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Academic selfie studies. Smile! Marketing Firms Are Mining Your Selfies. #Selfie Surgery? The newest trend in Plastic Surgery. Best Infographics of 2013 | Incitrio. December 19, 2013 | Graphic Design | incitrio It’s that time of year…the time to look back on the best and worst of 2013! As much as we love the best and worst dressed lists, we are more interested in your nerdy pursuits. That’s why we were so excited to come across the Fast Co.Design’s article outlining the best infographics of the year. We pulled out our favorites and let you know why. Common Styles Okay, so it probably goes without saying (we’re a design firm, after all), but we REALLY care about typography.

The Ultimate Selfie In a year where selfie reined supreme, you’ve got to appreciate former Facebook designer Nicholas Felton’s infographic documenting everything about his life in 2013. Cook Books Turned Visual Who says cookbooks have to be a list of ingredients and directions? Emotional Chart So if you’ve ever been a foreign language student, you know that there are certain words that just don’t translate. The Cheesiest Infographic of All Okay, this is our absolute favorite. 100 #selfies on Instagram | One in three teens take selfies while driving.

Young British drivers are more likely to take a selfie behind the wheel of a car than any other European drivers Distracted-Driving-Selfie-Man.jpg One in three young drivers surveyed by Ford through their Driving Skills for Life programme admitted to taking pictures of themselves while driving, ahead of 28% in Germany and France, 27% in Romania, 26% in Italy, 18% in Spain and 17% in Belgium. Worryingly, the survey of 7,000 smartphone users aged 18 to 24 showed that one in four have also used social media sites while driving, be that Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Unsurprisingly, young men were the most likely to ignore the risks, despite nearly all agreeing that their activities were dangerous. Taking a selfie takes 14 seconds, while a quick check of social media can take 20 seconds, leaving the driver unaware of their surroundings for the length of five football pitches if they’re travelling at 60mph. Distracted-Driving-Infographic.jpg. "Selfies" While Driving are a Serious Issue | Ford Social » Driving ‘Selfies’ – 1 in 4 Have Taken Them. Selfies and Wing Mirrors: What’s the Angle? | Ford Motor Company. Everyone knows their perfect angle for taking a selfie. Some people like their selfies taken from above, some from the left side, some from the right – everybody is different. But what about properly adjusting your wing mirrors? Here are three simple steps for adjusting your vehicle’s mirrors to their perfect angle, as recommended by the Canadian Ministry of Transportation, the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), and others.

Generations and “Selfies” Self-portraits and social media: The rise of the 'selfie' There's a mania for sharing self-taken photographs online. But why, asks Charissa Coulthard. The first smartphone with a forward-facing camera was the watershed moment. You only need this second, forward-facing camera if you want to take pictures of yourself. Could there be any more conclusive indication of the ubiquity of the self-portrait or "selfie"?

The cameras, which focus automatically from arm's length, invite us to photograph on the spur of the moment, regardless of location or company. Images can be shared with thousands of other people. There's the high angle photo, awkwardly featuring the taker's arm. A search on photo sharing app Instagram retrieves over 23 million photos uploaded with the hashtag #selfie, and a whopping 51 million with the hashtag #me. Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Madonna are all serial uploaders of selfies. Selfie-ism is everywhere. "It's more likely the first 'selfies' were taken a bit later on. Sharing of self-portraits also pre-dates the internet. Google Image Result for. When Selfies and Infographics Collide. The Rise of Brands and Selfies [Infographic] By Nick Cicero on Feb 11, 2014 In 2013 the selfie became the ‘it’ word of social media. From TV morning show hosts and teenagers to athletes and heads of state, it seems that nearly everyone has been snapping photos of themselves for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

New camera apps like FrontBack, Yak-It and others have been created solely for the purpose of satisfying this new passion to share ourselves with our friends in creative ways digitally. The selfie has become so ubiquitous in fact, that the Oxford Dictionary added it officially as a word in 2013 and named it the Word of the Year. Brands have been quick to jump on this as well, companies like Target, AXE, Samsung, and Sony have all used the selfie to activate new UGC inside their communities. The Science of Selfies.