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Top 6 Mobile App Development Trends for 2016. In app development we have to follow very tinny points to make our application successful. If you’re about to jump on to the bandwagon of mobile apps and are searching for a reliable mobile app development company to help you achieve success in your venture, then make sure that you follow the latest trends. Of course the mobile application landscape will continue to evolve but, at this time, getting an app developed as per these following trends will see you through the finish line. The tool ‘Swift’ is at an all-time high If you are looking to avail iOS app development services, then you should ensure that the service provider has developers who are skilled at using ‘Swift’ for developing an iOS-based app.

Cross-platform tools are also seeing a rise A reliable app development would suggest you to go for cross-platform mobile development instead of getting an app developed for one particular mobile operating system. Choose enterprise app over consumer apps. Creative Ad Agency Delhi | Graphics Design Company in India. At Vizz Media, we house the most qualified and creative graphic & web designers who have proved their mettle in providing intriguing and enticing brochure design services in India and overseas.

It is with their unflinching commitment that we are able to count ourselves as one of the leading Creative Ad Agency in Delhi and provide the exposure to our clients’ business, just the way they like. To provide exclusives services in sync with our clients’ exclusive needs, we have formed different teams of experts with at least 5 years of experience behind them. Our professionals step into your shoes to conceptualize designs which can present your business to the world in the most unique manner and attract the audiences in one go. Besides designing brochures, banners, and advertisements for our clients, the different teams that we have as our resources also help us in providing company logo designing in Delhi and foreign countries.

Animated Explainer Video Production Company in India. Stages of our Animated Explainer Video Production From planning the video, writing the script, recording the voice-over, to selection of music and creation of animation, we get all the elements right to create a video that sells and resonates with the audiences for a long time. We can convert even the most complex ideas into a simple, attractive, short, and informative video which everyone can understand. Create original content and gather some interesting facts about the subject of your video. If you’re addressing a pain area of any industry, gather facts from prominent sources that help you prove there really is a problem. Create a flow of your content with an introduction, manage, resolution, verdict and final delivery of the subject. Introduce call-to-action type ideas within the script where you feel the viewer might get ‘action-able’. Put your script in a Presentation format with the ideas and subject matter divided in slides.

Vizz Media Work Portfolio June 2015. Improve Guest Satisfaction for Hotels with SURVTAPP. 29.07.2016 13:41:46 - Survtapp – one of the simplest survey making apps available, both on iOS (Apple) & Android which is the magnum opus of Nakul Mehra, of Vizz Media, many market researchers and business persons are bound to find rescue. ( - Creating and conducting efficient customer satisfaction surveys is elementary for the improvisation and hence, growth of any big or small business today and the hotel industry is no exception.

With the whole gamut of pleasant features and offerings that Survtapp provides to the survey makers, it is definitely going to reform the way the hotel industry has been designing and collecting the guest satisfaction surveys up until now. Survtapp is a free android survey app, which works wonders for both the hotel managers and hotel guests. To experience this user friendly Android Survey App, for your hotel, visit survtapp{dot}com. Top SEO Company in India | Best SEO Services in Delhi. SEO Services provided by Vizz Media With the transfer of major share of marketing content from offline to online, the dynamics of markets have changed. As a result of this transfer, opportunities have arisen for all the SEO companies in India.

But, as one of the best SEO company in India, it is our pleasure and duty to introduce our clients with the services provided by us and what makes us a stand out performer. The services provided by Vizz Media, as an SEO Company are: Providing Initial Website Consultation ServicesAnalyzing Contents on WebpagesContent Writing Researching the Right KeywordsAlt Tags Creation & OptimizationWebsite Code and HTML Markup Improvement Integration of Website with Social NetworksStatus/Ranking ReportsOn page SEOOff page SEO.

Website Designing Company India | Web Design Agency India. Just Launched Django - Free Call recorder app. Email marketing Service Provider in Delhi/NCR. Do the Market Research at Ease - Survtapp. Best App for home inspection - Survtapp. Leading mobile app development agency in india. Why Vizz Media? Mobile app development in India has seen a revelation and a huge number of mobile app companies in India have cropped up with the rise in demand. Thus, the above question becomes very much relevant while choosing between different available options and we are only happy to answer all your queries.

As a mobile application development company we provide our users with: Universal & Individual Apps for various Mobile Application Platforms Android, iOS, Windows and moreNative/HTML5/Hybrid Apps as per the client’s requirementCustomized UI/UX for each mobile application ideaPunctual Project Execution & Delivery With experience in the online marketing & search engine marketing domain, we also provide the client with an in-depth understanding of how to create and market your mobile application in order to make it a success. Know the latest Mobile App Development trends of 2016. Patient Satisfaction Survey Software.

How to target social media marketing for more visitors. Business or Product explainer Video Production Company - Vizz Media. Easy Audit and Inspections at Survtapp. Importance of Customer Feedbacks for your business. Yeah, we are all striving to survive our necks in this day and age, trying to balance work and family and most of all, seeking hard – a little mental peace for ourselves – which we are actually running out of, with each passing day. And so, whenever the word ‘Spa’ or ‘Salon’ sprouts up, it certainly gives us all a sense of relief to know that there is one place on the planet that can give you inner calmness alongside the much needed “me” time. However, being a spa or salon owner brings no composure to you by itself… not unless you really know what is on your guest’s mind. This is where a spa feedback app comes into play. Thinking on the lines to have an app to create a comprehensive feedback app for your customers already?

You might want to know a couple or more reasons as to why it is such a big deal, for a start! Here are a few reasons why having a good spa/salon customer feedback form is important: Things to remember when Creating a market research Survey. So you’re planning get hold of what the audiences think about your product/service and where does it stands in comparison to the competitors? Even though traditional and now re-iterated to suit the modern digital era, market research surveys are the best way to get an idea about the products/services that your business is all about. However, there are certain points that you should remember while preparing the questionnaire that your targeted audience will take.

These 8 points must be followed in order to get the most out of your product/service’s market research survey. Keep it simple and specific: The first and foremost thing that you should remember is that the questionnaire must be very simple, concise, and to-the-point. Still missing that spark in your survey? Get in touch with SurvTapp. Advance Event Survey app - Survtapp. Best Survey app | Offline Survey App - Survtapp. Best SMS Marketing Agency in india - Vizz Media. Latest 6 Mobile App Development Trends for 2016. Checkout the latest mobile app development trends and what will be in 2016. In mobile app development we have to follow very tinny points to make our app successful. If you’re about to jump on to the bandwagon of mobile apps and are searching for a reliable mobile app development company to help you achieve success in your venture, then make sure that you follow the latest trends.

Of course the mobile app landscape will continue to evolve but, at this time, getting an app developed as per these following trends will see you through the finish line. The tool ‘Swift’ is at an all-time high If you are looking to avail iOS mobile app development services, then you should ensure that the service provider has developers who are skilled at using ‘Swift’ for developing an iOS-based app. Within a few months of its launch, the tool was adopted by a decent number of app developers because it did not only ease up the process but also made it efficient. Cross-platform tools are also seeing a rise. How market research Report helps to reach your marketing Goals. How to benefit greatly from the results of market analysis Starting a business is often said to be a great idea because of the many advantages that are associated with it.

In particular, you will be able to generate a certain amount of income within a certain period of time. Depending on how viable your business is, you will end up being able to sustain yourself and your business. But, a lot has to be taken into account in order to successfully reach such levels. One of the best ways to do this is to carry out a proper market analysis. Surveys apps can help you to easily collect survey data One of the major reasons why the use of apps is a perfect way to collect data is the fact that it streamlines the whole process of data collection.

Survey apps have features which can help you to analyze the data collected Survey apps are renowned for their ability to analyze survey data. Saving of survey records is quite simple and straight forward. Digital marketing agency in delhi. Social Media Marketing an effective Platform for getting leads. Leading Digital Marketing Agency in India - Vizz Media. How Market research tool and Apps ease Our Work! In business, the need to carry out surveys cannot be overstressed.

It is one of the most important ways to take a business to greater success. This explains why business surveys have always been an integral part of business marketing. One of the major reasons why business marketing is intertwined with business surveys is the fact that surveys help business owners to know how to take their businesses to greater heights.

This means that a business survey can help to maximize the marketing results. Based on this, they have to be carried out at all costs. As a matter of fact, they must be carried out prior to the onset of any marketing campaign. But, carrying out surveys can prove to be challenging and exceedingly laborious. Easy to get customer feedback When you carry out a survey, you are basically collecting customer feedback either on a product you sell or another product related to what you intend to be making. Easy to store survey data Retrieval of survey data is very easy. Hotel Guest Survey and Feedback Collection App. Getting Started with market research app :- Survtapp. Importance of Market Survey before launching a product – Survtapp. After years and months of hard work and sleepless nights that went into manufacturing your product, it can be disheartening to see that it is not as successful as you hoped it would be.

The world is a huge market place full of numerous products. Thus, in order to succeed, it will be essential for you to ensure client satisfaction and delight. If you are wondering why the success rate is not as much as you anticipated, the answer is that, your product, as wonderful as it is, did not meet the expectations of the public.

The best solution to this problem is to conduct surveys. Whatever the nature of your product is, feedback is essential to help you grow. The best feedback to act upon is obviously from the users. If you are launching it across a wide base of audience, the only way to receive quality feedback is through surveys. What You Need to Know Conducting surveys without a proper goal in mind will be pointless. Quality Pricing Position Competition is what today’s world is all about. Bulk SMS Marketing Agency India | SMS Service Provider Delhi. Bulk Marketing: Potent Marketing Techniques In the changing ways of marketing, bulk SMS marketing has been able to maintain its place since its inception.

The key behind this success has been the ever increasing customer base that bulk SMS marketing has the potential of providing. With the number of mobile phone users increasing in the market, agencies are constantly widening their reach. Combined with this ever increasing customer base are the benefits like single click SMS delivery to customers, real time delivery reports, high response ratio that make bulk SMS marketing a potent weapon. Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing Services Keeping all the above mentioned benefits of bulk SMS marketing in mind, Vizz Media extends all such benefits to its clients with minimum friction. As a bulk SMS marketing agency, we provide our clients with: Dedicated Keyword with Sub-Keywords.mVouchers & mCoupons.Unlimited Free Auto-responses.

URL Forwarding.CRM Integration.Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number Hosting. Best survey app for android. Tips you must Follow for the Growth of your Email marketing Campaign. Leading Email Marketing Agency in Delhi/NCR - MVizz. Best Market Research and Survey Data Collection App. Patient Satisfaction Survey App - Survtapp. Internet Marketing Agency in Delhi. Best Social Media Company in Delhi/NCR. Watch your business perform on social media with Vizz Media, the experts in boosting social presence! A meaningful brand story, leads to a meaningful conversation. So lets tell a good story, from Twitter to Vimeo, and spark meaningful conversations between brands and consumers.

We will be your eyes and ears and help you to listen, engage and spark conversations with your audience. We will put our experienced and ever-learning team to task to determine the right target audience for your brand, identify avenues to find them. With focus on data-driven authentic social experiences, we will give you strategic campaigns and reputation management across all social media platforms, ensuring you an irrefutable brand advocacy and brand loyalty. With Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., coming to the fore, it has become a must for businesses to have a robust presence on these platforms for mass communication.

How to take advantage of your Market Analysis Report. Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey & Feedback App - Survtapp. Never miss your bill payement deadline :- Bill payment app. India's leading Online App review Website - Vizz.Co. Why Email Marketing is a Best Way to Promote your goods and Services ? Four reasons why email marketing is the latest new way to market goods and services When you are in business, you have to try by all means to market your products and services. This is indispensable as it has a huge impact on the progress of a business. Fortunately, there are many ways to promote a business. As a business owner, you have many choices to go for. However, not all marketing techniques may be viable enough to enable you realize your much desired marketing results. It is for this reason that you have to try by all means to search for marketing methods that are reliable. High probability One of the most notable advantages of most notable advantages of email marketing is the fact that it is one of the few internet marketing tools with the highest probability of achieving great marketing results.

People are concerned about checking their emails on a frequent basis and are thus more likely to learn about your new products or business message than a web page post. Looking for Effective Email Marketing Company in India. Digital marketing, Web Designing, PPC Management Company in Delhi/NCR - Vizz Media. Why Email marketing is a Most Powerful Marketing Tool ? Why you need a Digital Marketing Agency for your Business ? Best Market Survey App of 2016 - Survtapp.

Importance of Social Media to your Business 2016. Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal | Penzu. How to benefit greatly from the results of market analysis. Customer Feedback Management System - Survtapp. Grow your Business and get genuine Leads With us - Vizz Media. How we Achieve Targeted Goal for our Real Estate Client - Vizz Media.