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David A. Waddell

David A. Waddell has spent his life helping people lead more fulfilling lives. Most recently, he has been associated with Home Care Assistance of Roseville. He is happy to accomplish his passion for improving the lives of seniors through the written word.

5 Statistics about the Senior Care Industry [Infographic] By Debbie Waddell, 9:00 am on April 9, 2019 For seniors and their families in Roseville, home care is a growing concern.

5 Statistics about the Senior Care Industry [Infographic]

How Can Caregivers Take Care of Themselves? It’s common for family caregivers to become so occupied with their aging loved one’s health that they forget to care for themselves.

How Can Caregivers Take Care of Themselves?

Although it’s easy to push your own needs to the side, you don’t want to make a habit of overlooking your health. Use the following self-care tips to handle your own needs, even as you care for your loved one. How to Get Your Senior Loved One to Eat. If your senior loved one has a poor appetite and is unable to consume a healthy diet, he or she may lose weight, develop a nutritional deficiency, or become weak.

How to Get Your Senior Loved One to Eat

You need to develop a plan of care to ensure your loved one eats well. Here are some ways to promote eating so your loved one stays nourished and healthy. Ensure Proper Texture. 4 Types of Strokes in the Elderly. A stroke is a type of medical condition characterized by a lack of blood flow to the brain, and it can be extremely dangerous.

4 Types of Strokes in the Elderly

Once blood flow to the brain is interrupted, parts of the brain tissue can start to die off, resulting in memory loss, impaired motion, and cognitive decline. Being able to identify and prevent strokes is easier when you know a little about the underlying causes. Strokes fall into four main categories, depending on what’s keeping blood from reaching the brain. Does Falling Mean a Senior Has Dementia? Dementia is a health condition that generates a wide range of symptoms, such as confusion and memory loss.

Does Falling Mean a Senior Has Dementia?

While seniors with dementia are at a greater risk of falling than those without the condition, any senior can potentially fall. You can use this guide to understand the link between frequent falls and dementia so you can determine the best course of action to protect your senior loved one’s health and safety. Dementia Symptoms that Increase the Risk of Falling The reason people tend to associate dementia with falling is because many of the symptoms that accompany the condition contribute to the risk of falls. For instance, seniors with dementia tend to wander and walk when they’re agitated. Other Common Risk Factors for Falls You should also understand the reasons seniors without dementia fall.

How to Help Your Aging Parent Shop for Groceries. Shopping for groceries can be a stressful and time-consuming task for older adults, which is just one of the reasons many seniors stick to fast food or premade meals.

How to Help Your Aging Parent Shop for Groceries

However, an unhealthy diet increases the risk of several medical complications. Here are a few simple tips you can use to help your loved one shop for nutritious and delicious foods. Buy in Bulk Instead of running to the grocery store multiple times a week, you and your loved one might want to buy in bulk at the start of the month. Buying fresh produce in bulk isn’t always practical, but you should be able to pick up most staples at a larger warehouse store. 4 Reasons Seniors Love the Library.

Seniors who love to read but aren’t taking advantage of their local library are missing out on some great benefits.

4 Reasons Seniors Love the Library

Public libraries have a lot to offer seniors, even beyond the obvious lending of books. Roseville, CA, in-home elder care experts share 4 reasons seniors love libraries and explain why your aging loved one should visit the library near his or her home. 1. Books Are Expensive If your loved one is living on a fixed income, paying $25 to $30 for the latest best-seller hardcovers may no longer be an option. 2. For older adults who have difficulty reading standard print, most libraries have a collection of large-print books, including a wide variety of brand new titles. For seniors who aren’t able to read printed books, audio books on CD or on preloaded players are also getting significant shelf space at the library. 3. Many public libraries are especially sensitive to the needs of seniors in the community and provide programs designed just for them. 4. 4 Spots in Roseville Where Seniors Can Walk Their Dogs.

Seniors in Roseville, CA, can have fun bonding with their furry companions while getting fit.

4 Spots in Roseville Where Seniors Can Walk Their Dogs

Lincoln, Rocklin, and Roseville senior care professionals have put together a list of 4 great local dog-friendly parks your elderly loved one should take advantage of. 1. Marco Dog Park Located at 1800 Sierra Gardens Drive, this 1.5-acre dog park features hills your loved one can explore with his or her dog while they both get some fresh air and exercise. This outdoor play area also features lush trees, an open turf area, fire hydrants, a doggie pool, and a refreshing water fountain that can stimulate the dog’s senses. How to Differentiate Between Dementia & Alzheimer's. Though many people use the terms dementia and Alzheimer’s interchangeably, these conditions are not the same.

How to Differentiate Between Dementia & Alzheimer's

It’s important to know how to differentiate between the two in case your elderly loved one begins to show warning signs of cognitive decline. In an effort to educate your family, Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln dementia home care experts explain some of the main differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Is It a Set of Symptoms or Is It the Underlying Cause of the Symptoms? The term dementia is used to refer to a range of symptoms, including memory loss, language difficulty, and poor judgment.

It is not a disease in and of itself, similar to saying someone has a sore throat. What Is Causing the Condition? The symptoms of dementia can be caused by any number of factors, including drug interactions, vitamin deficiencies, or even a simple urinary tract infection. Is the Condition Reversible or Not? Depending on the underlying cause, dementia is sometimes reversible. Your Trusted Choice for Live-In Care in Placer County. Over 80% of seniors prefer to stay at home as they age.

Your Trusted Choice for Live-In Care in Placer County

However, with age come certain challenges like illness, injury, chronic health conditions and social isolation that can make daily life difficult. That’s where the caregivers at Lincoln Home Care Assistance can help. While our caregivers are available on an hourly basis, we specialize in around-the-clock home care, providing quality care that maximizes safety and ensures comfort 24/7. The Benefits of 24/7 Home Care For seniors who require help with daily tasks and 24/7 monitoring, a live-in caregiver is the best choice. How a New Law in California Could Affect the Elderly. Many families rely on inheritances to pay for a loved one’s funeral expenses, which is one of the reasons why Governor Jerry Brown signed the SB833 legislation. The new law changes many of the rules of the Medi-Cal program overseen by the California Department of Health Care Services.

All seniors enrolled in the estate recovery plan after the age of 55 will be affected by this new legislation, and they might need to take some steps to prevent their estate from going into probate. The additional estate planning could have an impact on your loved one’s wellbeing, especially if he or she has a long-term health condition. Part-Time Hourly Home Care for Placer County Seniors. Sometimes, the challenges of providing consistent, effective, and safe care for a senior loved one is more than a family caregiver can handle alone. How the SB833 Legislation in California Affects Seniors. SB833 was implemented on January 1st, 2017, and this piece of legislation is one of the biggest changes to the Medi-Cal Recovery program since the Spousal Impoverishment Rules of 1990.

4 Tips for Providing Care for a Senior with Diabetes. Today’s seniors are at greater risk for developing diabetes than the generations that came before. Fortunately, new advancements in early diabetes care make it possible for them to live full and happy lives. Roseville, Lincoln, and Rocklin caregivers discuss these advancements and offer a few tips on providing seniors with the care they need to effectively manage diabetes. 1. Understand the Reasons for the Rise of Diabetes It’s not difficult to figure out why older adults are experiencing diabetes diagnoses at a faster rate than ever when you take a look at the restaurants lining the freeways.

5 Ways Aging Adults Can Help the Environment. Seniors are in a position to save the environment because their experiences and their positions as a role models could make even the smallest effort lead to dramatic effects. Deciding to help the environment not only gives seniors a sense of purpose, but many of the best eco-friendly strategies are also enjoyable ways to pass the time.

For this reason, seniors should consider adding these eco-friendly activities to their routines. 1. 5 Tips Every New Caregiver Should Follow. Top 5 Tips for New Family Caregivers. Repealing the ACA: How It Could Affect the Elderly. 4 Leisure Activities for Seniors in Roseville. Roseville, California, is the perfect place for seniors who love engaging in leisure activities. Possible Impact of the ACA Repeal on Aging Adults. The new administration is ready to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with the promise to replace it with a better plan. Many seniors benefit from the ACA, and repealing the act could take those benefits away, affecting their quality of life. 5 Mocktails to Serve Seniors on New Year's Eve. 5 Things to Ask a Home Care Agency. 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Care Agency. 5 Strategies for Staving Off Alzheimer's Disease. Most people are aware that Alzheimer’s disease damages a senior’s brain. It’s important to learn about strategies that may be helpful in staving off the condition.

5 Tips to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. 6 Benefits of Hiring Respite Caregivers. How Can Respite Care Help Family Caregivers? How Can Seniors Increase Their Life Expectancy? 4 Shopping Spots Roseville Seniors Love to Visit – Home Care Assistance Roseville. Why the Elderly Should Continue Their Education – Home Care Assistance Roseville.