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Space Related Words. Benefits Of Space Exploration. We’ve been exploring space for many decades now.

Benefits Of Space Exploration

We’ve reached the moon, sent unmanned spacecrafts to all seven planets in our solar system and now plan to send astronauts to Mars. Have you ever wondered what we get from it? How does understanding the final frontier help us? After all, it is both expensive and dangerous. What’s Up, Germany? We humans are driven by an insatiable curiosity. Eyes in the Sky Space exploration provides us insights into the world beyond. Space Spin-offs You’ll be surprised by the number of things we use on Earth that were initially made for space and adapted for our earthly use: memory foam, freeze-dried food, digital camera sensors, infrared ear thermometers, artificial limbs, to name a few! Here We Come! Space exploration opens up the possibility of extracting minerals and metals from planets and asteroids. Space Tourism Currently, we are witnessing a new kind of space race, this time between private companies who are vying to send tourists up there!

Insane Love for Holi Festival in Berlin Germany – Indo-German Blogger. Holi, the festival of colors, is a fantastic celebration of love and relationship not only in India but throughout the world.

Insane Love for Holi Festival in Berlin Germany – Indo-German Blogger

Though Hindus of the Indian subcontinent originally celebrated this spring festival, today, many countries in Asia, Europe, and America love to enjoy it with great joy and passion. One such country which actively takes part in Holi celebrations year after years in Germany. It is a fact that Indo-German relations have always been positive since historical times and both countries share a rich cultural heritage.

Studies suggest, traditions and beliefs of these States have influenced each other significantly, which you can notice in festivals of Germany and India. Continue reading to understand the significance of insane love for Holi festival in Berlin, Germany. Meaning of Holi Conventionally, people believe Holi is a festival of colors. The Golden Age of German Cinema. In the entire history of German films, the phase between the two Great wars was the greatest.

The Golden Age of German Cinema

Even as the nation lay crushed and in ruins as bomb blasts and grey skies rule the roost, there were a handful of screenwriters, directors, and actors who struggled and persevered. They attempted to put a spin on their fate and come up with a postwar German cinema that can be broadly but truly termed as ‘The Golden Age’. An escape from reality? Looking at the situation and extreme conditions of the time, it is a miracle how any kind of films was completed and made for viewing in the first place.

The fact that these films actually went on to become masterpieces was one of the major reasons why these films fell into the category of the golden age of German film. The fact that people showed up to watch movies during this period can be attributed to the need to escape from reality. Some of the most popular movies that hit cinemas during this golden age. Best Hotels in Jaisalmer. Facility Management Services. Destination Wedding Venues in Bikaner. Best German Movies.

1 Run Lola Run Lola Rennt, 1998 A breathless thriller, this film revolves around Lola, who needs to deliver 100,000 Deutsche Marks in 20 minutes or else her boyfriend will be dead!

Best German Movies

And so she starts running. Rajasthan Palace Wedding - Narendra Bhawan Destination Wedding in Bikaner. German Kino: From Nosferatu to Victoria - What's Up, Germany? German cinema has a long and colourful history.

German Kino: From Nosferatu to Victoria - What's Up, Germany?

Right from the early days of motion pictures, Germany has been at the forefront of the medium. It has greatly contributed to its development, both technically and artistically. In fact, the first film shown to a paying audience in the history of cinema was in Berlin. The History of Cinema - What's Up, Germany? Top 5 Rajasthani Foods. Rajasthan is one of the top tourist destinations in India due to striking beauty and vast dunes.

Top 5 Rajasthani Foods

It is the dream of every traveler to experience night camping in Rajasthan. These are several best places to stay in Rajasthan and what makes the stay perfect is the hospitality of its locals. Some hotels like the hotel Suryagarh Jaisalmer conduct traditional activities for its guests every evening to give tourists a touch of the rich Rajasthani culture. The hotel is voted as the best place to stay in Jaisalmer. Luxurious hotels, such as the Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner, are known for its services making it a lot easier for travelers who are not used to the extreme climate. These are the top five Rajasthani food no traveler can afford to miss. 1.

Ovarian Cyst Treatment in Gurgaon - Dr. Nupur Gupta. What is PCOS/PCOD?

Ovarian Cyst Treatment in Gurgaon - Dr. Nupur Gupta

It has emerged over the last two decades due to changing lifestyles and affects more than 50% of women in the world today. In PCOS, there is moderate enlargement of the ovarian size and stroma in the form of small cysts. Causes are related to lifestyle, environment and genetics. Its clinical diagnosis is based upon altered menstrual cycles, unwanted hair growth, infertility, and lack of ovulation and mood swings. 10 Most Famous Castles in the World. Castles have always been the center of attraction due to its lavish designs and architecture.

10 Most Famous Castles in the World

It gives one a hint of the past and how the royals lived in grandeur. Given below is the list of the ten most famous castles in the world. 1. Guest House Near New Delhi Railway Station. Accommodation You are here :HomeAccommodation On The House is one of the best homestays near Delhi that endeavors to offer its guests a fabulous Indian hosting experience.

Guest House Near New Delhi Railway Station

The complete experience rivals some of the best budget homestays in Delhi and guests go back home satisfied and rejuvenated. Maestros of Design – Builders of ‘Made in Germany’ German design is the benchmark of technology and design.

Maestros of Design – Builders of ‘Made in Germany’

It is all about innovation, functionality, and quality. Made in Germany is the hallmark of advanced and robust design and automotive design. From watches to laptops and even kitchens, German design creates not just a product but an experience. 10 Extremely Innovative German Futuristic Designs. The Beginning of German Design. German design is the benchmark of technology and design. It is all about innovation, functionality, and quality. Made in Germany is the hallmark of advanced and robust industrial products and automotive design. From watches to laptops and even kitchens, German design creates not just a product but an experience. A brief history of German Design With a long and illustrious history of industrial design Germany is known for its bold, minimalist aesthetic and intelligent, progressive ideas that encompass every part of contemporary lifestyle from interiors to accessories. After the 2nd World War, Germany reinstated design study propagated by Max Bill, a former student of the Bauhaus, at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) in Ulm.

10 Things You Should Definitely Do While Pregnant – David swift. “Pregnancy is the best time to prepare yourself of the awaiting joy and the finest time to connect to your baby.” Every woman has her own sweet and bitter stories to share about her experience during pregnancy. The first news about pregnancy can bring forth a lot of joy for the parents and their families, but can also bring a lot of physical issues to the mother. With pregnancy comes a list of restrictions from every gynaecologist in Gurgaon for the mothers so that the baby gets proper nourishment and growth environment. Jaisalmer Haveli at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Narendra Bhawan, Wedding Venues Bikaner. What’s Up, Germany? Design (2018. Quintesssential Indian Bed and Breakfast in Delhi.

Introduction Choosing a homestay or bed and breakfast is a relatively good option for those who are new to the city and on a budget. Also if you like to mingle with the locals, this is a good way of socializing and also be secured in the presence of a hospitable and welcoming host. The B&B concept of accommodations has a few guest rooms in a residential area, and guests receive an informal and personalized service. There is a wide choice of bed and breakfast in Delhi, India, that suit all pockets, and are located in quiet, modern residential areas of Delhi. They are wonderful alternatives to hotels in Delhi which are becoming expensive.

You will usually find homestays in New Delhi warm, cozy and comfortable, serving you some delectable Indian meals. Haveli Hauz Khas. New Autumn Winter Collection of Shoes by JOESHU. Design Made in Germany - What's Up, Germany? Bed & Breakfast in Delhi. Did you Know? - Interesting facts about Germany. Three of the ten most liveable cities in the world are in Germany: Munich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

(Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey 2016) The land of Bach, Wagner and Beethoven is home to around 130 professional orchestras, 300 theatres and 6,000 museums. ( Davidswift01.kinja. India is showing a good economic growth rate over the past decade, but the rural population has not benefited from this positive development. There are still many villages in India where people go to bed on an empty stomach. It is a disturbing fact that more people die from hunger worldwide when compared to AIDS, TB, and malaria put together.

Hence, this problem needs an immediate solution. Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. Penny Moccassin. Leading the Globe in Indo-German Way – David swift. All UN member states are responsible for protecting the planet and ensure that people enjoy peace and prosperity. They also have to ensure that there is sustainable economic, environmental, and social development. Seven Festivals in Germany worthy of your Bucket List. The German people love to have fun and celebrate. The advantage of visiting Germany is that you have some event or festival at all times of the year. You have concerts, exhibitions, film festivals, wine and beer festivals, and the traditional Christmas and Easter festivals among the book fairs and food festivals all year round. That is Germany for you. India: Transitioning to Clean Energy - What’s Up, Germany?

Why Should Security Services Be Your Post-Retirement Career? Resigning from law enforcement implies strolling into an existence where you may almost certainly be sufficiently youthful to need to keep working, and competition for steady employment is sharp. Look forward to taking advantage of the following stop on your vocational way. You need to remain dynamic since you have a great deal of working class for a very long time in front of you.There are various security services in Gurgaon that you can approach, to make the best of your retirement career.

Semi Formal Slip On In Suede. India and Germany Join Hands - Namami Gange Programme. Germany has a long-standing development partnership with India. In May 2000, both countries adopted the Agenda for the Indo-German Partnership in the 21st Century“, laying the foundation for a strategic partnership. They have been working together in various fields, including, more recently, in vocational training, renewable energies and urban mobility. Indo-German Development Cooperation - 2018. One world No hunger India- Filling Everyone's Plate. Indo-German Development Cooperation - 2018. 60 years of developmental cooperation — India and Germany. Did You Know? - Indo-German Development Cooperation - 2018. Home/Did You Know? Indo-German Environment Partnership. Indo-German Action in the Energy Sector. You must have heard the adage, ‘Make Hay while the Sun shines.’ Today you can improvise this statement and say, ‘Make Power while the Sun shines.’ Indo-German Development Cooperation. Germany supports a range of programmes that promote gender equality in India.

It has joined hands with the government as well as local NGOs and businesses for projects that seek to empower women and girls, especially economically. Indo-German Environment Partnership. Smart Cities Mission - Moving Towards a Better Future. Sustainable Development Goals. Luxury Cottage in Shimla. Indo-German Development Cooperation - 2018. Indo German Ties - What’s Up, Germany? - 2018. Davidswift01.kinja. David Swift: Indo-German Collaborations: A Genuine Friendship in the Making? How Does An Ever-Increasing Population Challenge The Existing Transport System. Germany’s Efficient And Well-Integrated Public Transport. Transportation – The Key Contributor To Economic Development. History of Transportation. Public Transportation in India - The Future is Electrifying! What’s Up, Germany?’s On the Move Quiz.

German Automobile Companies. What's Up, Germany?'s Survival Kit. Karl Benz The genius Behind the Invention of Automobiles. Solar Energy – India’s Solution To All Its Ener... - David Swift - Quora. Why The Smart Cities Mission Is A Giant Step Forward Towards Sustainable Urban Development. Continuously Evolving Modes Of Transport. A Peek into the Future of Transportation by Rickey. A Peek into the Future of Transportation by Rickey. India Slowly Pedalling its Way to a Cycling Culture. How Germany is assisting India in Implementing green urban mobility solutions? Indo-German Transport Projects. A Major Trend in Sustainable City Transport is the Rise of E-mobility. Germany Prefer Car-Sharing, Rather than Buying ... - David Swift - Quora. Experience Berlin on a Cycle – David swift. Indo-German collaborations. Did You Know? - What's Up, Germany? - On the Move - 2018. Public Transportation in India. Strokes of Genius - Famous German Inventors. How To Achieve Efficient And Climate-Friendly Urban Transport Systems?

Strategies And Measures For Sustainable Urban Transport Systems by Rickey. Germany One of the World’s Leading Automobile Manufacturers. Bengaluru & Berlin - What’s Up, Germany? Water Sustains Life And Supports Ecosystem – David swift. Davidswift01.kinja. Davidswift01.kinja. What's Up, Germany? 's Survival Kit - By the River - 2017. A Flowing Tribute - What's Up, Germany? - By the River - 2017. Ganga Rejuvenation - What's Up, Germany? - By the River - 2017. India and Germany Join Hands - Namami Gange Programme. Water Sustains Life And Supports Ecosystem – David swift.

Impact of Global Warning on Rivers. Most Polluted River In India - Yamuna River. Respect the Ampelmännchen! (with image) · davidswift. All Ecolabels in Germany! Organic rules! by Rickey. Watery Inspirations - What's Up, Germany? - By the River. Who doesn’t enjoy a good old Schorle? Investment Opportunities in Germany and Busines... - David Swift - Quora. It’s Potatoes all The Way For You in Germany – David swift. Berlins Graffiti Has a Story to Tell. Father Rhine's Recovery - What's Up, Germany? - By the River - 2017. You never leave home without an umbrella in Germany.