-day conveniences such as state of the art and updated technological equipment. Another thing that is noticeable about the center is their complete line of security measures; from CCTV cameras, roving security personnel , and baggage x-ray machines. I personally recommend a place like the Philippine International Convention Center . Photobucket. Corporate Events. Corporate events vary from trade shows, appreciation events, seminars, conferences, product launch events, and even team buildings.

Corporate Events

Planning and executing a specific event should be done perfectly, especially in choosing the venue where it is going to be held. Corporate events are done all year round by numerous companies and businesses around the metro where hundreds and even thousands of participants from different branches of the company gather together. Gatherings like these create an emotional bond among the different members of the organization. It is critical to choose the best venue for corporate events. An event will not be successful if a venue has poor and negative atmosphere for the attendees, the event will surely fail. Corporate event amenities should have the following: Audio Visual Equipment – An LCD projector and a screen should be always present, as well as a PA system for better communication amongst speakers and the audience.

Like this: Like Loading... Wedding Venue. Board Meeting. Function Hall Near Me. PICC Function Hall. Function Hall. July20 We recently have read a news article about how the Philippine International Convention Center or the PICC on how well their function halls can accommodate all types of event which gives us an idea on where to go on celebrating even large events.

Function Hall

We always want to make an important occasion very successful, memorable, and enjoyable. We want every minute of that event meaningful, bringing smiles to all guests and visitors. Function Hall. Function Hall. Return to: Events News July 2019, Manila – ( The need for function halls today for very special events is very much "in-demand".

Function Hall

People who are gathered together are making sure that their venue is capable of accommodating a large number of guests. That is why the Philippine International Convention Center prides itself to have the best function hall you may ever step into. Convention Meeting. Meeting Rooms and Meeting Venues. Meeting Rooms. Meeting Rooms. Event Venues in Manila. Event Venues in Manila Today. Meeting Rooms. Meeting Rooms For Rent. Event Venues in Manila. Manila, in the Philippines, is the country's most popular region when it comes to events, meetings, and even receptions for those that even come from other parts of the archipelago.

The reason for Manila's popularity is the rich heritage together with breathtaking colonial structures and beacons including a UNESCO World Heritage Site and 45 other heritage landmarks. Because of the city's popularity, you can find top-notch event venues in Manila for all types of big events such as meetings, receptions, and special occasions. Let's take a glimpse of some of the top venues in Manila for all types of gatherings. World Trade Center The World Trade Center is one of the most popular venues in terms of world-class exhibition with more than 24,000 sqm of floor area, 11,300 indoor space, and 11,500 sqm of outdoor space. Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Asia's very first international convention center that opened its doors on September 5, 1976.

Smart Araneta Coliseum. Function Hall.