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Not to Miss Monuments On a German Holiday. Germany isn't just about football and beer; every nook and corner of this magnificent country reek of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Not to Miss Monuments On a German Holiday

Boasting of several alluring cities along with historical monuments spread all across its landscape, Germany leaves every tourist longing for more. From fairy-tale castles to traditional cathedrals, here’s a list of the top five onuments in Germany that no traveller should miss out on when you get there. 1. Neuschwanstein Castle Nestled in the Bavarian Alps, Neuschwanstein holds the distinction of being arguably the world’s most famous castle. Recommended Read: Explore more from here, things to do in Germany Designed by a theatrical set designer in the year 1969, the Neuschwanstein is a throwback to the medieval ages of Germany and is thronged by visitors throughout the year owing to its wide popularity. 2.

A symbol of Germany's reunification, the Brandenburg Gate was constructed in 1791 and was modelled on the Acropolis in Athens. 3. 4. 5. German Traditions. Germany has a deep rooted history and has exerted its influence across Europe especially the countries around its border.

German Traditions

From France to the Czech Republic, Belgium to Switzerland, Poland to Austria, all these countries have been a major player in Europe’s past and have had a hand in shaping today’s Germany. From this rich culture stems a bevvy of customs and traditions that are celebrated with vigour and passion throughout the year. Whether it's at a wedding or holidays such as Christmas, Germans have been known to partake and take great pride in their traditional celebrations. Let's shed some light on four commonly celebrated traditions. German Auto Brands in India. German brands have always been associated with a ‘prestige factor’ by Indian consumers.

German Auto Brands in India

Hence, it comes as no surprise that Indian consumers have been known to show a high level of loyalty towards German automobile brands in particular. Brands such as BMW, Audi, & Mercedes have always had positive perceptions attached to them and reek of qualities such as unparalleled quality, exceptional durability and stunning design. Let us take a look at the major automotive German brands plying their trade in India today. Mercedes-Benz Founded in the year 1926 by Karl Benz and Gottleb Daimler, Mercedes-Benz is a division of the manufacturer Daimler AG. How to Plan Your Family Holidays in Germany by Rickey.

Located in Central Europe, Germany is an amazing family holiday destination and the ideal destination for people of all ages.

How to Plan Your Family Holidays in Germany by Rickey

Replete with several incredible points of interest like gardens, castles, theme parks, zoo’s, museums, art galleries and cathedrals, Germany has fun and excitement waiting around every nook and corner. Moreover, from family-friendly outdoor adventures to exploring the treasure-trove of history, Germany is an idyllic country waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a look at how you and your family can plan a holiday in Germany so you and your family can relax and make the most of your time together. 1. Most family holidays in Germany commence from the capital city Berlin. Indian Restaurants in Germany. For any Indian, who is outside the country, whether for a short leisure vacation, an extended business tour or as an expatriate, he/she is bound to miss the sheer bliss that Indian food brings along.

Indian Restaurants in Germany

Art Galleries & Museums of Germany. Advertisement A country renowned for its rich cultural heritage, Germany is a go-to destination for culture enthusiasts owing to the finest museums and opulent art galleries they have to offer.

Art Galleries & Museums of Germany

With over 6,250+ museums and art galleries for culture vultures to choose from, boredom is a thing of the past. Moreover, these museums and art galleries give a glimpse into the country's proud history while also covering a wide range of topics that are not only informative but also entertaining and lots of fun. Things to Do in Germany with Limited Budget. A visit to Germany need not break the bank.

Things to Do in Germany with Limited Budget

Compared to several other European destinations, Germany is super budget friendly and a good place to save some extra Euros. There are a plethora of free and discounted attractions, cheap German travel options and economical accommodation to choose from. Popularity of Shahrukh Khan In Germany. One of India’s superstars, Shahrukh Khan is not just a Bollywood actor, but also the unofficial ambassador of Indian Movies on foreign turf.

Popularity of Shahrukh Khan In Germany

In the 1990s, right when the Indian economy opened up to the idea of getting into business and conducting trade with the world, Shahrukh emerged as one of the most promising actors of the B-town. While Indians were moving to all parts of the world to set up business and get into lucrative jobs, the actor was working in some movies which went on to become all time-classics, one of which was ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. A Slice of History - What's Up, Germany? German Holiday Quiz !!!! Useful Survival Kit Tips. Helpful Apps on the Go!

Useful Survival Kit Tips

TripList: Create packing and to-do lists so you don’t forget to carry essentials, especially while travelling with children. Google Translate: No need to carry a bulky dictionary when you have this translator handy. Vacation in Germany. Museum MusingsBerlin is packed with 175 museums!

Vacation in Germany

There are five outstanding ones on Museum Island that house treasures from the Stone Age to the 19th century. Plus, there are more than ten museums in the city which are free of cost, not to mention certain days when even ticketed museums waive their entry fee. Holidays in Germany. We are all travellers at heart. Travelling is a longing for life, a desire to experience the new and enjoy a sense of wonder. Travelling to my home country guarantees all this and even more. Feedbacks From Indian Travellers To Germany. Need for Speed. BMW Museum, Munich: Located next to the BMW Tower, this museum traces the history of this classy brand.

On display are 120 cars, motorcycles and engines, including the company’s first car, the Dixi. Don’t miss the riveting tour at the nearby BMW factory. Family Fun Vacation in Germany. Theme Parks Europa-Park, Phantasialand, Serengeti Park, Legoland, Heide Park, Dinosaur Park. Pick any of them for a mind-blowing family adventure with wild rides, water slides and flight simulators. In fairy-tale forests and haunted houses, you’ll get whisked off to a land of gnomes, princesses, puppets and pirates! Eventful Germany!- What's Up, Germany? 7 April–1 May Thuringia Bach Festival: a classical music concert16–17 April Easter Sunday & Monday21 April–7 May Spring Festival, Munich: “the little Oktoberfest”28–30 April Gallery Weekend Berlin: a contemporary art event30 April Walpurgis Night: a traditional spring festival 2–4 JuneRock in the Ring, Nürburg: Germany’s largest rock festival2–5 June Carnival of Cultures, Berlin9–18 June Bach Festival, Leipzig21 June Fête de la Musique, Berlin21 June–16 July Tollwood Summer Festival, Munich24 June Long Night of Sciences, Berlin24 June–21 July Munich Opera Festival 1–3 September Bread & Butter, Berlin: a fashion and lifestyle event1–3 September Imperial Festival, Rothenburg ob der Tauber6–16 September International Literature Festival, Berlin7–10 September Festival-Medieval, Selb, Bavaria16 September–3 OctoberOktoberfest, Munich 2–5 November Jazzfest Berlin 1–24 December Christmas markets31 December Silvester (New Year’s Eve)

Romantic Road Germany Map. Winding through southern Germany, the Romantic Road dates back to the 1950s. This 350km stretch between Würzburg and Füssen covers an artistic tapestry of idyllic landscapes, quaint medieval towns, plush vineyards, culminating at Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration behind Disneyland’s Cinderella Castle. It celebrates the beauty and cultural and historical richness of Germany. You’ll get to see half-timbered houses, Baroque palaces, Rococo churches, Romanesque cathedrals and the majestic Alps. And you’ll get to try delicious local dishes and world-class wines along the way! Just hop onto a bus or rent a car. Did you Know? - Interesting facts about Germany. German Culture, History, food, Nature and ease of Travelling. German traditional dress facts. Best german cities to visit - Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden. Do's and Don'ts When in Germany. Davidswift01.kinja. German Festivals Beyond Oktoberfest for 2017.

What Not To Miss When in Germany! What'supGermany: Do's and Don'ts When in Germany. Germany Routes you Must Travel Through. What to Do On A Vacation in Germany? German Festivals 2017 That You Must Be a Part Of! For all we know, Germans love to celebrate almost everything under the sun, right from fine arts to books, from films to beer, from music to even yachts and ships, not to mention high-end fashion! If it is good enough to capture your imagination, it ought to be celebrated, that too in the most exuberant manner imaginable. For anyone who is remotely inclined to visit this majestic land, here are some of the best German festivals 2017 that ought to be witnessed. Berlin International film festival Slated to be held in the first half of February, this is one of the world’s biggest film festival ranking next only to the Cannes.

Witnessing over 19,000 professionals from all walks of film-making, this festival showcases the best of films from all across the globe. With over 115 countries participating, the festival proves to be a great platform for art based and experimental movies, apart from those hailing from big banners. Carnival Leipzig Book Fair. The Top German Cities You Must Include in Your Itinerary. Best German Holiday Destinations You Ought To Visit! Five Major Cities in Germany You Must Visit. Five Major Cities in Germany You Must Visit.

Indo-German Science Cooperation. What is a "Startup"? Germany Gets Smarter! - Viral News Bee - Quora. Business Ideas in Germany.